Cray Cray – I calls it as I sees it.

So I’m having just too many thought running through my head and getting a little antsy with the OBGYNs lately to really get a good grip on what I want to share with people about since everything in my own life is as tumultuous. I know I need to write an article based post soon, but I’ve got to get all this crazy pent up mad ideas out of my system first.

I actually want to hold off posting about OBGYN advice and experiences until I’ve actually SEEN mine. Then I can compile everything and put it out there. For the time being, I’m getting notes left, right and center, and sometimes I feel that it’s really just too overwhelming.

For the most part, people are telling me to get onto the forums and read up.

But I don’t think that’s helping. Forums are MAD. Everybody chipping in advice and arguments and the like. It’s a madhouse of conflicting ideas and personal opinions.

Too many cooks, too many recipes = more confusion and never settling on anything.

Right now it’s a little more overwhelming because we really have no professional advice just yet. The more I keep thinking about it, the more I think that winging it might be the least stressful (and cheap) option. I’ll really just do whatever my bodies tells me to do, but a bottle or prenatal pills and hope for the best.

The whole deal with actually seeing a gynae is because you just wanna be certain that everything is ok right? I don’t really need that. What did people use to do before there were doctors around. The current human generation turned out pretty ok with whatever happened back there… I mean generally speaking in terms of health and mental well-being.

I mean I’ve got to be pretty well-built to have conceived this quickly right? That probably means I should be able to wing it.

I am obviously psychotic. I definitely want slash need a doctor. I’m not boasting in the least, but just throwing radical ideas out there.


I was talking to friends about selecting a gynae and getting scans done and just going in to get the first checkup. The hypnobirthing lady-friend was telling me it’s all a big scam to get you to pay more money when you go to get medical advice. Even if you’re like 4 months in and just have your first doctor’s visit, it’s still ok. You wouldn’t have missed anything, etc etc.

And there are the friends who are just telling me to get it done. Get the advice. Then decide whether you want to buy a package for consultations and pills and all that. What’s included and what’s not…

I give up.


How DO people deal with all this new-mother-to-be stress!!


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