Working from home?

So I’m going to start a part time job tomorrow. To supplement the income that I get from my freelance and “business” ownership.

That means that I might not have as much time to post as much as I’d like – which is everyday.

The blog is meant to be a journal of my daily thoughts and the journey towards pregnancy, but unfortunately, that means that I have to be a responsible mom-to-be and pull my weight with respect to the families finances. I’ll be trying to check in at least twice a week and at the very least once. But obviously if I can find a bit of time, like on the bus or the train in the morning, I’ll type a bit so I can edit and upload my thoughts in the evening.

I’ve actually been looking for a part time job for a long while and just wanted to share some sites that I’ve found that have been great for finding part time jobs.

No we are not talking about lousy $5-$8 per hour work that students and NS boys waiting for University would do, but legitimate full time,  or permanent part time positions with flexi-hours or even just bosses that are a little more accepting of your situation as a mother who wants to spend more time with her kids.

It’s an age-old debate – the Pros and Cons of being a working mum and the same for being a stay at home one.

I won’t delve into that today. I find that my situation is a bit too unique too, in the sense where I don’t even have a real full time job that I have to give up to begin with. I’m just choosing to wear more hats.

So without further ado:

1) Mums @ Work 

Cute website that only lists the jobs available. You can find fantastic opportunities, but they have NO search function. Also, don’t know if their listings (which are quite extensive) are up-to-date or not. I’ve seen some of the listings there for the LONGEST time, so not sure if there are still openings, or they’ve forgotten to remove them,

And I tried applying for this a while back like maybe half a year ago? Way before I even found out that I was pregnant, and I didn’t hear diddly squat for them. However, once I’d listed that I was expecting one on the way and tried registering again, Voila! Instant registration details on day #2,

This can only mean that they are truly set up to support MUMMIES ONLY. Which is a good idea anyway.

2) Career Mums 

This is a pretty good mummy-centric career website too. But their listings don’t seem as impressive as compared to Mums@Work. Pros are that they’ve got pretty good company names in there and you don’t have to register through the system in order to send out your resume.

3)Freelancing Websites

Freelancer and Elance are great websites if you’ve got a specific web-based or computer based skill. There are always people who are looking for cheap labour online.

Check out virtual assistant positions and also positions which talk about long term commitments. It’s good for the online resume to do a good job for these guys who need a long term commitment. Building your online reputation for speedy and good quality work will help you to secure even more positions in the future if you need to earn a little bit more too.

Unfortunately this method of looking for work has really been booming in the last few years what with the 3rd world country takeover in terms of outsourced work. So you’ve got a pretty number of people to compete with for work. You can take “tests” that will add badges to your profile to show that you’re proficient in such and such a topic; that’ll definitely help the chances of you being picked out from the rest. Alas, but these cost money too, so attempt at your own risk.

4) Any other career website

This includes your typical jobstreet and jobsdb and whatever else you may have sites. I won’t give you the links to these because these are the most popular sites to go onto. There are obviously more niche ones that are catering to particular fields of practice like efinancialcareers which supports the bankers and the like too so keep an eye out or those.

It’s EXTREMELY tough to find a legitimate permanent part time job here, but make sure your parameters are set right. These sites typically have a LOT of filter options so you just might get lucky.

If you goodle “Permanent Part Time Jobs”, you will actually get generic sites that will list some potential positions from across the whole interwebs. This may even include the dodgy dodgy types from gumtree and craigslist. But I’ve had a pretty good lead from there so don’t judge a book by its cover.

In fact, as long as you play it safe and keep your guard up – don’t be at risk of being scammed!! – you might be able to find some good opportunities!

So with that, I wish you all luck, as I wish for some myself when I start tomorrow. # years since I’ve had to wake up before the sun rises to get to work.

Tired Already


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