Baby making his presence known

Weight: 64.0kg I’m a behemoth!
Feeling: Gassy and uncomfortable


Week 22: I am really starting to balloon man.. OMG

So there’s really not much that’s been happening this week that’s different from the last. The hubs and I have actually been on the down-low for the last week or two because we spend a bomb on pumps and sterilisers and bottle warmers and the like. I have been eating quite a fair bit more though so that has been contributing to the expenses of the baby too..

And take it from me about how much I love eating, but there is something about this pregnancy and food that has been making me feel quite uncomfortable lately. What is it, is that there is this constant feeling of gassy-ness.


It’s not like I’m constantly burping or letting go of gas, but it sure feels like it. and the release of gas sure makes the pressure of the tummy a bit more manageable.

The REAL problem with this, is that I feel terribly uncomfortable all of the time. In fact all that gas collected in my belly and my bum is probably attributing to the fact that I’ve gaining weight so fast. Hell, I’m surprised I don’t start floating from the way my tummy seems to be bloated with air..

I’ve taken to drinking warm water and drinking gripe water to sooth my tummy, and eat digestives (cookies). I remember I was complaining about something similar in the first trimester and although it’s reminiscent of morning sickness, it’s an entirely different league altogether – I have no problems swallowing food at all. It’s just the processing of everything once it goes in…

From what I’ve read, food actually moves a lot slower in the tummy and the digestive track so that baby can absorb more of the nutrition and everything else passing through your body – which is all well and good I suppose. The problem with that is more time for fermentation of food in belly and that obvious equals more gas. And more often than not, constipation.

sloth crosses the road

I have been trying to drown myself in water to make sure constipation doesn’t happen… Regular bowel movements are really important to me.

Okay la, but I am happy about the fact that I am gaining weight – it means baby is growing well!

People were very right to tell me not to worry so much about not gaining weight. In fact I’m starting to worry the entire opposite now – that I’m gaining weight too fast and that the pounds will be impossible to lose after giving birth. GAH.

Pregnancy is a never-ending cycle of worry.

sheldon paperbag

Right, so moving past all the bloatedness and tummy troubles, I have to keep finding things to eat there are a little less gas inducing. It seems like I’ve still got the revulsion to stuff that’s too oily – but I’ll still eat it because oily things are just so yummy.. Baby is also REALLY not a fan of veges, so I’ve been trying to eat more fruits to get my nutrition up.

It makes me wonder about how we’ll cope with baby when he comes out.

We’re totally excited about introducing him to new foods and letting him try out lots of weird tasting things. It’s a long way to go before baby eats/drinks anything besides breast milk and water, but it’s one of the things that the hubs and I are really quite looking forward to. (if you’ve read his post last week, he’s already got a lot of err.. PLANS for the baby…

eat up baby

I used to be a rather picky kid, there was a period when I would only eat the stems of spinach veges, and my mum says that when I was younger, I had a whole period of time where I would only eat foods that were orange in colour – carrots, oranges, orange flavoured things (there don’t seem to be a lot of orange foods so I have no idea how I survived that.. )

and my hubs has had his fair share of bad run-ins with food – apparently he used to eat a spoonful of food, get on his trike and cycle around his driveway and come back only when he had finished chewing and swallowing… One small meal of a bowl of rice apparently could take up to an hour..

I just hope our bub is okay with the foods we give him and isn’t too fussy – easy-going baby is what we want!

okay mum

But yes, look forward to lemon videos and ice videos, and whatever other embarrassing baby videos we can possibly take of our bub when he’s out. Thank you Social Media for allowing us to share with you the miracles of the baby and what he/she learns to do on a daily basis!

Speaking of which, there are a number of articles that I’ve read over the course of the pregnancy and coming to terms with being a parent about how things change very drastically one baby is a reality.

I’m obviously not going to cover everything, that would take forever.

For the purposes of today’s post, I will say that I hope our lifestyles don’t change too much, besides the fact that our social media feeds won’t show us anymore, and will become portals that are solely purposed towards showing the world what baby did today.

cannot refrain

There was an article that I found most poignant., I can’t seem to find the article now because it was quite a long time ago, but the gist of it was how it becomes so difficult for parents to go out once they have a kid and it was aimed at people who don’t have kids seeking for their understanding as to why things have just.. CHANGED.

Like parents will decline invitations to go out and hang out just because they have a baby to take care of. A lot of activities just become.. unmanageable when you have a child or toddler on your hands.

I find that it’s very selfish if they aren’t understanding at all and they need an article like this to understand why priorities are different when you become a parent.

i don't want to grow up

I find that for us, we were already pretty sedentary before we got pregnant – we would stay at home and watch TV or serial dramas at home after work and just chill out together in our own house and spend time as a married couple together. (A fact that a lot of our friends also have had trouble coming to terms with). I mean it’s tiring enough to be working long hours during the day, sometimes you just want to come home and veg out in front of the TV instead of having to plan to DO something.

Some particular groups of friends just give us this impression that we need to be always… OUT THERE. Partying, drinking, socialising… with them.

my hump my hump

We aren’t anti-social, but it’s so difficult to find time for yourself these days that I really hope that we don’t have to worry about any of that kind of clashes once the baby has arrived.

It’s needless to say that the baby WILL change our lives but it’s a lot more difficult to think about how we’ll adjust to our lifestyles being impacted by baby’s arrival and I suppose that I’m listing down some thoughts here so it might make things easier to tackle later on since I’ve actually thought about it? It just makes things so much more REAL when we contemplate in detail how things will really change..

In the mean time we’ll have to play things by ear and try to squeeze as many activities in as possible to enjoy the last few months of our 二人世界(literally a 2-person world) before the baby arrives and all hell breaks loose.

puppies and candycanes

Maybe a second baby moon? haha…

Holding On the Last bits of Couple-dom,


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