Weight: 62.1kg – looks like the weighing scale might have been a temporary blip! They can do that sometimes right?
Feeling: Totally (Somewhat) in tune with my baby boy πŸ™‚


Week 20: I’ve got a baby boy in the oven πŸ˜€


Hello there winky winky!

SO EXCITED to see my baby’s privates! HOMG! It’s like no other feeling in the world I can tell you that.

Even though there’s some strange woman hovering a device which emits sound into your belly and she’s putting a fair amount of pressure on your shrunken bladder, there’s just no words for when you see your baby in your belly on the screen waving his little limbs around.

too good!

I am actually really really really drained from this entire weekend so I’m afraid that today’s post is just a short announcement. I intended to take a bit more time and write about what happened in the scans besides bladder compression and also what happened for our preliminary discussion with the doctor yesterday too. We showed him our birth plan and got a pretty good idea for the way that things will progress as well as the way that he would be handling the birth of our baby.

He pretty much said we wereΒ kiasu (scared to lose out), which I don’t intend to deny. Apparently we’re mad anxious to be churning out a birth plan so early in the pregnancy.


I also wanted to talk a little bit about baby names because we’ve actually got a few picked out already. We just picked out our top one and started using it the moment we found out baby’s gender. For some weird reason, it didn’t click very well after repeating it once or twice to ourselves. There just quite isn’t that RING that we’re looking for in the name we picked. So it looks like we’re back to the drawing board for that.

Also, we’re very excited for the upcoming fairs because now we’re finally going to be able to buy things! Clothes at the very least, and the other things on the mandatory prep list like bedsheets and pillow cases and all that.


But I am just.. SO TIRED! Off to a nap I am. I promise I’ll write something a little more substantial midweek πŸ™‚





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