Double the Trouble..

After a particularly big dinner of Thunder Tea rice (my attempt at being healthy and detoxing while preggers) I was looking exceptionally round.

The hubs happily commented that I was “showing a bit fast eh?”

I responded with a very heavy handed punch to his arm.

Okay, I didn’t punch the father of my unborn, but that would have made for a very short and horribly uneventful story. What I DID respond with was – “Eh, can you don’t anyhow say things. What if its twins?”


He had a very expected reaction; flabbergasted and shocked into silence,  slight shaking and quaking with his index finger extended and wagging menacingly at me.

“Hello! One at a time can!” he said when words finally found him.

Now I have a pair of fraternal twins, or more precisely non-identical, twins on my father’s side – my first cousins from my father’s younger sister. And all my life I used to think that that would mean I had a better likelihood of having twins too. Recently I heard its only the probability of identical twins that is actually passed along by genetics, but either way, I am now decidedly not as keen as I used to be to have more than one screaming, yelling, demanding poop-machine.


When I was much younger and we used to play with doll babies, I used to think that twins would be so awesome! 2 is always better than one right. Just need to give baby #1 the bottle and baby doll’s eyes will close. Then I can give baby #2 her bottle and while they are both in lala-land, mummy shall have a tea party. They’ll be wearing matchy matchy outfits and they would be best friends and totally do everything together and everybody would think my kids were sooooo cuuuutttte…

Ah, the sweet naivety of youth.

Well, it’s hard enough to consider the financial commitments and logistics of one baby, but 2? At this point it’s like… There is no question how much I’m agreeing with John about having just one.

I did have a follow up discussion about what if we were loaded, we lived in a big house and money was really no object. Would we truly do our national duty and have more (than 2)? I’ve thought about having a big family, how much fun it would be to have rambunctious gatherings and dinners with everybody around the table. It could kinda be fun, you’d really never run out of people to talk to or people who will be around to give you advice.

In anthropology and sociology and economics, the whole reason behind having lots of kids was because when they grew up, there’d be more of them to take care of you in your old age. More monetary support and more love and definitely more kids remembering and visiting you when you’re like decrepit and can’t move around. As people grew wealthier and facilities developed so it became easier for children to take care of their parents and also easier for adults to sustain themselves after a certain age, so the need for more children slowly dwindled.

That being said, we’re not only going to have one. Not forever, by any chance. I’ve always said my kids will definitely have siblings. Again, not so much for the sake of my husband and I, but for the sake of companionship of my kids to each other in their childhood. By the looks of it, the number of cousins my kids will be growing up with does not look promising. And there is something to be said about the love between siblings that cannot be replaced no matter how many friends you have. I would just very much like them to come out one at one time, please.

It would be “efficient” to pop out 2 and get everything done all at once though. Get them grown in half the time rather than staggering things… But I’d still worry about being able to give my baby(ies) enough attention with all the stuff that we have to be concerned about once baby(ies) is born, what more when you have to split your attentions between 2 kiddies. (See, I can hardly write sentences talking about 1 baby, much less 2 :P)

Whatever it is, what’s happening has happened and only the Heavenly Father has control of how many new lives are in there right now. Babies are blessings from God and if he’s blessed us with whatever he’s blessed us, He’s got to have some sort of plan right?

Leaving the count up to God,


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