The First Test…

We had a party last night.

Just a bunch of close friends, coming to eat, drink and make merry the whole night through.

that’s normally very wonderful for a couple who are in their late 20s – you have a fair bit of disposable income, you really learn how to enjoy the good food and tastes of life, AND you have a group of friends who enjoy the same things as you do.

What’s a better way to spend a weekend evening right?


Having a party, or even going to one when you think you are pregnant (or in my case, assume that I’m pregnant) is H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. Have to watch what you eat, have to watch what you drink. Tonnes of lovely alcohol around and you can’t really partake in ANYTHING.


I’ll admit that I succumbed to the temptation more than once last night. Venturing so far as to have a glass of champagne and sip a little whisky. “But not more than that!” I told myself.

Ugh. The responsibilities of being a parent.

I am, however, very blessed that my husband is not a big drinker, not as big as I used to be in any case. So I was barely tempted by him drinking in front of me. Neither did I get very jealous of him being able to eat seafood because #1, he is allergic to the shellfish that I don’t like, and he’s been very considerate not to offer food that I might be enticed to break rules for. More importantly, #2 our guests brought a very small selection of seafood for what was a potluck party, so I lucked out with that too.

Since we were hosting the party yesterday, we got to control the main dishes of the night and also were thankfully busy entertaining and ensuring everyone else’s glasses and plates were full to realise that we needed to be drinking and stuffing our faces ourselves.

Okay.. I’m kidding. Of course I noticed. But the sentiment is true isn’t it?

Before we started the party, I was sure that people would notice that I wasn’t drinking and indulging like I normally allow myself to do so I didn’t quite know what to make of it when nobody commented when we were 2 hours into the food and drink and the party was in full swing.

Maybe my friends aren’t too good observing me or maybe they don’t care about me *bawls*. But I’d like to think it was because I’m over-thinking things (yes, girls tend to do that.) AND they were having too good a time to care about whether I’m drinking alcohol and poisoning my body or not.

It could be a testament to age that maybe all of our friends are starting to recognize and start avoiding vices so that we all live a healthier life into our 30s and beyond.

Ugh. The responsibilities of growing up.

So anyway, this party was the reason that we wanted to put off doing a pregnancy test proper. We wanted the last evening to really kick back and enjoy before committing to the growing life in my body.

But as you can see, it’s already started to happen – psychologically, I realise that I’ve already convinced myself that I will be having a baby and I need to protect not only my health but my baby too. The idea has set in. :/


As an after thought, I’m glad that I didn’t wake up this morning with a tummy ache and a hangover (not that we even drink that much on a normal basis anymore ever since we turned 25) so I truly don’t regret not being able to “fully” enjoy myself yesterday evening. .

Secondary to this is that I’ve been thinking about what would happen if I got morning sickness (heaven forbid!). I can’t even begin to imagine how my body would vehemently chuck up whatever it decided is bad for unborn baby in body, so best to play as safe as possible. I really don’t think I can deal with more than 1 type of sick at one time.

I feel substantially proud that I tried to keep “clean” too, so even without the pee stick telling me whether physically and evidently we are having a baby, I guess my brain is telling me that I jolly well better start preparing for one just in case.

Cutting down,


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