A lot 2 Think About – A father’s Perspective

Hi errybady,

Well here’s my long overdue post for the blog.

Firstly would like to say that we feel blessed and thankful for the new life that God has bestowed to us for all great things come from Him.

The journey so far has been somewhat like a nonstop roller coaster. From the time when we decided to try for a kid up to how we are having cots delivered to our doorstep now, the feeling is one that’s surreal and continuously building and storing up to this day. At every stage it was an ever increasing amount of anxiousness, excitement and worry for me. But overall, a fantastic journey of discovery and wonder.

There have been of course times where i think if I personally would be a good parent and whether I would be able to impart the good stuff to my kid. I think I would be able to teach them simple DIY stuff like changing a plug, or even simple plumbing but won’t be able to teach them how to argue their point or stand their ground like my wife does.

I’m really glad me and Jess share some of the same thoughts on stuff but still have some completely non relatable traits – we can actually be exact opposites in other issues. I’m sure this will equate to having a weird (in a good way) and hopefully balanced kid.

Starting out

Well. everything obviously started with wife missing her monthly cycle and a confirmation via a DIGITAL pregnancy test kit. This piece of overpriced plastic not only said yay or nay, but could even tell us how many weeks ago we did the horizontal mambo. Quite impressive and recommended if you’re anxious to get a definitive result.

While trying out doctors, at our very first one, we asked her about her stand on natural birth, there was a noticeable pause from her and mentioning “healthy-mummy-healthy-baby-can-already”. I would like to point out that there are so many Gynaes but only a few who are natural birth pro. And I’m not talking about “can-use-drug-as-long-as-come-out-of-the-girl-downstair-means-natural”.

We’re talking about no tools, no drugs, no assistance. Absolutely nada. One hundred percent mommy grunting powered birth. So yeah, choose wisely, or basically choose who you’re comfortable with.

Then we had our first doctor’s visit with scan and, I kid you not, when we saw the little heartbeat on the scantron x-1000 baby bump scanner, I was choked up, very happy and probably shed man tears. But they promptly evaporated because there is no such thing as man tears.

My mind went to imagine something below…


The wife and i have been choosing names since the pregnancy stick said “Positive @ 5 weeks” (yay), and have been collectively writing them down and going through them in our heads and saying them aloud.

Just imagine 2 people at night trying to scold someone. And if you were our neighbor you’d probably hear the following:

“(insert girl name) Ong (undefined Chinese name)! You come here now!”


“(insert boy name) Ong (undefined Chinese name)! Your teacher call me today! What do you have to say for yourself?”

Now things are getting more real because recently, from our latest doctor’s visit, we found out that the baby is a boy! Very excited and really looking forward to the future with him! Now we know what colors to buy and not the usual yellow-cos-I-dunno-what-sex-my-baby-is or green-cos-I-bought-too-many-yellow-things


Picture above shows him practically mooning the scantron x-1000 and displaying his junk for everyone to see.

Can’t wait to teach him how to use tools. So I won’t be the only one that can do DIY and fix-it projects at home.

Being Prepared

Since then, thanks to my wife we have most of the baby stuff sorted out. We’ve got the cot, the playpen, the stroller/baby seat combo, baby high chair food table thingy, some toys, changing table, some clothes, mummy stuff, doctor person, birth training class.

For birth training classes, Wife and I decided on doing hypnobirthing due to magical youtube videos showing us no fuss no muss births with the mothers mildly grunting and popping out healthy babies naturally.

So we signed up for hypnobirthing classes that were conducted by one of the wife’s ex colleagues. Lessons were informative and there were many drowsiness-maximus times that I felt lulled to sleep. (Not that i have any trouble falling asleep). The literature that was provided also came with an audio CD that the mummy-to-be could listen to at night.

The wife listened to it on speaker one night and I fell asleep. I swear when I woke up I felt the sudden feeling of being inclined to give birth as well because subconsciously I am convinced that I’m a powerful woman and in control of my body.

Baby Stuff?

As the baby’s expected date was in Jan 2015, we get to have stuff given to us by the government because 2015 is Singapore’s 50th birthday. So I went through the list to see if I could find a nicer man-alternative to some of the things mentioned. Hmmm… diaper bag?

tactical go bag

Why not a tactical diaper bag? In Coyote Tan!

(Tactical diaper readiness thanks to the wife for a nice birthday and future-dad related purchase)

 Baby barfing? Need wet wipes? *deploy bag and unzip 1 of 372 tactical soft open zippers*

–> wet wipes in hand

 What!? Baby needs diaper changed? On it! *unzip 3 of the 372 tactical soft open zippers*

–> new diaper, wet wipes, baby powder out and ready for use


Meanwhile, I did my part by just looking for cool dad stuff for kids and found these gems:



Nope. And nope.

A Father’s Responsibility

BUT as a future father, I also believe it is my responsibility to bring my child through the rite of passage which is nonsensical things. And my wife cannot stop me from doing the stupid things that I will inevitably do MUAHAHAHA.

(well, she probably would if she knew what I was doing..)


While bathing the baby:


Eyebrows and moustaches:





Besides doing the above mentioned or TRYING to not do them for my wife’s sanity’s sake *wink wink*, there are so many other things to look forward to besides him being born and introducing him to the world. Like feeding him lemons, stopping him from eating dirt/sand (he would still eat it anyway), first words, GAMING on the computer obviously and interaction with pets!

I hope I would be able to pass on teachings to him that I’ve learnt from my own dad. And the most important one that has stuck with me all the way til now is:

“You’ve made your bed and you’ll have to sleep in it.”

But all in all, dear baby dude. I cannot wait for you to be born and spend time with you as a family and as a father and (hopefully) friend.

Signing off with  “Hey dad, I’m hungry”, “Hi hungry, I’m dad”

hey hungry



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