Looking at Names and other birth things…

Weight: 58.6kg
Feeling: Achey all over and somewhat very lethargic in the mornings.

I just want to start off with how my tummy felt like it was being melted by acid from the inside.


I’ve been reading about ladies who wake up in the middle of the night feeling absolutely FAMISHED and although nowadays I seem to be waking up at ungodly hours a lot more frequently, I’ve never actually felt peckish at that time.

I don’t know if it’s because I used to diet and just wing it until a proper meal time that maybe my body has just stopped aching that badly when I’m feeling nibbly.

Note: the words here are NIBBLY and PECKISH, not full-blown HUNGER and being eaten up because your stomach is a churning tornado of tummy enzymes.


Anyway aside from trying to get something into my belly ASAP, it seems that when you’re this hungry, the issue is not so simply solved… After 2 apples, 1 banana and a  pint of water (not in that order) I’m still hungry so I’mma gonna go nibble on Hello Panda chocolate biscuits now thanks.

While nibbling on biccies, I’d just like to say that now that my hunger is back, I really have to take note to forage during the day regularly so that it doesn’t get to this kind of crazy level of mad stomach rage. But at the same time hunger = eating = gaining weight = baby getting bigger!

I was just posting last week about how I”m worried that the tummy isn’t growing? But I know now for sure that it is! Even if the weight doesn’t really seem to be showing it. I’d wake up in the morning and while I’m lying flat on the bed, obviously there ISN’T a bump? Like everything is pressing into my abdomen vis-a-vis gravity. But the moment I’m standing up..


And it’s a happy whoop and a little skip and a hop kind of dance because I’m getting FAT and proud of it!

curvy and i like it

Well with the onslaught of the tummy fat, the hubs and I have really started looking into getting as many things settled as soon as possible. Shit just got real. like physically real, and slightly protruding and obvious..

We’ve settled the cot and the stroller at the last baby fair we went to last week. A big whopping near to $1000 on all of that. Honestly speaking, it’s actually a pretty good deal already, considering that the cot comes with all the mattresses and bumpers and whatever. The stroller is a Graco click-connect kind of thing and that means that the stroller comes with its own attached baby bassinet carrier thingamajig. Like this:


It was a pretty good deal at slightly over $400 considering the components.. I’m just a bit sad that they only had it in black. I would’ve loved a racing red one :/

ANYWHO, getting the big things out-of-the-way means that we can start focusing on the smaller items – bottles, pumps, clothes… NAMES, the birth class exercises…

To be entirely honest, I am absolutely DYING to find out whether the bub is a boy or girl right now. I swear I am UP TO HERE with gender neutral designs at the baby fairs.. I am quite disgusted by the lack of ingenuity when it comes to gender neutral designs. giraffes, and birdies. Anything YELLOW. Like HELLO? Orange and purple are quite funky too lor. Why isn’t anybody coming up with nicer gender neutral stuff… MAYBE I SHOULD!!

Jokes aside! Once we actually find out the gender of the bub, we can TRULY start planning. Clothes and decor to say the least but OMG Names would be so much easier to pick when you don’t have to look at twice as many options….

The husband and I actually thought about names a few years ago. We have a list of mainly gender neutral names and a couple of gender specific ones that we were thinking of using. We did it for fun of course, but I had the good foresight to keep our discussion on a note in my iphone. *1 point to being OCD*

We’ve actually been a little bit more on the ball with looking at kids names. I actually managed to pull this super duper old book (published 1965) out from my cupboard, can you believe it! The pages are yellowing and the names are severely outdated, but you wouldn’t believe what I found in there being used as a bookmark….




Freaking amazing.. How my parents came up with My Chinese name 😀

My younger brother’s Chinese name is kinda in there too? His is exactly the same except with the character for Peace instead of Love

The hubs and I stared in awe at these relics and because they were also slightly religiously oriented, decided to kind of use these as a gauge and starting point for choosing our kids’ Chinese names.

I’ve actually gone on to research how to choose Chinese names, I’m getting a friend to loan me her own family relic of how to select Chinese names, but there’s such a SCIENCE when it comes to Chinese name selection as opposed to English/Christian name selection.

From what I’ve seen so far, people select English names purely by the way that it sounds – cool, regal, etc… sometimes you can forget the meaning behind the names as long as it sounds relatively nice. There are also the ones you obviously skip over – Diablo, Judas, Lucifer… that kind of thing.. but all in all, selecting English names doesn’t seem to have quite the significance that selecting Chinese names do.

In Chinese names, you kinda have to have a nice ring to it? If you don’t pick the right sounding words, you could end up with a boy who’s got a super girly name, or a girl who has a very masculine name.

The husband and I have taken to pronouncing every one of our picks in full. Just to see what it would sound like when we’re mad and have to scream for example: JESSICA TAN EN-AI WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!

say my name

I actually have a lot more to say on this topic of naming but I think I’ll save that for a little later when we’ve firmed up our choices and what we’re actually going to do about it. It’s still super early for any concrete decisions and we do have on the cards to ask the husbands’ grandpa on his take of our Chinese choices at any rate.

For the moment, we’re going to add to the list of tentative selections and start whittling them down as we get closer to the Birthing day. The ones we’ve selected so far, have not received quite an epic agreement from both parties yet, but I believe that perfect baby’s name is still out there… SOMEWHERE…

Making a List, Checking it Twice,




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