Calling the Deliverer.

Weight: 58.7kg
Feeling: like a truck hit me

Okay, so today is a Monday, and all the clinics and doctor’s office are back in operation.

Why didn’t anybody tell me that it would be this difficult to get an OBGYN?

Almost everybody is fully booked til July or the end of June!! I am trying very hard to make arrangements to see doctors so that we can finally get the show on the road but it truly looks as if it may be impossible! So much for wanting a little time to get settled into the whole impact of being pregnant :/

I won’t be posting much because I’ve still got a number of clinics that I want to call so that I can get the earliest slots available.

Most of the clinics are telling me to just walk in so that it’s easier to get to see the doctors and I figure that I’ll just do that since it’s so difficult to make an appointment. I bet that if I got to make an appointment, I’ll probably be pissed out of my skull when some other asshole pregnant woman walks in and jumps queue in front of me – everybody knows how UNRELIABLE doctor’s appointments are…

Well, in any case, I need to get a doctor on the double, because one of the receptionists on the phone was kind enough to tell me that there is actually a need to make certain milestones like at the 12/13 week mark.And if I’m going by my totally bway zhun (inaccurate) method of calculation, then I might as well call it a day and have a truly NATURAL birth at home.

Forget about calling doctors already. I’ll just squat in the corner and pass the baby.


It’s difficult enough to coordinate off days and get leave to go and see the gynae, and the weekend and weekday night slots are packed to the MAX! Now on top of everything, I’m going to have to find a doctor who can match my baby’s schedule.. I think I’m going to kill myself now.

Getting Frustrated,



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