The Hospital Tour is not funny when you’re dying.

Weight: 65.0kg on the dot and at least the weight isn’t dropping from this deathly pallor that has fallen on my shadow..
Feeling: Pretty much like death, stars and blurriness and tunnel vision – the works..

I’m so sorry that I didn’t post anything yesterday and that this is so super delayed. I truly wanted to make some time to talk to all of youse guys yesterday and write about the Mount A tour that the hubs and I did but truth be told,. I was at death’s door.

I swear, there was this point where I had managed to pin down the lactation consultant and the parentcraft centre instructors to ask them about the classes and I was like losing my vision and everything. If the hubs wasn’t there to support me, I swear I would’ve collapsed – and no, this is neither flair for drama nor exaggeration..

i'm gonna die

After pumping up my body with pregnancy-safe antibiotics and warm water, I’m feeling much better, so here’s the much awaited update on what’s going on in my pregnancy journey!

SO… the hubs had the day off yesterday so that we could go for the tour together. Today’s post will just be a little bit about what we asked during the tour and what we noticed about the different room sizes and important points to note about the maternity tour.

Well, besides having a horrendously busy morning to boot, we had to get to the hospital early – about 5 minutes before the tour starts.

I’m actually rather amused about the concept of punctuality and tardiness even more so these days especially because it’s increasingly difficult for me to get around. Like I need an extra 10-20 minutes to account for pregnancy forgetfulness and lumbering around looking for something that is relatively flattering for my figure.

I try my best to be on time and punctual honestly, but these days, the body and the brain have plans of its own – there’s always some last-minute email to check, or some small thing I forgot to pack. So I tend to end up a little later than I would usually be,.


I was actually reading an article on fb the other day about respecting others’ time and making sure that you try to be on time as much as possible. Especially with regards to the nature of my business where meeting someone and giving a good first impression is paramount to a sale, I tend to be pretty on the ball with being punctual.

I actually don’t know where I’m going with this, because not that many people were late to the tour. Haha! Of course we were almost exactly on time at 10 minutes to half past 2pm and the rest of the couples coming on tour made it just on time at half past 2pm.

Maybe it has something to do with recognizing the responsibilities of being a parent start at the smallest things like being responsible for turning up on time 😛

(Yes, I am being snarky – being sick has put a dampener on my EQ senses and according to the husband, I tend to be a pretty big bitch when I’m feeling grumpy, grouchy and stuffed with cotton wool in the head.)

my brain is crying

Well more on the snarkiness and first impressions was that I wasn’t really very “into” the lady who was going to run our tour. I think I’m a little bit hard to impress, especially when it comes to a matter which is close to home, and even more so if it’s regarding a product that I actually have to pay for.

Kind of like how if I really want to buy something and I put my mind into getting the best value for my budget, I want to make sure that the person presenting the item puts in THEIR best effort to impress and convince.

At least that’s what I like to tell myself. My husband will attest that I’m not usually so steely with my resolve and with the slightest hint of an exciting new feature, I crumble and cave and start pitching for his approval to go ahead and buy things. Yes – the sellavision channel is my undoing *shameful pout*

but wait!

Moving on, I was a bit apprehensive about how much information could be squeezed into the hospital tour that lasted only 1 hour, but on hindsight, I think the girl who ran the tour must have seriously memorised her lines or something because she ended right on the dot too.

But she was pretty knowledgeable, despite my initial reservations. She covered the Mt A Ladies Card which basically gives you a  bucket-load of discounts and stuff if you sign up for it and present your membership when you sign up for a package at the hospital, the packages that were available and the general features of the different areas of the hospital that we were going to visit.

That’s pretty much all we really need to know really. (and also she was quite happy to direct me to the above-mentioned lactation consultant and parentcraft centre ladies to advise me about the questions I had for their prenatal classes)

But for some reason, and I’m not sure whether this is because I’m attempting a hypnobirth, but I think that I’ve been thinking myself a bit “special” in comparison to other ladies who are going to have babies themselves. Not everyone knows the difference between a natural birth and a normal (aka vaginal) birth and I have been feeling very personally insulted when people get their terminology mixed up.


As with the stuff that I’ve shared over the last few weeks that define how a natural birth should proceed and the birth plan should be carried out, I went into the hospital tour knowing full well that I would have questions, and possibly difficult ones that others might not have thought about too. For instance about the features of the delivery room and whether the lights were dim-able and how the packages would work and how I’d be charged, what happens if I don’t want to stay the full period of hospital stay and what if this and what if that….

I was more pleasantly surprised at how many daddies and mummies are taking this whole thing seriously – there was this particular dad that was super concerned about noise levels in the hospital (Mount A) and where the amenities were… To the hubs’ credit, he was super concerned about the noise levels coming from the expressway that runs quite near by Mount A too.

We were literally nodding-up the other couple for their good interjection and insightful queries..


Now that teaches me to think that I’m special 😛

In fact, that particular couple was armed with pens and folders and the mummy-to-be was furiously copying down notes every time the “tourguide” said some thing so I’m thinking that there actually are other people around who are taking this whole hospital selection thing a little more serious than we are…

Anyway, we got to see the double rooms and the single deluxe rooms. Like have a look-see of the toilets and just have a feel of the room.

Did you know Hospital rooms have seriously gotten QUITE luxurious these days? I can’t even tell you how many times I kept saying “hotel” instead of hospital during the whole tour. They are still quite clinical and not quite homely, but you can tell that the hospital has put in a bit of effort to put a picture of two in the room and keep decor tasteful. Nobody wants to be reminded that hospitals are places where people get sick and die, ESPECIALLY when you are having a baby 😛


It’s really not too far off you know. You get a dedicated bed, tonnes of pillows, for the Single room categories and above, there are lounges within the rooms for the daddies to stay over night with the mummies and you have 3 meals a day provided by the hospital too. All for the delicate price of $1,800 and upwards for 2 nights…

Hell, the Family Suite a friend of mine stayed in when she had her #1 (and probably paid a bomb for) freaking had its own SITTING ROOM…

I’m not about to post pictures of the rooms and everything because I did a pretty good piece on the different hospitals a few months back here and you can and should call up the hospitals on your own if you are really starting to look for where you want to get your baby delivered at. The maternity tours are generally free of charge and a good way for the hospitals to show off their amenities and refurbished wings so go and take a walk around.

More importantly, you’re going to want to go on the tours personally because you need to know how to come in to the hospital when the time is upon you to deliver.

like lava

Thank goodness for us that Mt A is super near by for us and we don’t have to worry too much about traffic from home to the admissions office. We did figure we might have to call my mum to come by as well to help us out with administration while the hubs is getting me settled into the delivery room.

I don’t think that I want him wandering anywhere for anything if I’m in labour… Just to have him nearby would be quite comforting enough and Lord knows what’s going to happen when I’m ready to pop :/ That being said, you may want to check if you can bring food in, where the nearest toilets are and where whatever amenities may be placed in relation to the birthing rooms so that you’re not running like a headless chicken around the hospital when the biggest (up to that moment in your life) event is just around the corner from happening.

It also might be an interesting fact to note that the delivery room and the actual overnight room that you pay for in the package is ENTIRELY different. I mean it’s a bit “DUH” right. You don’t want all the blood and gore from the delivery being transferred to the place where you sleep overnight do you…

More importantly is they charge you if you are in the hospital when it crosses the midnight mark…. talk about trying to suck your money AND your blood out of you…

what is this shit

So if there ever was any motivation for you to stay at home for as long as possible before heading down to the delivery rooms and giving birth to your baby, this is it. As mentioned, prices are NOT CHEAP, so you’re going to want to save as much money as possible wherever you can…

And after all that, we decided that we are most likely not going to be doing anymore prenatal classes. What we were feeling as apprehension and worry about  how we were going to bathe and change baby and wean baby and all of that, we figure there’s more than enough help in our best friend Google and all the other people around us who are also having kids at the same time.

In the meantime, the tour for Mount A pretty much was a sealing the deal thing for us – we were there more to get a feel of everything and work out the fine points of what to do on the day that baby decides to make a showing of himself. We were also mostly there to “inspect” the wards and rooms and make sure there weren’t any outstandingly horrendous points that would deter us from using said hospital.

Looks like everything is pretty much a go after the visit so there’s not much left to do except more shopping for baby clothes and packing up the night bag right?


I really hope I’m not being too confident with everything and being too under-prepared, but only time will tell!

Looking forward to the next step,



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