The Physical Side of Things & then some

Weight: 61.7 kg – must be that steamboat I had Saturday night..
Feeling: peckish, or maybe hungry.. but if it’s baby kicking my insides around, I’m sure to feel peckish or hungry in very near time to come anyway..


Week 19: SUDDENLY there’s volume! It MUST be the steamboat…

Okay. I started writing this yesterday but it was a bad day to say the least. huge fight with the husband about some issues that were long pent up and needed to have some airing. I don’t really know what’s up with our dynamic, but it seems like we NEED to get into a fight every once in a while so that we can recalibrate.

It’s kinda like sending a huge jolt to the system to wake you up. Even though there’s a helluva lot of yelling and screaming and heart palpitations, it works out for the better in our case, every time. There’s a point in the argument  when you just stop arguing because all you want to do is fix the problem so everything will be okay.

After all of that, I was feeling super super super guilty for the baby and whatever he/she must’ve been feeling having to listen to all of that (much less the neighbours who’re obviously riveted by our beautiful screaming match).

All the stories about trying to keep your cool and just staying as calm and serene as possible while you’re carrying a baby obviously hasn’t gone ignored with me and if there weren’t tears after an argument of that magnitude, thinking about the poor baby suffering in my belly and what he/she must be thinking about screaming parents certainly started bringing them on.



Argument aside, I am actually 61.4kg this morning as opposed to 61.7kg yesterday. I suppose the steamboat has been making its way through my body hahaha


So my body has been treating me REALLY well lately – aches and pains when I get up and if I sit in a weird position for too long. Just a whilew back I had massive difficulties getting up off of the floor and it wasn’t (yet) because my tummy restricted the movements. For some reason it was just horrendously painful and I couldn’t put pressure on my right side. I had to hang from the chin up bar and figure out how to get it stretched without injuring anything else.

IN ADDITION, my back has been creaking and I absolutely HAVE to stretch it out every day anyway or else face horrible immobility like that last time. It’s a good practice though, just running through the basic stretches first thing out of bed so that I get more limber.

So here’s what I do:

  1. stretch overhead with both arms extended upwards (or rather horizontally since I’m still lying on my my bed at this point)
  2. sit up and lean to the left then to the right to stretch the side abdominals
  3. stretch forward to grab at the puppy who is pouncing all over my bed touch my toes
  4. touch the left ankle and the right ankle focusing on the lower back getting stretched out
  5. Stand up off of the bed and repeat in standing position
  6. Round off by alternating between rounding and curving the back
  7. go about my day

The stretches help A LOT but all in all, I’m fairly amused by how this whole back ache thing seems rather indicative of how things are going to be when the belly gets bigger.

I’ve learnt to control my premature waddling, but it’s definitely quite difficult for me to get up from a seated or lying down position these days with the (little bit) of extra weight…

it hurttsss

But yeah, I’m also showing! Finally!

The hubs and I attended this talk/presentation thingy by SPRING Maternity over the weekend at their Suntec City outlet.  They had an introduction to their latest line in maternity clothes, as well as a segment on how to manipulate your breastfeeding garments and wear a breastfeeding “cape” so that you can nurse discreetly.

There was also a Chinese (PRC) lactation consultant who shared about the Chinese beliefs of doing and don’t-ing during pregnancy and confinement as well as how to massage your boobies so you don’t get clogged breasts when breast-feeding.

Also, a Mustela representative lady who was talking about oils and creams for your various body parts that you can use to keep your body err.. “pretty” while it changes during pregnancy.

There were some pretty awesome discounts and freebies that were offered after the whole shindig, like 15% off apparel and some lactation consultants’ packages but we are still trying to be frugal with our money so we didn’t pick anything up.

ACTUALLY… we kind of picked out some jersey bedsheets which had these cute little horseys in navy and red on them. Jersey sheet material is kind of like a t-shirt material kind of cloth? And if you don’t know what jersey sheets are, you are TOTALLY MISSING OUT.

so soft

I would totally buy them right off the bat because of how comfy they are but we realised that we didn’t have the bed dimensions and we would rather have solid (single-coloured) bedsheets and patterned pillows – patterned bedsheets seemed like a LOT of simulation and we don’t want baby to grow cross-eyed do we?

Also because we still don’t yet know whether baby will be a boy or a girl, so we didn’t want to risk it. Amazingly, There were Jersey sheet pillow cases in the same (gender neutral, what else :/) design but we didn’t have the PILLOW sizes either. SPRING also didn’t have any solid bedsheets that were gender neutral AT ALL too, so we ended up not getting anything despite the discounts. Too bad.

I definitely gave their staff lots of feedback about their lack of stock variety though hahaha. As complain Queen apparent, I hereby dub myself to be the best at giving (hopefully constructive) feedback…


*ahem* so I was saying that I also looked at some clothes while we were at the talk because they had us come down for some mini “photoshoot” thing. The “photographer” wasn’t very keen in her eye for backdrops and people-placement so I more or less set up my own stage with a chair on a grass carpet against a black wall and took the pictures together with the hubs.

They are meant to send the pictures over but corporate entities are just so lazy 😛 I’ll update this space when we receive them.

<space left for talk photos when they arrive>

The photos are here!!


Anyway, one of the dresses was absolutely GORGEOUS! Green borders with butterfly print, A-line cutting, and something I would totally wear even when not pregnant, but it DESPERATELY needed a belt to tie the whole outfit together. (Another point for SPRING is that they didn’t have a SINGLE utility belt or sash in the store for random outfit trials. How to run a retail business like that!)

After I (eventually) managed to tie down a (super off-coloured and random) sash as an empire waist line, I felt like tummy still wasn’t yet showing very well. I had to kind of hold the clothing against myself to create the silhouette of a pregnant lady :/

It’s kind of dawned on me that it might seriously just be because of my boobies (which luckily or unluckily) are a natural double-D. See all the clothes fall directly off the cliff and straight down, so my tummy has a fair bit to grow before protruding further that my boobies do. That’s no mean feat obviously since my boobs are obviously growing together in this pregnancy. Race to the finish I say.

Speaking of which, they didn’t stock bras any bigger than a D-cup. They did however assure me, after I did more complaining  commenting, that the G-cups and H-cups would be coming in sometime in October..

OMG. I hope I don’t eventually have melons that hang down to my knees when all this is done 😦

saggy boobies!

After the whole baby fair and SPRING presentation, the hubs and I had a beautiful steamboat dinner together. Steamboat Buffet with Free Flow XLB at Crystal Jade @ Holland Village… DROOL…  (yes, this is the steamboat I keep referring to in this post)

Anyway, after the steamboat that night, well…. I wore a T-shirt yesterday for lunch out with my extended family and tried to get a belt on. I swear I fricking looked like a parachute / umbrella / muffin-top / cupcake thing.

It’s truly amazing how fast the body changes…

body changing

Check out the link behind this picture. It’s a crazy, awesome interactive that plays you the changes that happen in a woman’s body when pregnant. Requires Flash.

Anyway, that was the turning point for me to admit that my appetite has REALLY kicked in – eating has been very good! I still find it a bit tough to pinpoint my cravings and gauge exactly what baby is telling me to eat and when I’m being signalled to eat, but I’m telling you that the hunger pangs are definitely in da house.

Baby seems to have the right hang of it. He/she makes a BIG fuss in a very short time if his/her too-subtle hints are gone unnoticed. The tummy really starts banging out the cramps if I haven’t recognized the hungers signs in about 10-15 minutes.

I get that I can eat whenever and wherever and whatever I like, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to. I still want to be skinny after giving birth (eventually) you know. SO that means, I need to snack and eat smart. I shouldn’t entirely let go and whack all the chocolate and chips and fried stuff and fat just because baby needs to grow. Nutrition is so important!

eat your veges

In the meantime, I’m going to be nibbling in regular intervals as much as I can (while the relatively healthy snacks last).




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