Week 10 Update

Weight: 57.8 kg
Feeling:  like the ball is rolling.. BUT BUT BUT!! MY pee has been like NEON BRIGHT YELLOW!! OMG. Luckily it’s apparently just coz of the extra prenatal vitamins I’ve been taking. Check out justification here (@ pregnancy.lovetoknow.com). But Holy Cow, it was a shock the first time I saw it! Gotta make sure to drink lots of water!!


Week 10: I actually look like I kinda lost weight in this weeks post. And I also look like it’s just fat. SAD. In other news: Special Guest Star – Dasha the Singapore Special

Super Duper Long Post Sunday!

Baby Expo 2014

I’ve been so excited!! I went to my FIRST BABY FAIR!! SO MANY CUTE THINGS HOMG


It is so different to go when you are in the category where you can actually GET something from a baby fair. I seriously went MAD at the amount of things that I could actually see myself buying. And No, I didn’t buy everything on top. I did get the robot and ghosty newborn mittens though! heehee

In the interest of keeping this post short coz I’ve a fair bit of work to do (and it’s a Sunday) I”m just going to put down some pointers for heading to your very first baby fair!

1) Do your research

Okay seriously, if you’re never been a mother before and it’s the first ever baby that you’re preparing for, DO YOUR RESEARCH! I can’t stress this enough. If you DON’T research, you will end up second guessing every single decision you made when you get to the damn fair. This includes succumbing to temptation and buying something only to finding out that it was tonnes cheaper elsewhere.

If it was as cheap as it got at the baby fair, then I’ve only got congratulations for you. However, best to play safe and err on the side of caution when it comes to spending money. You’re going to need it with all the milk powder and nappies you’ll be buying hurhur.

Anyway, when in doubt, do what I did, and grab a knowledgeable mummy-friend (as in friend who is a mummy) who has visited and/or who trawls baby fairs to ask for their sage advice

a) Research items you wanna get

Okay, I admit, that I totally didn’t do this. Also, I’m attending the baby fair while still in first trimester. Kana scolded by my beautician today for being kiasu 😛 She says wait until like left 3 months then do all your shopping.

But anyway, this totally makes sense whenever you foresee you are ACTUALLY going to get something. Find out prices outside in the stores and see if they are really much cheaper at the fair. If you are not niao (skin-flint) and a few dollars doesn’t matter to you, don’t bother squeezing with the expo crowd. It’s MAD. and all that jostling and pushing for “bargains” can NOT be good for a mummy with a tummy.

In addition, it’ll help you pick better deals when you see them too. Never let a deal get away!!

b) Look around on the fair websites or facebook pages

I was asking around for details on a cot on day 1 and I can tell you that some of the sales staff or the exhibition helpers are really either unhelpful or extremely under-informed about their product.

Like do I look like i’m not going to buy anything or something? I got a lot of – no catalogue/brochure, and go and see down there the price by yourself. Gee, thanks for nothing. I also got advice to just go on the website or facebook page when I was literally standing in front of them asking for help and sales support.

So here’s advice from me to you, save yourself the exasperation and google for fair websites before going down.

In addition to this being tonnes more helpful than physical people (bleah), they have a lot of early bird offers that are really sometimes only available online. Some of the sites that I went on, actually said that GOODY BAGS were sold out on the day that they were announced to be given away!


2) Walk around the exhibition hall AT LEAST 2ce before buying anything

This is because there are actually groups of the display bins in different segments of the hall. Not all baby fairs have the same layout – some have stall kind of setups like a funfair kind of thing where the vendors hire a booth and display their wares. But in general, since there are a tonne of different people selling baby things and related items in the expo hall, chances are that further down the line, or in the next row, there may be someone selling something similar and/or different quality/price/colour-that-you-can’t-find-in-stall-1.

And in case point #1 wasn’t clear enough, here we go again – RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING!

Going shopping can be so devious on the nerves because you just want to buy EVERYTHING 😀

I actually took this one step further, because these fairs normally span the whole weekend, I planned to walk around the exhibition on Day 1 by myself. (because I’m freelance and all that and am all but unemployed on weekdays :P) Anyway after a fruitful day of “scouting”, Idragged the hubs down on day 2 to show him my finds and the advice that I learnt from my mummy-friend the day before.Not everyone has the same amount of time and is as Kiasu and Bo liao (nothing better to do) as me, but hey, if it works at helping you spot deals…

This actually brings me to the next point –>

3) See if you can reserve items, but make sure you get back to them before the end of the day

I did actually succumb on Day 1 to buy 3 onesies for $10. They were too cute and I swear if I didn’t buy them, someone else would’ve. And they were in lovey gender neutral heather and gray. So I couldn’t resist

This is TOTALLY in conflict with Point #2, but to my credit, I did walk around for 5 minutes before deciding I had better grab them before they were gone.

In the above picture, there is also a dark blue onesie with towers and buildings on it? Gone by day 2. Mummy friend had a cute kitty jumper stolen from under her nose because she didn’t have one hand down on it while contemplating whether to get it or not. Lucky thing it was too big so she let it go. Below picture of polar bear shorts, ALSO gone by day 2 – I would have totally bought them if they were still around because I have a nephew who would look TOO CUTE in them.


Having realised the speed at which kiasu mummies were grabbing things, I was smart to arrive early and pick out some of the best towels and baby mittens on day 2 and asking the store vendors if they could please just save my basket. I would come back later and pay for everything.

This helps in 2 ways –

  • CHOPE (reserve) EVERYTHING that you want and ‘no need scared’ people steal your items.
  • No need to lug everything around when buying more things.
4) Try your best to have hubby with you or transport

 Okay, this one goes without saying. You need some man power, lady! Being a pregnant woman ain’t easy with all that baby weight in the front where your belly at. (Except for me. Baby is size of walnut now) So you gonna need someone to help take that weight off and carry everything for you! If you have your own vehicle that’s a plus – no need to wait for delivery and can use immediately when reaching home! Also, can drive directly to pick-up point to minimise amount of unnecessary lugging.

But honestly for the big ticket items, like the cots and play pens and strollers, you can kinda get them delivered, and if you’re buying clothes there ain’t all that much to carry back unless you went berserk and really ended up buying everything.

Either way, if you didn’t buy a lot of things, or you did, you can always grab a cab. However, it’s always good to have some emotional support while buying things from baby. Like I did on 2 separate occasions – Mummy-friend was great company and was an indispensable wealth of knowledge and on day 2, there’s nothing like going shopping with your best friend and love of your life for something that’s seriously going to change the rest of your lives together.

Anyway, even if you aren’t preggers, you still have a pretty good time walking around the baby fairs. There are tonnes of skanky insurance agents who are trying to flag you down and the cordlife booth is actually creepily informative if you want to save baby’s placenta (while paying a bomb for cold storage). And generally, baby clothes are totally cute, even if you can only buy them to give away at friends’ kids’ celebrations and parties.

here’s a link to a list for some of the fairs for the rest of the year – it’ll tell you dates and places for where they are happening. Apparently the list gets updated but I don’t think so because the one I went for over the weekend didn’t show up in this list :/


Baby Logistics…

So, the Husband and I are also TOTALLY getting into the swing of things, searching for things to put in the baby’s room and looking at friends’ nurseries and generally getting a good idea of what we actually need.

I was originally quite stressed about it because I was getting quite a lot of information on day 1 that I (quite proudly) managed to regurgitate to the husband for his benefit and understanding when I was dragging him around on day 2.

I honestly didn’t even know where to start. Going to the baby fair made me realise that there’s a tonne of shit about breast pads and pumps and bottles that I’m just  CLUELESS about.

If you're not old enough to know this is from a movie called Clueless, GO AWAY.

If you’re not old enough to know this is from a movie called Clueless, GO AWAY.

However, last night we spoke to my mum-in-law, and we’ve finally got some definitive answer on what we’re going to do with the King-sized bed in the guest room. Once that’s moved out, we’re going to be open roads all the way to buy stuff and get some headway with moving things in.

So after the baby fair, we started putting down the major items that  we needed to get into a spreadsheet, and the hubs and I are working on the items one by one. This is a really pretty checklist from the mothercare website where we were looking at the baby room furniture sets..

mothercare checklist

All this researching is quite fun when you know WHAT you’re looking for and getting excited about what you can buy. And when you don’t look at the price.

mothercare eat your money

MAD. WHY SO EXPENSIVE. JUST for the cot leh. Don’t be fooled by the super misleading “bundle” word. Not even the freaking bedroom set including the cupboard and changing table. I might as well buy the damn wood and get the husband to make it from scratch. BY THE WAY, don’t buy from mothercare. Just don’t. Their stuff is pretty but it’s MAD expensive stuff that you can get elsewhere at a cheaper price.


Cognitive Baby in my womb

One of my friends was just saying that even though baby is the size of a matchbox, the unborn can still hear when you’re talking to them and can sense all that you’re feeling. This also follows suit with all the old wives tales about having to keep yourself calm and everything so that the negative feelings of anger and whatever don’t get passed on.

Also, there’s this old Russell Lee story from the True Singapore Ghost Stories series. (HOMG OLD SCHOOL SIA) Something to do with this lady who stared at a cherub for the whole duration of pregnancy and the baby came out looking like a cherub. Her friend tried to do the same thing too, but a cat one day jumped in front of her and became the most “significant” even during the pregnancy. When the baby came out, the baby TOTALLY looks like a cat.

That’s obviously some quite seriously BS but there is SOME truth (healthwise) in keeping calm and doing things in moderation that has got to be of some use for the baby. AT the very least, keeping your heart rate and blood pressure down, so no more temper tantrums here on out. Yessirree.

Might be time to break out all the classical music and audio lectures or something. Get baby to totally learn shit while he/she’s in there right?


sorry no funny gif, studying is serious.

Also, someone told me I should try (as much as morning sickness will allow) to eat as many different things as I can. The amniotic fluid apparently gets FLAVOURED with what I eat in the real world, so baby will be more used to that type of thing when he/she comes out..

Okay, so that’s that for Sunday’s super duper long post day. I really need to get some rest done. walking the expo and starting to research has truly been draining. Rewarding but draining.

Can’t wait to have an empty room to play with,




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