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Regardless of the nature of my pregnancy, whether there is a phantom in my belly or not, I am still getting symptoms. Or at the very least, my body seems to be thinking that I am.

I seem to have this constant GAS problem. it starts in my tummy and ends in my throat.. it’s not truly vomit or bile unless right after having lunch or dinner. But from what I can tell, but it’s uncomfortable as hell. It seems to end up just as a burp, but I really dislike this feeling of bloatedness and general unease.

Is this the start of morning sickness?

However, being the kiasu (scared to lose out) mother that I am, I’ve done a bit of looking around to see what I can do to make sure that my tummy feels a little more settled on a daily basis.

Now, mind that I generally didn’t care about finding out the chemical properties or what hormones are making my body feel this way. I don’t believe the technical knowledge is going to make me feel better any time soon. But if it so happens to show up in the article and it says like apples contain component A which generally triggers reaction B then I suppose that would be interesting to know so you can stay away from all the foods which contain component A.

1) How Stuff Works – Home Remedies for Morning Sickness


This one is my favourite article of the lot. It’s actually pretty comprehensive from what to do and not to do and what to eat and what not to eat. Remember to click into the 2nd and 3rd pages where it tells you what the must haves to keep around you when you’re feeling the nausea are.

I especially love that the article advocates snacking and potato chips HURHURHUR.


2) WebMD – Dealing with Morning Sickness

morning sickness

WebMD is my top go-to when it comes to all sorts of medical inquiries. This particular article does have all the a bit more of a technical explanation in it – it really typically sounds like what a doctor would tell you if you went to visit a GP.


3) Baby Center – the whole Bible on the topic

babycenter - morning sickness

This is 4 pages of chunky passages that really give you the low down on a typical pregnant woman’s worries. Typical questions you might ask as well. Although a lot of things are repeated from the top 2 articles, it writes more in the style to calm and reassure rather than just finding solutions and listing out the problems like what #1 and #2 up there do.


4) Bonus from Pregnant SG – How to cope with morning sicknessHow to know if you have severe morning sickness



I’m just throwing these in because I love websites that are based on Singaporean situations. It helps to have a library of articles that are applicable to your demographic and locale that are able to help you with realistic and close (meaning accessible) solutions. It takes into account the different religions and eccentricities of going through a pregnancy in Singapore and uses the local “language” to communicate certain things which really makes it feel like you’re talking to a friend for advice.


I suppose that’s a fair amount of reading to do, and I’ve already started following up on some of the advice. I keep cookies on my desk as well as some lovely Crystallized Ginger chewies which are a like ginger bits preserved in sugar powder. A little spicy sometimes, but I seem to have a tongue for it right now. I also have lots of nibbles on my dining table like twisties and chips and Hello Panda biscuits (hello Chocolate) to make sure that I never run out of grazing foods.

My ginger is not so atas-looking

My ginger is not so atas-looking

I’ve personally found that warm water rather than cold soothes the stomach better (Mummy, if you’re reading this, I know now I should’ve listened to you sooner when you told me that cold water is bad for me!) And stretching in the morning really helps.

A bit of yoga to make the stomach extend a little and stretch out the limbs and shoulders and the back helps you to feel a little less tense and not so ready to spring (for the bathroom). Making sure that I take deeper breathes and bring in more oxygen into the body helps too. MY philosophy is that deep breathing (like in Yoga) does help take a lot of focus away from the tummy and more to the lungs so the nausea keeps itself down too

This woman is MAD.

This woman is MAD.

We’ll really just have to see how this foreign object seems to want to treat me. I can’t quite remember where I heard the random naggy aunty mention thatit’s because the mummy’s body has a lot of nonsense in it and the body is trying to purge so that it will be healthier for the baby to grow in. But we now know that it really is due to the body’s adaptation to all the crazy pregnancy hormones being released into the body.

But I suppose I have it quite mild for now, since it’s just gas, and not really a pukey feeling. I just hope that it doesn’t progress. I just ended a conversation with a friend on facebook who is on her #2 and she was saying that her 2nd pregnancy had much worse morning sickness symptoms than her first pregnancy – and I’m hoping that means my #1 won’t be giving me all that many problems before he/she is even born.

Keeping it on the Down Low,


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