Change of Size..



So, I’ve actually been on Shaun T’s T25 exercise routine for the last month and a half, trying to get back to my wedding weight and hopefully lighter than that. I’ve broken the 60kg mark and was down to 58kg when I realised that I really might be preggers.

Shaun T - madmen and beachbody coach

Shaun T – mad man and beachbody coach

Now I know how people say that you should still “continue to exercise” and “keep fit so that you’ll be healthy” and “that’s always good for the baby”. But personally, I’m going to have to gain weight anyway and be that kind of healthy for the baby and eat what the baby is telling my stomach it needs to eat, so why shouldn’t I slack off and eat whatever the hell I want?


It’s kinda sad though. I am just beginning to see the beginnings of ab muscles and now my body is going to be laid waste to by this alien creature that’s going to make cellulite like he or she is going to make poop, give me stretch marks that are never going to go away and elongate my boobies til they’re saggy.

20140515  img_7567_Edit


*these photos being posted, makes me feel like I really need to go and setup some floor and wall markers so we can do a tummy growth tracking photo log… I really love the ones that have been sprouting on the internet lately! AND I need to write a post on that…

Even then, now that I’ve decided that I’m going to be a lazy ass and not do as much exercise, maybe I’ll still partake in low impact modifications of my current routine. But I definitely want to make sure I’m eating right.



There are the standard rules – don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat raw fish, you still have to eat your greens and have a proper caloric intake, but what I REALLY want to know, is how can I get away with stuffing my face for the next 9 months without having a bitch of a time trying to lose everything once the baby pops out?


I’ve always been of the mentality that being able to eat whatever you want, and having cravings means that I can basically have a cheat day, everyday just because I say *ahem* the BABY says so.

I like to think of cravings and “eating for 2” as God’s way of giving you an out and easing the whole “pains of childbirth” issue, because nothing makes women happier than lots of glorious, fatty, fried, and sinful delectables.



As of the Vesak day holiday on Tuesday 13 May 2014, I threw away my exercise and diet regime in favour of embracing my heavier and rounder body-to-come. Today, I’ve already gained 1kg and with lots more on the horizon to come.

Lord, please bless my growing belly,



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