Waking up on the wrong side of bed..

Weight: 63.7kg
Feeling: A little worse for wear, but pushing on…


I think it’s the massive amount of weight I’ve put on in the last 2 weeks when I commented that I wasn’t gaining that is seriously making me ache..

To be very, very honest, it’s not that bad. I mean I can still walk and get around. But it is a bitch to get our of bed in the mornings at all these days. It’s like I have to roll myself out of bed and I never imagined that I’d have to exert this kind of effort just to move myself out of bed in the morning.

get out of bed!

Okay, that’s a lie. When I was younger I could sleep til 12. then wake up and eat, and go back to bed again. My bed was my world. But that’s a totally different type of exertion that’s required to start my day called MOTIVATION.

It’s entirely different now. I’m an adult and I have responsibilities. I have to earn money enough to sustain my household and living standard. And I sure as hell have to make money to support this baby that’s growing inside me and all the attached financial issues that come with.



So what happens every morning now is that I drag myself out of bed and like I mentioned in this post do a bit of stretching, play with the dog a little.. Try to get the aches to ebb away before getting up to life proper.

First thing I do in the morning is walk the dog anyway, so that’s a good bit of exercising for me. It says in a lot of resources that we should at least try and maintain a minimal amount of exercise. Get the blood pumping a bit and helping circulation and all that….

What I’ve actually been realising with going for walks in the morning, is that I am getting sore feet. Not swollen mind, but they are quite surely aching when they are placed on the floor first thing in the morning.. It’s a very weird feeling I can tell you that. It makes you feel old.. 😦

i'm old


I have a good 2 more months to go before I hit the big 3-0 and then and ONLY then, will I admit that I am truly old.

Coincidentally, there has been this quiz that’s going around on Facebook about what your mental age is. I took it and I’m like. a 60 year old woman lor. Thanks.

I suppose that makes me very “aunty” in an uncool way. but I think it’s an inevitable sign of maturity. In Singapore, “Aunties” who are not literally an Aunty in age are considered a form of sage. Wise and knowledgeable in household necessities and chores, as well as cooking and being homely in other means.

I don’t think that sounds so bad writing it out, but let’s see if I can find a gif that accurately describes this here…

being an aunty

See the “Aunty” on the left.. a little bit kind of like explaining things and in a position of being able to be a reliable informant  but also kind of looks like she’s nagging.

GAH this is so tough.

Okay, this doesn’t quite cut it, but this probably will:

Aunty is sometimes used as a derogatory for someone who is acting naggy/more mature than their years.. sort of?

Further reading… this from the same book source sheds further light…:


Can’t believe somebody managed to get this down in words. I sure as hell would NOT know how to describe what it’s like to be an “aunty”…

Okay. I’m obviously not too good in trying to explain a lot of Singlish terms but moving on…..

I have been kind of looking at different prenatal massage packages so I can nip this whole achey thing in the bud. And there are A LOT of options.

There’s chiropractic treatment to straighten out your hips. That can also help the birth path to be a bit more fluid for baby to come out. Some stuff I learnt in the past about this happened during a presentation where this Chiro doctor basically told us that if your hips aren’t aligned properly, your baby’s head could come out lopsided, like your hips.


(I actually searched for lopsided faces here, but it was so disrespectful to the people who was attached to those faces that I decided against it)

Anyway, there is also the typical Javanese prenatal massages and Western prenatal massages. Each have their own styles and methods of carrying out. I’m not going to list them here. Basically it’s a personal preference on what type (hard or soft or pressure points or relaxed soothing…) you’d like for yourself and of course there are VERY Variable prices.

At the end of the day, what I can say about it is that if you’re starting to suffer from swollen any-part-of-the-body and are starting to get that lower back pain, why not pamper yourself? Your body is trying to make a baby and should be given the change to relax..

fat and lazy

When you do your research online for these masseuses and massage/spa therapy places, you’ll actually realise that there are a LOT of reviews out there.

For the purposes of my blog post today, we are not going to talk about the salons and the spas which offer prenatal massage services. Honestly there are some which are like MAD luxurious and I would give an arm and a foot to go and experience some of that luxury, but alas, my wallet doesn’t have the ability to.

StylePlus InSing.com  “top 5” prenatal massages & spas Singapore

From mintyqueen.blogspot.sg

Budget: $50-$100

  • The Tamarind Spa
  • Afond Spa
  •  House of Traditional Javanese Massage and Beauty Care
  • Bella Luna (I did not even take up their first trial in the BB fair as I felt that the salesgirl was rather pushy.)


Budget: $100-$200

  • Spa Botanica
  •  Aramsa, The Garden Spa Experience


Budget: >$200

  • Auriga spa

Sassymama.sg Prenatal Massage in Singapore 

strong independent woman

*Sigh* moving on…

Take the mummy.sg forum.. The below picture is a search for prenatal massage therapists in Singapore.

prenatal massage forum results

So yeah, if you’re the kind of person who has never ventured past the first page of search results on Google….  this is HALF of page ONE of the search results, AND only for results with posts dated 6 months ago or later.

It’s mad. And I trawled through everything in the search for a perfect masseuse. So many of the posts are actually quite outdated and it’s actually a better idea to ask your friends who they used in the past if they have and get their contacts. Since these ladies have to come over to and enter into your household, you’re going to want someone who can be relatively trusted when they are in your home.

There are quite a number of reviews – commendations in addition to horror stories about how an “Aunty” was late and was basically slapping oil around instead of giving a proper rub down etc….


Important thing to note is that it’s generally a Javanese style of massage, so that means it’s normally Malay ladies who are administering the massage. I had to think about that quite carefully because I have a doggy at home and I want the massage lady to be comfortable when she comes over..

Also, some of them keep saying “no hidden costs” so I made it a point to check what fees they could possibly be hiding up their sleeve.

Make sure to ask about whether massage oil and transport are a separate cost or included. Also, do take note that they normally need you to provide your own mattress and towels. Towels are SUPER necessary. From what I’ve heard, the oils can be quite pungent and obviously you don’t want your whole bed and the bedsheets to be covered in icky oil when you’re done right.

if you don't get this, you had no childhood.

if you don’t get this, you had no childhood.

My hubs and I did the smart thing. We bought a cheapo 3 fold mattress to lie on and purposefully get dirty. But we’re still going to cover it with towels when I get my massage anyway.

Besides these handy tips, I am eventually just going to pick one and get it done – all the better for my body. So, in the meantime, I’ve got a lot more reviews to get through. But I WILL update you guys when I finally fix on one. I’ll share with you the glorious, languid relaxation when I get to enjoy it 🙂

Cross fingers that someone spots this post about massage therapists in Singapore and offers to put me on a sponsored spa package of sorts….

Gimme Blogger Perks,



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