Further thoughts and possibly excitement

Weight: 58.7 kg (why is my weight fluctuating so much)
Feeling: A little bloated, and horribly lethargic

After having done the test and finding out that I am miraculously a little over a month pregnant, things really have started to sink in that we don’t really have a lot of time left. Contrary to what a lot of my pregnant friends say about 9 months being a lot of time, with all due respect, I only have 8, so we gotta hustle to get ready for the baby, baby ūüėõ

I’m not HORRIBLY excited and I think it’s fair to say that I really am still a little shaken. But I know for sure that that really doesn’t matter right now. More important is that this baby has been blessed to us and we’ve gotta get cracking to get things ready for him or her, even if I’m never gonna be.

I’ve been talking about wanting to get some progression pictures up (I’m going to be writing another page with how we set stuff up. And all the updated photos will go there so it won’t clog up my¬†quality content). This somehow (actually also not surprisingly) seems to be one of the top priorities right now – to set up picture taking hahaha sadly, on top of¬†finding a gynae and telling the parents at any rate.

selfie danger

Okay, that’s not true. We’ve actually called a “Grandparents dinner” for tomorrow night where we will break the news to the grandparents-to-be together. In a non-biased everybody-found-out-at-the-same-time¬†kinda way. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t play who’re the favourite grandparents now? So we’ll keep mum (see what I did there) until Tuesday.¬†I’ve also yet to tell my brother who’s in London. And again, actually only one other person knows that I’m pregnant besides the lady who I’m thinking of taking prenatal hypnobirthing classes with.

Interestingly, I found this article¬†from a friend of mine over the weekend. And I love the honest truths behind it ¬†proclaims that “There is not a single mother on this planet that knows what she’s doing.” And that you should run if you find a mother who says she does. There’s only so much preparation and reading that you can do. And even that will never prepare you for the unexpecteds that will most surely happen when baby is out and about.

I also love that she advocates looking for the “one mom who lets you say anything about your kids and won’t judge you…{And if she doesn’t know what she’s doing either], grab her, hold on to her and drink wine with her at every chance you get.”¬†

I don’t think I’ll have a problem being honest about my baby and how my life has changed, but over the years I’ve come to realize how important it is to have like-minded people around you, just so you can bitch without being judged. At the very least I know the hubs will be there for me, but I’m hoping that prenatal and hypnobirthing classes will help me find other mummies that I’ll be able to relate to and share a glass of wine over.

We also can’t really go look for gynaes until the weekend because I really want my husband to be with me as we look around. It’s really trying to have to try and arrange time to go for a hospital maternity ward tour and then look at the different doctors and decide if this person is really the right one to deliver my unborn. So what we can do – that will help us to continue easing into the idea of pregnancy – is to set up foot markers for my photos for¬†the time-being :/

I get that it seems I’m not dealing well with the news. But I feel that if I do something like get the doctor NOW and firm up the baby delivery plan and settle all the prenatal classes and everything now, my head is really going to explode with all the information. I honestly don’t think I’m ready ūüė¶





So again, there’s quite a fair bit of work to do. I’m really starting to look at the baby expo dates for the year so that I can plan the hunt for baby items. I’m also trawling mummy re-selling sites so that I can be on the lookout for good hand-me-downs. Wah lao, seriously, I reread what I’m typing and I think to myself what a damn AUNTY I’m becoming *shakes head*

crazy aunty

I’ve ALSO been looking at some baby registries available online. There seem to be a very few number and what one website stocks in terms of brands, doesn’t often repeat on the others :/ After looking at the sites for a while, and wondering whether it’s be worth it to actually set up a gift registry for my baby, I’m really thinking that letting baby go naked until I have to bring him or her into public might actually be the best way to not get sidetracked by all the baby must-haves of the season.

Especially in Singapore, I really don’t think that people have the inclination to go for baby registries because it really is a very American/Western thing to do. Most friends and families just give money in the form of an Ang Bao¬† or red packet. Same goes for weddings here too.

Not that my husband or I will complain of course. Money is probably the most welcome because you don’t end up with a gift that you secretly hate but have to say is how wonderful because Aunty so-and-so bought it for you.

It reminds me of a wedding gift my husband and I received last year at our church reception. We got a ROCK.

Literally a ROCK. And it¬†came with its’ own pedestal no less. It is apparently from some collection of EXPENSIVE rocks. But it’s still a bloody rock. I can’t eat the damn thing. I obviously can’t sell away a present. Short of displaying the thing (I didn’t even think was very pretty. It didn’t even have carvings or distinguishing features of any sort to make it intricate either :/)

I would take a picture of said rock but it’s somewhere in my¬†store room because we really didn’t want¬† know where to put it. You’ll have to make do with the stock image here.

i am not even kidding.  except it had a stand

i am not even kidding.
Except it had a stand to sit on.

So anyway, yes. Money is good. Presents are good too, but not as good as money ūüôā

We’ll really start trawling the baby fairs for the essentials of our choice as soon as we can. I hear the best deals for classes and buggies and cots and stuff are all there. Although I’ve ALSO heard that and seen from personal experience that a lot of booths at the baby expos are actually full of startup companies that are trying to introduce some new “revolutionary” food/pillow/baby shampoo that has some new-fangled feature which may or may-not be important but sounds cool to have.

When I did road shows for my company at these baby expos, we would have a little time to walk around and I would find some booths which had interesting phonics CDs, or healthy(er) baby food concoctions. But parents in general went for the diapers and milk formula sections which were almost always highlighted by a ginormous floating balloon. You’ll also have your insurance companies selling insurance plans – savings and prenatal; and you’ll also have Cord life and other professional services there.

I don’t look forward to the crowd, but a mother’s got to do what a mother’s got to do to get the best for her unborn eh? And the father too of course – obviously because I’m dragging the hubs to the expo too HURHUR. And this also goes because I’m probably going to want to scrutinize every item that I buy.

So with that in mind, I trudge forward into maternity. Into uncertainty and planning. Wish me luck…

Mind-mapping where to go from here,


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