What will be, will be.

Weight: 58.5kg – up and down, up and down….
Feeling: Peckish. Which is surprising..

So raise your hands if you started singing Que Sara, Sara…

Anyway, this weeks post is a little earlier than last weeks, because I had a little bit of a break in the day today to do a bit of writing and getting my thoughts down on paper.

Honestly, from Sunday there wasn’t really much going on – about the pregnancy that is. It just seems like these days with the baby on the way, and the hubs and i having to play house and manage our own social engagements and I’m not exactly having the best of times with my day job (some people are just so hard to please and they expect you to perform miracles)

It’s been a tough start of the week for me, and tearful as a lot of issues suddenly started weighing down on me for no particular reason. work has been a little tumultuous to say the least. Issues that I was expecting to be a fair bit less difficult to solve were suddenly imposing huge mountains in the wake of my week that I just couldn’t find a way across..

To the point where I was just tearing up because the damn mountain was THERE, I really just didn’t want to handle things anymore…

don't wanna

don’t wanna

talk about being an emotional basketcase ūüė¶

Yes it’s a little selfish, but ¬†for some reason, when I was in that frame of mind, I just didn’t want to have to get up to do anything for anyone except myself and I just had a little pity cry. ¬†okay, maybe not a LITTLE pity cry, but a big wailing and sobbing, letting all my frustrations out kind of cry.

totally freaked the husband out when he came back home to see me like furiously stuffing tissues into my eyeballs to stop the tears from flooding the study.


Well I’m also pleased to announce that after my entirely selfish pity cry, I mustered up the courage to just get what needs¬†doing done as soon as possible. Out of sight and out of mind, what’s going to come next is not in my hands anymore.

Similarly it’s comforting to take a minute or two to practice the relaxation breathing and when I’m calm and relaxed, i shoot a quick prayer to God sometimes to just put a blanket of peace over me. and more often than not, I feel calm for just being able to lift my worries and cares to a higher power and put the fear and tension aside and get about to just doing things.

In the same way, I wanted to talk about a whole bunch of (ridiculous) superstitions that I’ve been hearing and collecting insofar as people have been aware of my pregnancy.

See on Monday, I had this office lunch thing. It was a hotel buffet, and seeing as how my appetite is slowly coming back, I was quite happy to be able to explore what my body would now allow me to eat. Before getting into content proper, I would like to happily announce that I had generous portions of roast beef (from the prime rib) and also lamb rack ribs .YUM YUM. This is also in addition to a some calamari, a small helping of salmon sashimi and some rather mild and tasty chinese desserts, eaten warm (Cheng Tng and Ah Bor Ling or Tang Yuen in a light ginger broth).


Yeah so. If you’re actually a Chinese Asian reading this blog, you’re probably already on my case about some of the stuff I’ve mentioned up there, and even if you’re not Chinese Asian, the fact that I mentioned that I ingested sashimi is probably a shocker as it is.

Now I’m really NOT going to get into this whole debate about what I should or should not be eating. But I’m just going to state my simple stand on all of this which is:

  • everything in moderation
  • everything from a reliable source
  • if in doubt, check with your doctor

There are SOME things which I will abstain from for SURE and that’s alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine. And I’ll try my best not to eat anything that is TOO raw. Sashimi wise, I’m avoiding all the high in mercury content fishies, but I still know of people who are willing to give those a gamble. Anything else that’s naturally occurring, or that a woman who lives on the other side of the world would eat, it’s all fair game.

What do I mean? Well,, Women in Japan eat raw fish everyday FOR SURE. Check out this forum about Japanese ladies going totally berserk about their diets. And I’m pretty sure that women in France have a sip of wine and eat cold cuts every once in a while. They have a weird rule about raw salad though… But given that it’s SINGAPORE, it can’t all be that bad here where we’re supposed to have an epic standard of food and consumables right?

If an OB doc tells a pregnant woman not to eat sushi and sashimi, he’ll be fired.¬†


To be honest, I know it’s all in good intent, but it seriously is getting on my nerves about what I can and can’t do¬†throughout these 9 months. The general consensus, however, is all about¬†tahan-ing (withstanding/enduring) the 9 months and then unleashing all appetite and making up for lost time once baby is out.


At the end of the day, do you really want to risk if any of the superstitions were true? (not that they are, some of them are TRULY ridiculous and entirely NOT scientifically backed at all, whatsoever) But I do have to admit that I get a little twinge of what if…. I have to conscientiously shake if off and look at the hard facts.

At the end of the day, leaving things to God and doing my part as per my above list of moderation and partaking only from good sources, things should suffice. I’ll be a little more cautious I suppose, but there are some things that just truly speaks of my intellect if I believe in it.

Some of the weirdest things I’ve heard people say so far include:

  • no lamb – the baby will smell like one when he/she comes out
  • no squid/octopus – the baby will be “sucked in” like the squid’s suckers and labour will be difficult
  • no renovations – the baby will come out pock-marked because of all the banging and hitting nails with hammers
  • no sharp objects including sewing
  • no rubbing your tummy in a circular direction, the umbilical cord will wrap around the baby’s neck

So before I start getting mad at the list here, have a look at some other mad superstitions and dos and don’ts of pregnancy at these sites.

FAIR WARNING: If you’re prone to the power of suggestion, don’t tempt fate. don’t read all of these. You’ll definitely start questioning yourself of the legitimacy of the superstitions. That being said here are some GEMS.

Superstitions Website: popular superstitious stories about pregnancy from Europe

12* Pregnant woman should not beat a cat or a dog because her child will bark or meow

17* Pregnant woman must not go out alone in the night.

Thencomeswife.com: Old Wive’s Tales

 45. You have to drink a lot of water or the baby will be dirty.

51. To ensure a healthy baby, it is best to conceive at midday.

Pregnant.sg: Chinese Superstitions in PARTICULAR:

2. No scissors or needles in bed


3. A knife under the bed


Walking a fine line,



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