SUPER out of shape

Weight: 59.6kg – keep ’em coming!
Feeling: Achey all over, and not in a good way

And I’m not sleeping well either 😦

So every night I have been having a horrible time just getting my ass to la-la land. I have been practicing calm breathing like we’ve been taught for hypnobirthing, which is basically 4 counts in and 8 counts out.. Just to put myself into a quieter frame of mind for sleepy time..

but for some reason, after I fall off to sleep I wake up one sleep cycle later about 2 to 3 hours? AND even though I don’t really need to, I’ll just get up to go and pee.

bladder master

I am endeavouring as best I can do go down for the night and STAY down. Because waking up in the morning feeling lethargic and like I need another half an hour or 2 of shut-eye is just not good. And the baby isn’t even out yet.

I can’t imagine what sleeping will be like when I have to get up every 3 hours ANYWAY for baby feeding times, so in all honesty, maybe the body is doing this to me ON PURPOSE to prepare me for that. But I tell you, I’m sure the constant getting up and lying back down, all in (not quite) pitch blackness is not really doing wonderful things for my body. I swear there could be long term repercussions, eyebags being the least of everything 😦


I had the weirdest dream that I had to go back to school yesterday and NOBODY woke me up. I went on a screaming rampage and blasted everyone for not keeping an eye on the time and letting me sleep. I mean, it’s nice that they would think of my rest and everything, but to miss school? That means – going in late, getting scolded by teachers, missing lessons and not knowing what’s going on, being behind on homework, and basically failing every subject that I missed for being late that morning.

GAH. Sign me up for Overthinkers’ Anonymous…


I regularly get these emails from Baby Center because I signed up for their newsletters and apparently baby is a turnip-sized thing this week (17).

Now the picture on the email doesn’t really do the turnip justice?


I was telling the husband that it looks like baby might have shrunk from last week’s email about the baby being an avocado. (Yes we have taken to calling the unborn baby by its fruit or vege) of the week.

So on  we went on a hunt to see what size turnip baby really was and walked into our spanking new NTUC fairprice supermarket and Lo, and BEHOLD. A reeeeaaaaaal turnip!


Okay, this picture does NOT do the bangkuang (turnip) justice. The ones we saw selling at NTUC were like bigger than the biggest potatoes you’ve ever seen.


I don’t think baby is QUITE that big as of yet, but it was rather an interesting thought to think about baby being that size 🙂

More importantly for the moment is that with a turnip (or avocado) sized baby growing inside mummy’s belly, it’s only going to be a matter of time before the back starts creaking and the muscles start weeping 😦


So what I’ve been doing is trying to get back into the regime of stretching and a bit of yoga in the morning. At the very least, bending over and touching my toes, stretching my back and my sides, getting the skin a little bit more elastic (which will also hopefully help with eminent stretch marks) but it really is tough to get back to exercising when you just haven’t been into it for a while.

Not only that but I can’t even get back into running and the more sweat-inducing exercises that I’m generally more fond of.

I saw an advertisement the other day for this beach-water-slide-fun run thing? and OBVIOUSLY I can’t go for that because I need to play safe and keep baby safe from harm. So I will do the less strenuous things and hope that the body adapts to the impending weight and exertions that carrying a baby within will force it to undertake..

Wish me luck with that. I swear I can feel my body just wailing out for help already 😦

To my credit, at least I’ve been eating healthy! Apples in the morning and grapes in the evening. Nibbling healthy throughout the day, although my taste buds have recently given up on nuts if there are no berries around to dilute that oily/fatty aftertaste.


It’s been great getting my appetite back, but it’s still important that I find the right things to put in my tummy. I just hope that I’m doing it all alright. Best for baby and everything right?

Baby has really interesting taste buds (or at least whatever I can tell from the signals I’ve been getting from my stomach). He/she is a carb and meat lover fer sure. I’ve not felt good eating veges and other forms of fibres besides fruits so far AT ALL 😛 But I can’t really tell if it’s REALLY cravings yet? But I’m just gonna go with it. How often do I get to eat whatever I want, whenever I want right?

eat all the food

Hubs and I have been quite torn because there just isn’t anything that I haven’t eaten around home anymore. Everything is really starting to get boring. I mean I was bored with food in my area before baby was born, but it’s worse now that I know I need to eat more variety and also to find things which my palate finds enjoyable.

We’re trying not to spend so much money eating out all the time, but to tell ya the truth, cooking ain’t exactly a cup of tea either now that I get so easily tired.

Washing up is not the same anymore either because sometimes the smell that comes from holding the sponge and washing up the pans.. OHMYGAWD… hurl-city… Not to mention that people have been telling me to keep away from chemicals and the like.. (yes dish washing detergent doesn’t really count, but then again nobody likes doing the dishes right :P)


Well, we’ll really have only a few more months to work things out, but I have a few places on the cards already. I’ve lined up some of my favourite buffet and indulgent restaurants that I want to exploit while I can eat all I can so hopefully some satisfaction to baby in the coming weeks 🙂

Not to mention, the picture of the bangkuang has seriously made me crave for popiah….

Popiah for National Day!





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