Wassup with my body

Weight: 58.3kg – No morning sickness but losing weight 😦
Feeling: a bit perplexed and under the weather

Today is just going to be a simple update on some changes that I’m feeling in my body.

Not there have actually been many. But for today, I’m really getting a bit concerned about the fluctuating weight. Because I’ve not really been eating.

I normally already have a pretty sensitive nose. I don’t like cheese and most other dairy products because the smell really assaults my senses. Like not ALL dairy though. I’d still have milk in milo, as long as it’s not overpowering. I’ll have cream in carbonara as long as the egg taste is stronger and even then I don’t quite like eggs when they have that yolky smell either, so I tend to avoid cream-based pastas entirely. I’ll eat lasagna and pizzas as long as they’re tomato-based ones because there has to be something that overpowers the taste of the cheese.

Call me unrefined for not being able to appreciate cheese platters or whatever, but you couldn’t pay me to touch that stuff with a 10 foot pole.

It’s actually quite subjective really. Apparently if the cheese is melted into a particular dish, I’m okay with it because I don’t know it’s there? But take portobello mushrooms stuffed with minced pork but topped with parmesan, if I can smell it…


There was once in Australia when the hubs and I were living in Brisbane that we somehow bought a bottle of Prego instant pasta base…

YES I KNOW! The Travesty! Spaghetti sauce should always be made from scratch, but I acquiesce to my hubs so he can make dinner the way he likes 🙂

Anyway, the sauce base had BLUE CHEESE in it.


Barely had to twist the cap open for me to say that I was NOT going to eat any of that.

I feel bad of course. Not only for making the hubs quite upset that he forgot to double-check the ingredients before picking the jar but I really hate wasting food. Unfortunately, I really could not bring myself to smell much less eat anything with that pungent a smell in it. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Needless to say, after that incident, I get to very happily insist that we make bolognese and other tomato sauce-based pastas from scratch with good old-fashion canned tomatoes and herbs. Just so I can keep an eye on the stuff that’s going in the pot and in my body. It IS healthier to home-cook food from scratch, albeit tiring and more tedious.

These days, almost everything makes me have the same reaction. It’s supposedly a very mild version of morning sickness where I feel nauseous  just by smelling things but not pukey. I don’t have an overwhelming need to vomit or anything, but literally EVERYTHING holds no appeal to my appetite.

For a girl who loves her food. That’s really SUPER DEPRESSING.


Like I’ll think of a lovely bowl of prawn mee and automatically I’ll think of oil swimming in the soup bowl.. *HuuURkKKKKk*

No Thanks.. I can’t seem to even type about it without feeling a little bit queasy. In fact, I couldn’t even EDIT that sentence without scrunching up my nose.

Speaking of the oil, my kitchen smells of oil today. Not because I’m cooking, but because it’s wafting from somewhere. I’m trying very, very hard to limit myself from heading in that direction today.

I actually have neighbours that cook really awesome food. You know the type, like they start frying with Sambal chilli and/or garlic or they’re baking something and it wafts around the freaking neighbourhood making everybody hungry.

The worse part of this horrible event that happens almost every other evening is, I DON’T KNOW WHO IS COOKING! It is irritating the hell out of me. Never mind them not offering their sweet, young couple neighbours some “hello there” yummies so we feel welcomed to the vicinity, but you should broadcast things like you’re going to be cooking scrumptious delicacies more often so I can take the initiative and MAKE FRIENDS.


Look, I’m not a freeloader. I make yummy foods too. My husband and I are actually pretty known for our Sio Bak (roast pork). And I’m perfectly happy to do a one-for-one exchange. But PLEASE expose yourself so we can do so! I would really like to get to know you and your magic kitchen someday soon. Maybe even swap recipes. 😀

And you know what, it’s really not even JUST the oil right now. Yesterday I had Chai Peng (Mixed Vegetable/Dishes with Rice) for lunch and the guy was very nice! Gave me extra dishes for free because he had a oversight  – misinterpreted which dish I was pointing at.

I ended up with KangKong (morning glory shoots), Xiao Bai Chai (Baby Bak Choy), a slice of omelette and some fried sweet and sour fish thing. The KangKong had too much garlic, the XBC tasted wilted in my mouth, the sweet and sour fish was like 90% flour (although I normally wouldn’t have minded). The omelette was the only thing I COULD stomach, but it was covered in the too-garlicky sauce and I really could bear to swallow a single bite. I had to spit stuff out before my stomach started churning.

Then, we had duck rice and duck noodles for dinner. The rice was too dry and stuck like sawdust in my mouth, the veges were also a little too overcooked. AND the soup was way too herbal where I normally wouldn’t complain about it.

I really don’t know if it’s because I’m exploiting that I CAN be picky or I’m really suffering from the taste of everything! Like are my taste buds on hyperdrive because of the hormones or am I just being particular about everything because I can.

Anyway, right now I’m really just trying my best to drink liquids and eat my crystallised ginger bits to keep my tummy settled and also keep my nose protected from too many different types of smells. Maybe it’s time to break out those N95 surgical masks that help to keep the haze out.

The haze is supposed to be coming back too apparently, so it wouldn’t be too unwarranted for me to be running around with something to protect my unsettled tummy and my hyper-sensitive nose right?

Well, here’s hoping that I’ll be able to keep food down and find something that I enjoy eating. I’m going to need to keep my strength up and make sure that I’m at least getting a little bit of food into my system. I will also be trying my best to make sure I don’t get too fussy with food. I still don’t want to waste (otherwise to others) perfectly edible food and there are dying children in Africa and all that too and stuff.

I have a feeling eating clean might really help a lot. Right now it’s mostly the thought of oil that’s giving me the heeby-jeebies. But also it might make it easier for my tummy to process whatever goes in.

Right now, I just can’t wait for the period where I start craving things. Give it all to me – Steaks, Roasts, Grills, Extra liao (ingredients) salad, Bacon Burgers and Sandwiches, AND CARBOHYDRATES GALORE.





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