*Disclaimers: I really had to pee today, so a lot of the photos are taken AFTER I tested.*

So, I told you that I bought some tests last week in preparation for the test this morning where I would just get it done. This is just a little expo that I’m going to do to share with you what the tests I bought were and getting the deed done.

I actually had a prior conversation with a friend about pregnancy tests – the only person I told that I was even contemplating the idea I could be pregnant. Besides John and God, I really didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag and tell people we suspected anything until we confirmed that we were.

I’ve heard too many stories about couples that were ecstatic about getting a positive test only to miscarry and have to break the bad news to friends and family. How do you even start to construct a sentence that tells people that you were going to have a baby, but that’s not going to happen anymore for now. Let’s not even talk about embarrassment, but the heartache and the loss and the pain…. That’s really not something that you want to go through.

All the depression and despair that a person goes through when having lost a baby, it’s very much different from the loss of another loved one. That person would have been in control of their own lives to a certain extent, an unborn baby is like how innocent. Never even had the chance to have a brain big enough to think about doing bad things 😦 And this was something that was growing in your body. You could have done better to keep it – or at least that’s what I would be thinking if it happened. Could I have done anything differently? Should I have done something differently? Was it just something that should have happened? Did my body not want this baby?

That being said, I handled a similar case just a few days ago for a client who told me that she wanted to claim some insurance for a procedure that she did. Without naming any names here, she said that when herself and her husband went for the checkup, the baby basically had no heartbeat.

I didn’t even know what to say.

It makes it (meaning me) quite cold to have to give advice in that kind of situation. But that’s just the nature of the profession I guess.

So, that was just a little back story to why we wanted to wait a little to do a test, tell people, and really just get a little bit more excited about planning and announcing the baby.

I bet you are rolling your eyes at me and going “But you’ve already written like 10 blog posts. You’re obviously a fair bit more excited than you make yourself out to be.”

Well, my response to that is, I’m really trying not to be excited. I am kinda worried and more concerned that I won’t be prepared. You can always be prepared even if some things never work out right? But let’s not even talk about that possibility right now.



Right. Now that we are all HAPPY, let’s get to the tests shall we.

The Buying of the Test Kits

As I was saying that I had a conversation… My friend had her doubts (like me) that she was really preggers, so when her period finally went missing, they couldn’t believe it. They did a regular test, and when that came out positive, they still couldn’t believe it so they bought a digital pee-stick. When THAT came out positive, they still couldn’t believe it, so they went to get a blood test done with a doctor to triple-confirm it.

John and I have a “knowing” at the back of our mind. But we figured we’d do the same thing too. How often are we going to be pregnant right? Plus the whole thought of having to tell our parents that we are pregnant is going to be daunting enough for us to want to be triply affirmative before we go and spill the beans.

All my tests were bought from Guardian. I bought a 3-pack of the Guardian brand pregnancy test that was on promo. As well as a digital pee-stick by Clear Blue.


$15.90 for pack of 3

Normal prices of these are obviously not as wu hua (value for money). I think it was somewhere in the vicinity of high $10s for one? Also, besides getting a pretty good discount on the 3-pack, I figured since I’ve got 3 pee-sticks, that should really be more than enough to get a bit of confidence testing done to a good level of satisfaction before I even gear up for the digital test,


$26.15 for a ONE time use = SIBEI Expensive

Clear Blue is a pretty well-known Ang Mor (literally red hair – meaning Eurasian or Caucasian) brand even for normal pee-stick pregnancy tests. I knew about these when I was much younger and in my erm… wilder days as a youth. So I suppose you can’t really go wrong, especially for the amount of money you are paying 😛

But this digital test is REALLY something. It’s supposedly so damn accurate, that it will tell you how many weeks of pregnancy you are at, effectively calculating the inception date. Me thinks it will indicate sometime around our anniversary, which is the date that we decided to stop protecting, but really who knows.

 Testing Proper

Don’t worry, there are no graphic pictures of me on the toilet bowl trying to aim for the stick. I mentioned that I had a mad dash for the toilet when I woke up this morning. I had the great foresight to ask my husband to grab the test for me so that I wouldn’t waste all that glorious morning pee. Unfortunately, (and fortunately) I was urgent to go enough that I didn’t take a before picture of the pee-stick. Not that it matters.

Sidetrack: I’ve been bursting to pee for the last one week for some weird reason. Every night at 3AM, my bladder screams for release. I know I wrote somethign a while back that it’s all about the body’s way of clearing out toxins and hormonal changes and all that. But seriously? Having to wake up in the middle of the night to pee is NOT FUN. I get super grumpy and irritable because of interrupted sleep.

I can hear you all chiming in about how even that will be a luxury once baby is born *bawls*

But in any case, the test lit up like a bar code almost immediately. No need to wait the stipulated 5 minutes.

 Wee!! I’m Pregnant!


 Note – lack of excitement. I somehow don’t feel enthused. I don’t think I did the test right. It COULD just be another fluke. Like me earlier trying to gei kiang (act smart) and use an expired test to try things out.

Anyway, when testing, these are the things that you basically need to know when you’re taking your pee sample. The instructions say – pee stick down, take mid-stream pee. and DON’T  pee on the result window.

I obviously pee-ed on the window -_-”

I had to grab tissue to wipe it up a bit before bringing it out of the toilet so my husband wouldn’t be grossed out when he looked at it.

Hey! It’s not exactly very easy to manoeuver lady bits especially when you’re full to bursting in the morning 😛

I don’t have a lot of pee left in me right now, so we’ll wait a little later to do the pee test with the digital stick. This time I’ll be smart and gather a small container of my pee. THEN dip the pee-stick in it. That’s got to be a little more smart about it right hahaha. It actually SAYS to do that on the instructions. But hey, when you gotta go, you don’t have the luxury of time to read all the instructions when you’re about to burst right.

Lesson Learnt : Read all Instructions before going to weewee next time.

The Retest

A few hours later…

I’m smart this time. Pee in cup. Dip stick in cup. Wait 20 seconds.


See. They DO have the instructions to make sure you don’t pee all over your hand

And Poof. Insta-results. Okay not really. The waiting actually was pretty long. Quite harrowing really since this test was a lot more expensive and supposedly a lot more accurate.



HOW MAD ZHUN  (accurate)IS THAT.

5 weeks ago was seriously our wedding anniversary in mid-April – the day we said we would stop protecting..

John is going to be bragging about his “one shot, one kill”, marksman skill, coz apparently we ARE that fertile :/

I know a lot of people have difficulty conceiving and everything, but I never truly thought that it would be this easy for us.

I’m quite speechless now, and frankly a little lost for words now that Shit juz got Realz.

SO many things to plan now. When to tell the parents and the brother and I really have to start getting things arranged and organized now.I’m kinda glad I took the opportunity to start writing things down when I first suspected things… But this is something else…

Erm.. I’m rambling.. I’m going to go and have a breather.. I’ll come back and write another post when I’ve appropriately collected my thoughts…



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