A healthy pregnancy and resilient baby..

weight: 64.2kg
Feeling: a bit under the weather

The husband got sick 2 days ago and I think I may have caught the bug. I’m actually a little worried how this is going to affect baby because while he was sick I had a sudden flash of contemplation when I was thinking that my immune system was actually pretty robust and that would mean baby will be strong as an ox too when he comes out.

But after the husband finished his 2 day “home-stay”, i regret to report that I’ve got a stuffy head and aching throat. And it probably applies that I have a stuffy nose and an aching head too..


When I first for pregnancy in the early first trimester, I was still giving up all my vices, drinking and smoking and general bad habits and I did actually get headaches quite often. Coupled with all the morning sickness symptoms I was feeling pretty miserable.

Back then, I was asking whether a panadol would be okay for me to ingest or not. Seeing as how we didn’t want any drugs at all for the birth due to the fact that baby would be affected, would my taking off-the-counter, level-1 medications while pregnant be ok? After a quick poll with some of my friends, I decided to just give it  a go and I”m glad I did, it solved a big problem off the bat (although I’m actually quite convinced that my body healed itself purely through the power of suggestion that medicine works :P)

To be honest, I am not the kind of person to fall sick easily. I barely ever take medicine and I definitely do not like to self medicate if it’s something as trivial as a headache or a flu. I don’t have much faith in the power of medicine actually and much prefer not to go to the doctor unless I’m one breath away from collapse. There’s a certain belief in the  body’s ability to adapt and start producing its own antibodies to counteract whatever sickness one develops.

Not that I’ve been researching, but I’m sure that there’s something about that that fuels the whole “to vaccinate or not” debate.

eat medicine or not

okay, so i know it’s a sensitive subject and everything, almost as sensitive as religion and homosexuality, but I think it’s pretty clear for the hubs and I where we stand on the issue of vaccinations.

We are definitely giving our kid the boosts that he need in terms of immunity. Especially for the more dangerous strains – mumps, rubella, hep B and whatever. But when it comes to common illnesses like fevers, coughs and the flu, I think it may be a good idea to not be so paranoid and give it a day or two to see if the symptoms don’t go away on their own.

When I was in school, I was barely sick enough to ever need a medical chit for absence from class, and I’m pretty sure I studied through the night with a fever over more than one occasion. The only time that I’ve ever been debilitated so badly that I really couldn’t do anything other than lie down and get better was when I got tonsillitis – and that was cold sweats, bundled up in a hot room sweating my ass off inside my blanket, yet freezing cold.

Fun times..


Anywho, I mean I don’t want my kid to suffer of course and I’m pretty sure that I”m going to be scrutinizing the colour of baby’s mucus, fussing over every tenth of a degree when his temperature isn’t normal and not to mention how often he’s pooping and peeing a day, but I guess what I want for my child is for him to also be able to handle himself and know when he can still push himself as opposed to when he should be taking a break for the sake of his health.

Hubs and I were saying that we just hope that baby will be easy to handle; that he will know when to do what and just be… SENSIBLE.

I really don’t know whether my opinion will change once baby has come out, but I think I am trying to gear myself up to be nonchalant about as many things as possible.

i don't care

You know.. fall down and pick himself up – I’ve heard from friends that you shouldn’t make a fuss because that encourages baby to latch onto the attention he receives and turn a molehill into a mountain or rather, turn a booboo into a gashing wound.

In the meantime, I hope that I don’t stress out too much about how I’m going to raise baby together with the hubs. Each child is different and I’m sure that we will learn as things come along.. It’ll be a lesson in progress that’s for sure. And we will really have to see what baby’s reactions to our parenting style will be and make the best out of the situation when we get there.

I’m going to sign off here. It’s taken me half a day to focus long enough to write this much as it is. Time for mummy-to-be to try and get a bit of rest and clear myself off this bug.


Pray for health for my family okay?





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