baby birthing or the delivery…

Weight: 58.5 kg… are the pounds truly coming in?
Feeling: a little influenced to feel hungry for all the articles that I’ve been reading.

Sorry Tuesday’s post became more of a Wednesday post. I was wracking my brains a little on what to write, and I’ve been a tad bit busy with some things on the home front and free-lance side.

Better late than never though, hey?

better late than

From the latest emails that I’ve been receiving, Baby Center has happily informed me that at 14 weeks, the Baby is currently the size of a lemon! woot! that means that baby is totally pushing through the tummy i suppose. You can’t have a lemon sized growth inside your belly without having some form of show right?

The girlfriends’ guide was saying something about how there’s a helluva lot of water retention and blood and all sorts of weird chemical and physical changes going on in  my body now that’s sure to count towards weight gain by now. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t had my period for 3 months now. (WOOT!)

Not to be absolutely gross, but the amount of stuff that comes out during a woman’s time of the month is an amount to be reckoned with. And my body is currently keeping EVERYTHING in right now? No wonder I’m confused whether it’s baby or it’s fat.

You know what the worse thing is, watching the hypnobirthing videos last week on actual moments of birth for ladies.. it’s supposed to be beautiful and everything, but I for one, am DAMN ASS HAPPY that I will have a stomach that’s blocking my view of what’s going on down there. It’s like a massacre…

EVERYTHING comes out.


ERm.. YEaaaaaaaahh..


I swear I was squeezing husbands’ hand freaking tightly throughout the TWO videos we had to watch and things were just… COMING OUT.



Right. so moving on…. heading in to office yesterday, my colleagues were saying that I’m actually showing a lot fora woman of 3 months. apparently  you’re not supposed to show at all until you’re 4 or 5 months in. and I don’t seem to think so. I mean I know that the biggest tummy explosion (in terms of increasing size) happens in the 3rd trimester but I don’t think that I’m supposed to be a ‘slim’ sort of pregnant for the majority of incubating the baby.

I mean one of the biggest benefits of being pregnant is being able to eat more or less whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want . How to stay slim like that!

I mean I honestly haven’t even really been eating and my weight has been pretty stagnant and even dropping so who are they to say that I’m showing a lot.

honey booboo fat

Dunno what kind of pregnancies these people have been having to be honest.

But I do know that the second trimester is supposed to be a beautiful time where I feel all healthy and the appetite comes back and I’m all raring to go because i’m not too big to be moving around and i’m feeling all pregnant and getting ready to be a mummy!

I haven’t got there yet apparently :/

life sucks

For the time being I’m trudging on in faith and hope and crossing fingers for the best.. The only good thing I have going for me right now (out of the list above) are these amazingly sleepy tracks that I have to listen to as part of the hypnobirthing class!

I generally have pretty bad problems getting to sleep. I wouldn’t classify it as insomnia though. Nothing as serious as needing sleeping pills to get some shut-eye. but I DO need at least 8 hours when I get to lala-land. If not I’m hell grumpy in the morning. And the husband can attest to this.

It’s been getting a little bit hazy the last few days because the husband and I are permanently sleeping in our master bedroom now as opposed to alternating with the guest room on weekdays. Plus we are slowly getting ready to move things in to the guest room to prepare for a nursery so it’s a disaster area in there.

So the husbands wakes up at 5-ish every morning and I tend to pop awake whenever the shifting sounds go off inside the room and there’s toilet light streaming in…

The husband has been feeling a bit guilty like this and he always gives me a kiss and rubs my head a little before he goes off for work and it’s all…

go to sleep!

I’m still a little grouchy because I get interrupted from sleeping (who wouldn’t be grouchy), but i love that he does it every morning for me.

ANYWAY, this hypnosis thing coupled with super sleepy sleepy voice tracks pretty much tell you to breathe and get some relaxation in, have been working like a CHARM in helping me get the rest I need. At least I sleep quicker and can squeeze in a fair bit more time of rest before having to be woken up in the morning.

Even without the tracks, the impact is immense, It COULD be the pregnancy exhaustion talking, but even nights where I’ve got a lot of things on my mind – like the next days schedule and etc.. telling myself to breathe  and do a top to toe relaxation minute really does wonders.

I’m kind of a little worried what will happen in the future with the baby. I mean with all the feeds and nappy changes and having to rock baby and bounce baby in order to get baby to sleep… I am QUITE worried exactly how much sleep I’m going to get right after.


I hear that for some new mothers, it’s like  when you DO get a chance to sleep you can’t, because you have to keep one eye opened in case baby makes a peep. As light a sleeper I already am, it totally looks like going to be like that.

well.. we’ll cross the hurdle when we get there :/

Getting as much sleep as possible NOW,



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