Coming to Term(s)…

“Many people pray to be kept out of unexpected problems.
Some people pray to be able to confront and overcome them.”
― Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident

Today is the day that I officially come to terms with the fact that I may be pregnant.

By creating this blog, I am opening up my mind to the possibility that at this very moment in time, there is a little life slowly growing; a ball of cells that will soon diversify to create a beating heart, breathing lungs, a head of hair, tiny fingers and tiny toes.

John and I have not decided to do the test yet, although there was a fabulous promotion on at Guardian when we went yesterday looking for moisturizer. The intent was NOT to look for pregnancy test kits; but given the circumstances, my eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to that particular section. 3 home test kits (in-house brand) for $15.90. Go figure. The universe is sending us divine signs.

Well.. At least we would be triply confirmed if we bought the promotional pack (which we didn’t).

So the coming week will be the last that I shall allow myself to indulgences, it no longer will be a simple newly-wed’s life. Time to prepare the heart and soul and embrace having to buckle down the hatches and get the final verdict…

Wish us luck…



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