Calm before the Storm

Weight: 65.2 kg WHAT is going on.. I am ballooning…
Feeling: Geared up for a new week of baby-filled business


Week 23: Bigger and Bigger, but not round. like the tip of the belly where my belly button is, looks like it’s lopped off. Like an ice cap has fallen off the mountain… Why IS that?

Really sorry for the lack of content on my posting recently. The hubs and I have truly been taking it easy in every sense of the word. We haven’t done anything baby related all this week so there really isn’t much to bore you about.

Like I said, we were both sick to the gills with the cough and this horrible flu bug going out that we were just resting at home and gaining back our health.

It was quite comforting though, to just stay at home, spend a bit of time together and lau nua (literally drooling – can also be used to signify great desire for something, but in this context, refers to sleep-until-drool, or idle-until-drool – kinda like a vegetative-state). It’s hectic enough trying to balance everything else that’s happening with baby and work and everything that sometimes a little time out for ourselves can just be SO welcome.

this is the best!

I promise that next week will be a bit more exciting though. We’re going for the Mount Alvernia tour on Wednesday. And although we’ve pretty much settled for Mt A already, we’re going to be looking at their parentcraft classes and everything, so I’ll definitely have something to say about it.

Also, we’ve got the biggest baby expo of the year coming up on the first week of August. I’ve actually been looking forward to this one because the hubs and I are SUPER looking forward to buying clothes OMG. COME HERE CUTE BABY BOY CLOTHES GAAAAAAAH!!

To be honest, we’ve actually got the big bulk of things settled already and looking at how relaxed we’ve been taking the last 2 weeks, there are moments when we look at each other and go ‘Could there BE anything else that we can actually buy?” I mean I think we may have purchased and ordered about 75% of the necessities already….

BUT, we received an email from the organizers of this expo and they actually have a crazy  GUIDE done up for all the parents heading down to the expo. The guide lists like the items and the booths at which these items can be found here.

Baby Market

From the looks of this MAD-ASS “guide” looks like there’s  a LOT. This small little crop is actually 1/6 of the entire list. It’s MAD.

And if I were to tell you how I’m REALLY feeling? This scary ass list makes me worried and horribly INADEQUATELY prepared 😦

There has to be something that commercialism is doing to this whole baby industry la. Surely when our parents had us, they didn’t have a tenth of the nonsense on this list right? Times sure are a-changing..

Honestly speaking we’ve already spent like a tonne of money lor.

i'm poor

And I have things still floating in my shopping cart on Qoo10 waiting for this month’s credit card bill to get issued so I can charge some freaking $290++ floor mats for padding the floor of baby’s room to the card. We are trying hard to spread out the costs so we don’t owe the bank a bank-load of money.

Don’t even get me started on spending money on the postnatal massages and the amount of “specialty” food I need to get for confinement, and heaven forbid we forget about putting money aside for the delivery itself and the $1 -for-$1 baby bonus when baby is out. Sigh.

Speaking of the “specialty” food, we just found out that the hubs’ Aunty (mum’s sister) is actually a certified confinement nanny! She apparently did a course a while back with KKH and now she’s certified to be a confinement nanny and cook confinement food and things!


I don’t know how I would feel having a legitimate blood Aunty coming to take care of me, but I must say, it’s quite interesting to be able to consult with someone who has in-depth knowledge about such things.

She’s actually quite lax with a bunch of stuff – the showering, eating liver and other herbal thingies and what exactly is the basics of health and care directly after birth. She kept talking about how much BLOOD I’d be losing upon giving birth… Ugh..

I spoke with my mum – who will actually be the person staying with us for the first month of baby’s existence in the real world and she didn’t have to say it, but I could feel a little bit of resistance against the traditional Chinese ways of doing things for confinement. There is a lot of belief in “Qi” or energy and the replenishment of it in terms of “hot” and “cold” types of foods so that you can find balance within your body. And different foods correspond to the different “temperatures” of energy.

Being Christian, we tend to shy away a bit from superstitious beliefs and I don’t know how to define exactly what could be a good or bad thing or against our religion when it comes to nourishment and healing of the body.

britney confused

Not that it’s very confusing, but more like we’re skeptical about how some beliefs line up with actual nutritional quality and healing properties of certain things. I mean people tell me I can eat chin chow (black grass jelly) while p[regnant, if not baby will turn black…  Where’s the logic in that?! So how true can this “hot” and “cold” thing be?

I mean if you tell me vitamins and iron replacement maybe I can be a little bit more accepting of the notion, but I really don’t know.

One thing I hear from some of my Christian friends who have done the whole confinement thing – mostly due to the pressures of their parents who are more familiar with the old and traditional ways of doing confinement is – if it’s for the sake of the baby, then don’t play the fool. Just do it. What harm could it be? AND the most convincing argument in my opinion is that if there is an old wives’ tale about it working, then it must be rooted in SOME form of truth right?


In the meanwhile, I think the husband and I are going to have to start scrimping and saving for Brands essence of chicken and ginseng concoctions to make sure that I’ve got the goodies for replenishing my health after everything is said and done…

Icky Herbal Drinks… Yay…

Not Excited,



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