Rested and Relaxed

Weight: 58.5kg
Feeling: Nausea comes and goes. more off than on these days, but the nose is still hyper sensitive which is really quite irritating because I can seriously small EVERY MOLECULE of odour when it wafts past 😦


week 12: Time for an outfit change! I’ve decided to change tops every month and pick the best pic from the month for the final compilation when I deliver 🙂


What a trip! Absolutely not what we expected the holiday to be like, but it was exactly what the holiday needed to be. We rode a bike, had massages, ate yummy food and lived like we were never going to be free like this again.

which unfortunately is like… too true :((

But we had a good time. Did a whole bunch of stuff that would probably not have pleased the grandparents-to-be. This included – riding on a motorbike, eating local nasi padang (the Malay version of Chai Peng – mixed dishes on rice) from a small road side restaurant (Which honestly looked entirely legit), had massages while facing flat down, tummy on mat…

very fitting end to all youthful fun-having :/

talking wit you

Well anyway, first thing we normally do when we get back from a holiday (after unpacking of course) is laundry. And boy, did I have a lot of laundry to clear this trip. Not all because I bought sundresses and tank tops and the like, but actually because of the maternity stuff I’ve been kinda collecting over the last few weeks.

I’ve got a crap tonne of dresses and tank tops that can actually accommodate a growing tummy already in my cupboards and I really need to get down to clearing out all the “skinny” clothes that I’ll never be able to wear again haha.

All the “fat” clothes came from a few months before the wedding when the hubs and I were pretty massive and round… lucky thing I didn’t get rid of clothes from then. But if I were to be REALLY honest with myself, I tend to be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to keeping clothes.

I have this HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE regret from when I was younger. It was a beautiful cobalt blue swirly skirt.

SOMETHING like this but not quite.

SOMETHING like this but not quite.

The kind that flounces and twirls like a dream. I obviously grew out of it but i NEVER wanted to give it away. It was elastic at the waist and cotton and super comfy.


okay. no lamenting over love lost. But yeah, all the best clothes always come back into fashion. Shoulder pads, waist-high jeans bell bottoms, skinnies… It’s just a pity I succumbed to getting rid of some of my favourite pieces from when I was younger. Repurposing would have been a much better option.

And… I’m justifying. I really need to just give clothes away and not think about it too much. MAKE SPACE AND BE REALISTIC about fashion choices from now on!

Got a bit of a talking to from the husband when I was trying on clothes in Bali too. Some stuff just ISN’T very mummy-ish. Time to buy long sleeves and long skirts and dress more like a nun.

Or take a hint from this article and use the baby as the perfect excuse to wear spaghetti strap tops and yoga pants for the rest of my life. (sounding better by the minute)

sophisticated dog

But back to story proper – all my clothes going into laundry.

Well I obviously tried everything on one more time since they were all just gonna be popped into the washing right, and I had a horrifying, startling discovery.

Nothing as superficial as realising I look fat (I’ve come to terms with that for a long time already), but more about the fact that my tummy is BARELY showing, and when I’m walking around  with the maternity dresses on, I realised that I am walking around like a duck. like seriously WADDLING.


The hubs and I actually had to go out for dinner and I was noticing that I was walking with my legs slightly splayed more than usual. It was a very awkward and shocking realisation when I found out I was walking like something was going to fall out.

I tried very, very hard to walk a little better after that, seeing as how I am nowhere near being that kind of size for another 3-4 months. with much difficulty, mind you..

But to be honest, when I was trying on the dresses, I admit that I “tested” the dresses by trying to stuff a pillow up inside just to see if the dresses could take the extra girth in the future. With pillow up-skirt, you kinda have to waddle a little to prevent pillow from dropping out. So that could be why.

fake baby

All in all, finding out about how the body is seriously changing to accommodate baby is and was a rather sobering experience.

And a real wake up call to the realization of how close the hubs and I are to having this baby right now. Also how fast things are happening. It is truly putting me into that frame of mind to truly come to terms with the fact that I am gonna be a mama.

I’ve been trying quite diligently to rub moisturisers and creams on belly and boobs to make sure I don’t suffer too badly from the curse of the stretch marks also. I’ve heard they can hit HARD after pregnancy, so I’m also crossing fingers that the massages I’ve had are doing something for the stretchability for the skin.


okay seriously, like baby is trying to scratch his/her way out.

Looking at this photo though, I think that it looks surprisingly close to the lightning strike scars that have been circulating the internet recently. So if I absolutely HAVE to get stretch marks, I am hoping baby does something about it like this:

lightning strike scar

Stretch marks that look like lightning strike scars… I think I might be able to live with that..

But anyway, no more sexy fashion, no more being irresponsible.

Time to man it up and be a mother.

today we are also officially telling everyone the news on Facebook! I feel a little sad that Facebook is the most official of all mediums these days to do an announcement, to be honest. So we’re going to send out a family email blast too.

I’m going to quickly finish off my blog post for the day and then go clear my cache and everything so that I can prepare for the massive amount of incoming likes and congratulatory messages.

I also hope I’m not being haughty or braggy about it. it’ll be quite interesting if we don’t get any likes for this sorta thing HAHAHA

nobody cares

Officially out,




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