Juggling the readjustment

Weight: 58.7 kg
Feeling: Like I’ve been hit by a truck

Okay, so I’ve chosen to do things the hard way. Maybe I’m just a sucker for torture or maybe I’m trying to work myself up to being a working mum some time far in the future, but I can tell you that going back to work is NOT easy.

I’ve had to handle the puppy early in the mornings too, so that means factoring an extra hour in the morning to accommodate her morning walks for peeing and pooping, and also for her to eat her breakfast (which she hasn’t been very cooperative about).

I know how people always say to not compare the pets to humans, but I SWEAR that getting this puppy has been the best preparation training EVER. I know I will probably think taking care of the dog is a breeze in the future, but for now, I’m just glad that I’m getting a slight glimpse into what waking up early and in the middle of the night to take care of the kid will be like.

So since I started, I really feel as if I can’t get enough sleep.

I normally get 9 hours of sleep – at least. This was when I was just running my own thing when I obviously can set my own hours and all, and even then, 9 hours is a luxury that most people don’t get; not even on the weekends. Me? If I don’t get at LEAST 8, I get horribly grouchy and grumpy and snappy and I can literally bite people’s heads off if they catch me in a need-of-sleep state.


*husband can attest*

Okay it’s  not quite like that, but it could be!

i actually haven’t been all the grumpy lately because I really like what I’m doing now. All the feeling wanted and feeling useful is really doing my emotions a whole lot of good. And I’m sure that despite feeling like I”m going to drop down dead from being so damn tired all the time, the good feels are being passed to the unborn and he/she is gonna feel good too!

With all the people that are telling me to “enjoy the pregnancy” and “take it easy” and “think happy thoughts”, I suppose I just have to be thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to find something I feel so at ease at doing.

There ARE the odd struggles, like having yet another boss to speak with about the pregnancy – and this is even before we’ve signed any contracts for the part time assistance, having to think about whether I can help to move heavy files around the office while helping them to organize things, and generally keeping the whole pregnancy a hush for at least another month.

But I’m taking each day as it comes. I’m happy to have colleagues who are mature enough not to gossip behind your back or make horrible first impressions (from what I’ve seen so far anyway), and my mummy totally made my day today by swinging by with tabao (takeaway)lunch because there’s zilch to eat in the vicinity of my office.


So I’ll keep pushing and keep you guys updated on how things go!

Working Mums Rock!


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