Kicking and Butterflies

Weight: 62.7 kg slowly but surely steadily increasing!
Feeling: Hopeful and anxious at the same time. So many possibilities..

RIGHT!! So after a few days of resting up from the hectic weekend, I’ve taken the liberty to schedule things such that I have little more than my normal Tuesday/Wednesday morning hours to do a bit of journalling.

Today’s post should be back to my old substantial nonsense ūüôā I bet you’re glad ūüėČ


So what I figured happened last weekend was just a combination of way too little sleep or rather a lot of interrupted sleep. Either that or my body is¬†having a horrible shut down reaction to having to generate energy to manufacture this baby boy in my belly. I suppose when you think about what a woman’s body is really doing when the baby is gestating in the womb, it’s really nothing short of miraculous and tiring.

I actually wanted to follow up a little bit on what happened at the doctor’s like I said I would but for the rest of the things like shopping and baby names. I figure that what’s going to happen with that is that I’ll update as I see things worth updating about? It’s fantastic news enough to share that we’re expecting a boy and I want to stretch the euphoria for as long as I can before the reality of things starts kicking in again.

reality sucks

So the doctor: what happened was the husband and I had majorly prepared ourselves for the event that my doctor might suddenly give us a reaction akin to the very first obgyn’s reaction and we were actually quite worried that we might have to get back on the search for a new obgyn to deliver our baby.

As I was saying, we worked out a birth plan and he was saying that it’s no t normally this early in the pregnancy that people start churning out birth plans and the like, but he was EXTREMELY accommodating! and surprisingly a little nonchalant about the whole thing. He basically said that the birth plan is pretty similar to all the ones he’d ever seen before and said that it’s not really anything out of the blue.

He also answered our questions pretty well and I felt pretty reassured that he wasn’t flabbergasted at our audacity to ask for certain things during the birth like intermittent monitoring and walking about while in labour.


After doing our hypnobirthing thing, I was a little bit under the impression that a lot of doctors would end up like the first one we visited – totally against a hands-off method of giving birth but it seems that our current doctor is really quite up for the challenge.

However, he did make it quite clear to us that out of the number of women that attempt hypnobirthing, that no a lot of them actually succeed – the pain eventually gets the better of them.

It’s a scary though, but I hope that I’m not going to be such a wuss and I’ll hold out a little better with them. I just need to be better prepared and to keep practicing the methods of relaxation that I was taught.

Where da hell am I going to find time for that!

ain't nobody

(I have been dying for an opportunity to use this gif!)

But in any case, my mum actually mentioned to me that she and my dad took Lamaze classes which is basically the breathing only version of hypnobirthing. It’s meant to help you breathe the baby down while you’re in labour and use breathing techniques to minimize pain and help you reign in your control.

SHE SAID: when the pain really hits you, all the stuff you learnt seriously just flies out the window la. Sooo… Goood luck.


Moving on…..

While I tried not to worry about my weight, it has been actually reassuringly going up – it looks as if the last ditch attempt to pile on the pounds before the doctor’s visit worked! But that aside, I also read a very reassuring passage in The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy:

¬†“It takes a lot of calorie-burning to manufacture a baby or two in one’s belly, and all that burning leads to a noticeable rise in a pregnant gal’s core temperature….

….unborn boys burn 10 percent more calories than girls do…”

Granted that the quote was apparently from Grey’s Anatomy I went to Google a little and apparently this is the only article I can find on it here:

“But the idea that the more hungry the expectant mother is, the more likely she is to have a boy, has been backed in the United States.

A study of 244 pregnant women found that, on average, those carrying boys consumed 10 per cent more calories than the women carrying girls.”

So I suppose if I’m just eating my normal pace. a boy would definitely make my weight stabilise or drop in comparison to the amount of growth that’s being doing.

Whatever it was, it made me feel a little reassured that I wasn’t like being eaten away from the inside or that baby isn’t growing. It’s just a high calorie burning thing that’s making the weight stay stagnant for a while ūüôā

And if I’ve learnt anything from this paranoid experience, it’s to take things easy and not to over stress or worry too exceedingly much about ¬†anything.


Since the doctor’s visit, I have tried not to be so paranoid about baby moving around inside me too. But I’ve replaced it by¬†diligently making the husband feel my belly after dinner – partly in an effort to sooth the stress that my ever-expanding waistline is putting on my tummy skin and muscles but also just to feel around and see if he can feel anything.

I swear I am feeling flutters now! It’s not all regular or anything, but it’s definitely not hunger pangs or cramps. I know now why it’s so hard to get a consensus on the internet about what it feels like when baby moves around in your belly for the first time. To be honest I really don’t know if what I’m feeling is the baby or not, but I do feel little twinges here and there.¬†And throughout the week there’s definitely been a little more… enthusiastic or longer versions of flutters.

It’s a funny kind of sensation? Like when you have a bruise or a blue-black and you rub it. Except on the inside of your belly.¬†It’s definitely not quite a kick though. I’m just waiting for baby to get bigger and can’t wait til that happens!

freaking excited

My hands on my belly seems to be the default position to place my arms nowadays as well. Just in case something happens that I can feel from the outside of the belly in addition to the inside.

I’ve been very protective and a lot more judgmental of people around me now than as compared to the first trimester and I think it’s because I’m really starting to show a little bit more.

For example, I’m showing now right, so people should take notice that I’m carrying an unborn child in my belly and give me a wider berth to cross / walk / move around right?



The feeling I get whenever I have to step out of the house and into a crowded place is very… bitchy? Sort of? Except I sort of have the right to be a bitch?

It’s not that I am not understanding about it – because people don’t owe me a living, but this is worse than people not standing up for you when you’re on the train. It’s worse because you just feel ignored. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had to shoot my hand out to protect my midsection from an oncoming bulldozer of a person because they weren’t watching where they were walking.

Hell, I’ve taken to puffing my tummy out a little bit more at the same time so people take notice and give me a little more consideration in crowded spaces.

outta my way

It’ll just take time for baby to get big enough for the whole world to notice that I’m obviously pregnant so all I’m going to do about this for the time being, is my relaxation breathing and eating for 2.

For the rest of the week, I’m going to be concentrating on maintaining my diet a little bit better now that I know there’s not much to worry about.

One final note: the most irritating thing about pregnant eating is wanting to eat, but tummy is not expanding fast enough to accommodate the extra volume going into your mouth.

Outcome = still hungry but feel like I’m going to have an alien explode out of my mid section.

this was the tamest belly exploding picture I could find. BE THANKFUL.

this was the tamest belly exploding picture I could find. BE THANKFUL.

That is all.




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