Looking for a Gynae

I had this conversation with a friend a while back. We were talking about how to choose locations and doctors in Singapore.

Now I’m no expert about this (duh. since it’s my first baby) so I might really have to start pulling out names and drawing them from a hat. Ok, not really, but there’s a lot of things to consider when you choose the doctor who is going to pull your baby out from your sensitive woman bits and bring your child into the world.

It’s still kind of a bit early for us to be looking for a gynae because apparently they don’t see you til baby is like 8-9 weeks old and a heart beat can be detected. More worrisome for John and I is if we start getting all excited about it now and something happens and baby doesn’t pull through, I don’t want to have worked myself up to a level where I’m gunning for the birth and the baby just to be let down heartbreakingly.

People always say that the first trimester is the hardest and most risky for the foetus. Insurance companies generally don’t even sell prenatal plans until mummy is 18 weeks in. So I guess it’s just  prudence that we’re doing all the thinking now, and all the doing later.

We’ve actually had a lot of friends who’ve talked about difficulty conceiving and given how “easily” things came to fruition, I don’t want to count my eggs before they’ve hatched. The number of friends who’ve wanted a baby but couldn’t really makes us think twice and not to mention that we really didn’t have any accidents before we said “ok”. Even more stressful for me is the tonne of pressure I’m feeling, and worry, and nervousness about whether we’ll really be able to handle baby when he/she arrives.

So in the meantime, before we decide to tell our parents (and anybody else for that matter) of our impending bundle of joy, we’ll just research and hold the hope dear in our heart.

Back to planning for a gynae – I spoke to my mum like half a year ago about this stuff and we were talking about what to look for.

I obviously want a gynae that operates in a hospital that’s near to where we stay, just in case we pull a movie drama and my water breaks or what, I’m not going to have my baby in the car, or a cab, or heaven forbid at home – although a water birth has been lately intriguing me a fair bit enough for me to research the possibilities of that too in Singapore.

About the method of birth – John and I are definitely opting for a natural, price is definitely a consideration. Not say I want to say, but in Singapore, we might have fantastic hospitalisation insurance, but it doesn’t cover maternity and pregnancy issues unless it’s a complication. Kinda counter productive since the government is trying to make it easier for us to have kids and grow the population if you ask me.

My mum was saying that it’s more of the gynae and their track record rather than the hospital that we need to look out for – I was saying that we need to look for an affordable package and it’s the hospital that does packages and not the gynae. I’ve had friends that have family doctors give them discounts on their birthing charges too so I really don’t know what else to do besides research and do price comparisons. We obviously can’t insist a gynae operates in a hospital they’re not tagged to

Then there’s how the gynae operates which is the second consideration for me. Whether you choose a natural birth or with epidural or a C section, there are still going to be some snippity snips and slicing involved when one gives birth. I’ve heard the pain is so unbearable that by the time the gynae comes by to slice at the orange-sized hole the watermelon-sized baby is supposed to come out of, you don’t even feel the slice at all.


I’ve also looked at hypnobirthing (Embedding disabled, click to go to Youtube):

hypnobirthing in the news

And besides the fact that this looks too unbelievably serene to be true, hypnobirthing have their own group of doulas who supervise and walk the soon-to-be exploding woman through the birth of the baby during labour. One of my ex colleagues actually took the said doula course so when we do take the pregnancy test, I’ll definitely be giving her a call.

So these are just some of the options on the table right now. we’ll start looking into them properly when we’ve got the confirmation..

Laying the ground

Blogger’s Note: This blog was really meant to be my log and journal of how we’re getting everything done in preparation for the arrival of the baby and I get that I’m sound like i’m fobbing stuff off and procrastinating  putting up information and the like here 😦 maybe I’m not that ready to accept things yet… Give me more time :((


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