Delay that’s worth it…

Weight: 62.4kg
Feeling: expectant..


week21: Baby is getting stronger every day! Feeling kicks a lot easier now, and the tummy looks like it’s EXPLODING. Hubs says it feels solid in there..


RIGHT. Now this isn’t the usual delay. I’m actually just doing a quick filler post because I normally post about now,


The husband has been working diligently at my request to come up with a guest post for this week since it makes roughly the half mark of this pregnancy.

We agreed that although he gets a chance to read what I’m thinking throughout this entire process, that he needs to also contribute and share with me his thoughts too.

It’s a once in a lifetime (or rather a first time) event that really deserves cataloging and I’m glad to say that he should be ready to post sometime tonight despite his horrible schedules and lack of time. Super excited and thankful that he kept his promise to write something. Makes me feel so loved 😀

can you feel the love

In the meantime, I do have to contribute a bit by the way of what I’ve got to update for the last week too so here it is in 2 simple one liners –

1. My tummy is getting so big all of a sudden!

2. Nothing much else. kthxbai


Okay! Waiting for the husbands’ post!




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