Everything is DISGUSTING

Weight: Forgot to take it this morning, but as of 7pm today I’m 58.7kg. Totally unreliable though.
Feeling: Like every single food on Earth is goat’s guts. Or equivalent.

Not going to post much on today’s post.

My tummy is flopping left, right and center.

The husband is actually sauteing onions for a healthy ham sandwich right now and I am struggling to maintain control over the contents of my stomach. Went to stand over the porcelain throne for a bit to see if anything wanted to come out, but nothing.

Looks like I can eat though. When food is in front of me, I can put it in and swallow. I just can’t think of it or smell it or look at it prior to putting it in my mouth. And the blander the better.

I seem to be even more of a basketcase with my emotions today. roaring angry one minute, pitying myself and needing a cry the next, catching a funny picture on 9gag and laughing through the tears, then cycle, rinse and repeats – in the blink of an eye.

Sorry I’m not very entertaining today, but here’s a fun cartoon for me to remember how good I’m having it so far until I feel up to posting a little bit more…

I hope.


more to come..

Cradling my poor tummy,


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