The Price of it All – Introduction

So I started thinking about “today”‘s blog topic My blog topics normally follow from what I talked about the night/day before with my husband or whoever my path happens to cross the day before. Yesterday seemed rather eventful in terms of pregnancy talk and in trying to make an all-rounded blog post, I like to cover as many bases as possible.

However, looking at the title of it, I really don’t think I’ll be able to fit ALLLLL the things that I happened to talk about yesterday and include all the commentary and additional bits to make it as robust as possible. But I will try.

Costing is very important when you consider a pregnancy. It’s a necessary evil. Which is unfortunate because so many people tell you to enjoy the process while it happens, don’t worry about the money if you do worry about the money, you’ll never have kids. Our parents managed to do it without really crossing 5 figure monthly salaries, so why shouldn’t we… that kind of thing.

So just to get myself and the hubs prepared, I really started going to look at the basics costs of maternity, Namely:

  • the delivery
  • the prenatal classes
  • the confinement (lady)
  • the postnatal massage to skinnify yourself

Yeah, I talk a lot with people when I’m not on my blog and I DID tell you that i’m an over-thinker right?

“This girl is MAD! She hasn’t even confirmed pregnancy, she’s barely 1 month in and she’s planning all this already.” you might say. But I tell you, I haven’t even started on looking at kindergartens, cots and cribs and buggies, oh my!

Today’s post  will just be a quick brief over all the above topics. I hope to be able to do a better exposition over the next few days and weeks to just compile a little bit of the information available on the web.

So we’ve actually been looking at all the different things that we’ve been saying we need to put down money for.

Obviously the delivery would be the most important bit. As much as we hear of people delivering in the car, or while they’re stuck in a lift because of some emergency breakdown, I really don’t think that’s what really happens the majority of the time.

In face, a surprising amount of my friends have actually been opting for induction of labour pains or caesarean births, so there you have it. there’s obviously got to have been a certain amount of shopping around for the best rooms and doctors that come attached with the hospital right?

Well Hubs and I have already agreed that we definitely want a Single-bedded ward. I’m NOT going to even attempt sleeping with 3 other mothers in the same ward as me, all with visiting relatives around the clock and possibly wailing newborns hovering in and out of the room. peace and quiet tyvm,

Nope. Just NOPE.

Nope. Just NOPE.

The other considerations we were looking at I’ll talk about in the expositions:

  • obviously costs of the different rooms in different hospitals
  • size and amenities
  • husband staying over
  • gynae visitation
  • water births
  • having a doula to support the birth process

*Note: the list is more of for my reference than yours so I don’t forget that I wanted to talk about it. Let me know if you’d like me to cover more things.

Right. So prenatal classes seem to be a little point of contention between my friends. I’ve got buddies that swear by them, and others who think it’s just a waste of time.

What actually goes on in prenatal classes and how many different types are there? Can’t I just get a book and read everything instead of spending a thousand (or more) dollars on getting prepared for the baby.

Coincidentally, hospitals sometimes offer some classes for breastfeeding and the like directly after birth and some hospitals even have “Lactation Consultants” on hand to help out. Fancy name..

So I’ll cover the ones that I’ve been looking at and also some of the questions on top. If I’ve got a little time, Maybe i’ll go research some of the books, then not only educate you, but save myself some money too haha

Confinement is a big question in the air right now. There are so many options. Your mum, your mum-in-law, tingkat services (which are like little meals prepared in 3 tiered carryable tins), confinement hotels, confinement ladies etc etc etc. Don’t even get me started on whether we should be believing in some of these ridiculous superstitions.

i don't think confinement food looks like this...

i don’t think confinement food looks like this…

Besides actually being confined to your home, confinement is made out to be such that the post-delivery woman is pumped chock full of herbs and tonics and “nourishing” food and general body care (taken to extremes, mind) and it will all centre around and strengthen her body in a month’s time. Dependent on the extremes that you want to go, there’ s a lot of considerations on what kind of service you’re going to engage to help you achieve and stick to all your confinement  restrictions during the torture month.

You see why I can’t write about all of these in one long post?! I will go bonkers, not only you with trying to cram all this information in.


Okay, I don’t know about you. But I LOOOOVEE a massage.


And when you’ve given birth, you have a perfectly legitimate reason to get one every day of the week for a week or more! To get “skinny” and to relieve the back pain, to unclog the milk ducts in your boobs and to just generally pamper the shit out of yourself after the harrowing labour.

Ok, not really. I’ve heard it hurts like crap and it’s really not all that pleasant. But I’m going to jump at this opportunity like nobody’s business just because it’s called a damned massage.


I’ll cover the commercial option versus the freelancing option, whether you really need to get a massage or not (even though you already know what I’m going to say), and the other considerations that happened to cross my mind when I really got down to being serious about looking for a postnatal massage lady.

It’s always important to have a rough idea of how much money you’re going to have to lay down for the bare essentials – in terms of services and external assistance. And I haven’t even started talking about baby paraphernalia yet *sigh*

So just let me construct and gather my thoughts. Honestly looking at the number of things that I need to try and coordinate and pay for while even just contemplating the baby, I need to get cracking on the topics as soon as possible.

Drowning in the Administration,



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