Clearing the First Trimester :D

Weight: 57.8kg


Week 11: Feeling slightly better about tummy queasies. And I am really starting to enjoy rubbing tummy and talking to baby. Also love getting hubs to rub tummy and talk to baby 🙂 We’re making it a point every day!

 New Doctor

Okay, yesterday we had quite a busy baby day. We went to see Doctor Adrian Tan at ACJ Clinic at Thomson Medical Centre who was recommended by a friend of mine (he was her actual ob-gyn). And OMG what a big change from the previous ob-gyn we visited.

SERIOUSLY. like, where the previous one gave us doubt and dismay, we were reassured with Doctor Tan through and through. Could also be possible that I was TOTALLY bitching about how the previous ob-gyn (without naming names) gave us such a horrible experience that Dr Tan figured out how to handle us.


Anyway, turns out he’s actually quite close friends with a lot of people i call “Uncle” or “Aunty” in my church  (not that they’re old) and some of the doctors that have been my regular physicians when I was growing up were actually classmates with him in the medical field. He’s also entirely ok with my wanting a doula and a hypnobirthing birth, so I’m glad to have gotten all that truly settled and with no fuss and no muss woot! doctor stuff settled!

Also, doc says that by this stage, we are more or less cleared from the dangerous first trimester stage (although officially it’s only at 12 weeks that i’m TOTALLY clear into the 2nd). But that is great news. I hope that I can afford to be a little more garang (adventurous) and chor lor (used to describe unrefined girls who don’t close their legs when sitting and act like an incorrigible tomboy) about things from now on.

Anyway, updates later on about what we’ve decided for our birth schedule in terms of how many doctors visits and everything.

We got a scan done yesterday which was entirely not in the plans, but was okay since we were at a new doctor and wanted to get his opinion. Without further Ado, here’s week 11 scans of baby – I present mini- Lucho Libre (ok that sounded a lot better in my head)


Pre-loved Things for Baby!

Moving on, we also had a quick 2nd hand goods pick up yesterday and today!

As a follow-up to the previous post here about how  we were looking for cheap baby furniture alternatives, we’ve actually got some pretty good leads so far, including a pretty awesome quality 2nd hand (or preloved) Graco Play pen as well as a 2nd hand baby changing table.

Stock pic of the playpen. Not actual one we bought

Stock pic of the playpen. Not actual one we bought


I also picked up some maternity wear from FCUK / ASOS from a mummy who was selling away her old maternity stuff and I’ve got a big box from a friend who gave birth a few months ago – on loan until she starts planning for a #2.


I’m TOTALLY stoked la. I love shopping as much as the next Singapore girl, and shopping at a MASSIVE discount for epic-ly worth it items is like….

1) trying to stick a thread through the eye of the needle and finally GETTING IT.

2) Thinking about a word for something or the name of some actor that was acting in some movie and you couldn’t get it for the whole damn day and you can’t remember what it is, and then GETTING IT.

3) having a song stuck in your head and not knowing the lyrics, then you DON’T google it, but just remember and then you are like… YEAH I GOT IT…





Honestly, not only that but picking up items from mummies who have been there and done that has been a truly enlightening experience for us. Hubs and I have been feeling totally blessed by all the love that we are getting from the parents who are #1 – happy to get rid of items and earn money and #2 eager to moan and rave about the joys of parenthood to anyone who wants to listen.

I get that everyone wants to feel like the KNOW something, and we are loving picking up advice from people.

Obviously from experience, (and whatever you’ve been reading in this blog_, it shows that you can actually get pretty opposing views from everybody that you talk to and what matters is the advice that you eventually decide to take (if at all).

pregnant and die

But being able to gather information so that you can make an educated decision is priceless, and the more parents and people who are willing to share their (nonjudgmental and discrete – i.e. to share freely without forcing their views on us) advice, then we are all for it.

Totally makes me look forward to buying more preloved things.

 Random news….

Last but not least before I sign off and go for EPIC HOLIDAY – we’ve been telling more friends this week. I figured since we’re going to tell people at the end of the week anyway, I might as well tell some groups first and get it out-of-the-way. I am slightly worried that when I announce everything on fb that people are going to be bombarding my wall and fb, so in batches it shall be… (sounds so ADMINISTRATIVE and not at all what sharing the news is supposed to be like :/)

and was pleasantly surprised by the reactions. Not everybody who I thought would give me “oh okay” really had that kind of response and I am happy to announce that when people really do go “OMG!” or “WOW! CONGRATS” (like the genuine type of immediate elation for the happy news) I am getting closer and closer to being totally PSYCHED(!) for baby to be born!



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