Getting the Congratulations

Weight: 58.5 kg
Feeling: better today. iffy about some foods and more iffy with others. everything is iffy. but i press on and put things in my mouth.

This is actually the first blog post that everybody is going to get to see because I’ve reduced the restrictions on viewership and broadcasting. And I am pretty nervous about it.

I started the blog to really just be a literal log of my feelings and what I’m going through during this pregnancy. Taking down my thought processes and considerations whether over-thought out or not so that  I can look back and laugh at how MAD i was while carrying the unborn in my body.

stupid blogging

As with all social media outlets, I have to tread rather carefully to avoid risking anybody’s feelings or like having some sort of massive backlash when somebody takes offense at what I write and then goes on to lambaste me all over the internet.

*Sigh* I truly don’t want to become an Anton Casey or an Amy Cheong Thank you.

Okay, that’s just me being a bit kwa zhang (exaggerated). I highly doubt this little blog will generate that much hooha to get me ostracized and kicked out of Singapore la. but one thing’s for sure that might happen is that somebody’s feelings may inevitably get hurt because something may have sounded insensitive or particularly directed and an individual.

I sincerely hope that  I don’t have to worry about it . I don’t know if I can live with the guilt, and who knows what kind of biochemistry signals that guilt will send to the unborn . That can’t possibly be good at all 😦

But note that I said “I hope I don’t have to worry about it” and not that ‘I will try to censor what I have to say’. That would entirely defeat the purpose of having this blog at all right?

Well in any case, I hope that I can continue to spill my guts about the ups and downs of the pregnancy with everyone just the way that I have been and I’m glad for all the (possibly imagined) support I’m getting from whoever is out there still reading my crap.

full of crap

right. so back to update proper.

So the big reveal generated a crazy amount of likes and congratulatory comments. it also did wonders for my jitters about the pregnancy which are now slowly but surely diminishing now 🙂 yay!

Lots of friends have just been SO helpful! Like literally sending me links and keeping tabs on me. Especially from some people who I never thought would be thinking about baby things in an ordinary situation except for me. Feeling very loved guys!!


Some very  mothers who have newly-delivered have also been very generous with the advice and where to go when looking for things. And I’ve really got some great tips that I wouldn’t otherwise have received if i didn’t announce things and put the whole pregnancy out there

however I am still getting a lot of the afore-mentioned Chinese New Year feeling  where I find myself ready to burst a blood vessel with the amount of times that I have to repeat about my EDDs and my feelings and my physical symptoms and all that.

I seriously didn’t expect it to be this harrowing to answer questions about the unborn.


To be fair, that’s quite mean to say to all the people who obviously have good intentions. I know they are just excited and want to know. but it’s TIRING!! like talking about this baby is… STRESSFUL for me.

I said this before about when we were going to disclose the news to the parents a while back and the feelings are all coming back in a rush for me where I am totally dreading the next person who asks me or WORSE – TELLS me that I need to be doing things in a certain way if not blahblahblahblahblah..



I know I said that I’m starting to get excited, but it really does not mean that I want to talk about the baby 24 hour 7 days a week to every Tom, Dick and Harry that I know.

Now that being said, I also think it’s extremely very ironic that the very first thing I posted on Facebook was about how glad I am to be able to talk about this pregnancy openly.

Or maybe it’s not ironic at all because it’s all entirely different things.

Maybe to put things into perspective –

Papa Bear says: You talk too much about your baby
Mama Bear says: You don’t talk about the baby AT ALL!
Baby Bear says: The amount of baby talk that you are having is JUST NICE!

baby bear

And there we have it.

I don’t want to talk people’s ears off, and neither do I want to keep repeating myself.

side note: I HATE repeating myself – it makes me feel like people are not bothered to listen to what I have to say the first time around. When I have to repeat myself I feel hurt that I wasn’t being taken seriously until the second time. Yup. Hypersensitive is my middle name.


SO. From today’s post onward, I’ll endeavour to keep all my whinging and whining to this blog and talk as little about the pregnancy as much as possible in real life and that in addition to not flooding everybody’s newsfeed on Facebook.

I’ll try really hard, I promise,





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