Prudence and Manners

Weight: 64.7kg – the appetite has been dropping ever since I’ve gotten this sicky sickness
Feeling: Like I’ve been run over by a car and my eyeballs are melting. Plus my throat is icky as hell. But thank God that I don’t have a fever…


Week 24 : Ok, my back is really starting to feel the pull of the belly, I need to constantly stretch it out. Also, baby’s movements are totally more obvious now!

I’m sorry I am lagging behind on my posts again, but I swear, I took like 3 naps yesterday (1 before my facial session, 1 during and another after) and I still felt like I was going to die.

Seriously, After I saw the doctor on Tuesday and got prescribed a bunch of medicines and even a round of antibiotics, I was actually feeling okay towards the end of the week.

Yes I know that antibiotics are not generally recommended during pregnancy because it may be too strong for baby and all of that, but my long time (from childhood) doctor showed me some new-fangled app that he downloaded that showed the classifications of all the drugs in the world *exaggerating* Basically the app includes all the information about the ratings and safety levels etc, and apparently there is a dedicated line for FDA (US) approved pregnancy level. Anything above a class C means safe for consumption during pregnancy.


SO I don’t know whether that’s really going to work? But when  I posted on Facebook that I was fighting a bug. a LOT of mummies told me that when you get sick when you’re expecting, it is just SO much more difficult to get better. Like your body is already fighting to create a baby plus manage all the necessary actions to keep you functioning properly during the day that the immune system just isn’t what it’s supposed to be if you were just fighting germs for one.

It’s more susceptible, and when you DO catch a virus or a bug, it takes forever to get better.


SO I’m going to head to the neighbourhood doctor in a bit to go and get another round of medication. In fact I should kind of go now before he closes for lunch..

Right, so the weekend in pregnancy land was actually pretty non-eventful, although I did wear my first ever maxi dress! Woot!


I got a number of encouraging comments about how the baby bump is looking good and thinking back on everything, I don’t think I had very much to worry about when I said that I was worried about whether baby was growing okay or not because I was losing weight and all that….

More importantly, because of the nature of the social event, if you all remember about how I was posting about having to give up the whole boozing and party lifestyle when we first found out we were pregnant, to be very honest, I didn’t feel I would miss it that much. I was actually pretty prepared to not drink and indulge as much, and I was actually looking forward to the 8 or 9 course Chinese dinner because as a pregnant lady, I might actually have precedence at going after the food at the table.

I expected a fair amount of commenting from friends when we arrived for dinner and true to nature, a lot of friends that we saw at the venue took great joys at heckling me about how I wouldn’t be able to drink and all that and I very smugly was able to shoot them down with “Oh, but I AM going to drink! Just a glass or two though…”

And You’d be so surprised at how fast they all changed their tune to “OMG! YOU CAN DO THAT?”


facepalm 2

You would think that they were trying to get me to guzzle but when I finally cave, they descend on me like the crows to say what a horrible mother I’m going to be for even contemplating it.

I can only hope that I can teach my baby boy to be able to be resilient in the face of peer pressure and to stand up on his own 2  feet without having to base his every decision on the reactions of his friends.

But what I did was tell them, good-naturedly, that as long as I don’t drink the whole damn bottle and be sparing with my imbibing things should be okay. Hell, women in France drink champagne and women in Japan eat sushi, why can’t I enjoy a little?

live a little

I actually didn’t even make it past my first glass of wine. I was quite pleased at myself for making the whole thing last through the 3 hours we were having dinner though that could be partially because the glass was humongous….

Moving on, I did actually get first dibs on a lot of the dishes as they came out – being pregnant and hungry is a fantastic excuse to not having to wait for others before going at the food like a monster and taking second helpings..

It brought back a few memories about how Chinese weddings were always very big family deals because obviously when you’re younger, the only way you go to a wedding, is when your parents bring you along to whenever they are invited to one. It’s the first introduction to the hierarchy of service and how you carry yourself amongst other family members in a traditional Chinese manner.


This includes – elders eating first, making sure that you only eat whatever you’re served unless offered a second helping, which you should almost ALWAYS decline….

Hell, I can’t remember all of them right now, there are SO MANY that you normally only learn when people slap you on the wrist and tell you NO you’re not supposed to do that with this hand or in this order or whatever. 😛

That being said, it makes me very concerned about how we’re going to bring up baby in the nature and way of good Chinese manners.


Us “kids” nowadays, really don’t give that much respect and appreciation to the way that things used to be done.

There are so many couples these days that are just throwing the traditional Chinese banquet at a hotel out the window, they do away with the red cheongsam and tea ceremonies and etc and I really hope that there’re still remnants of all this culture left behind in the hubs and I to teach baby a little bit of what things used to be like,

Honestly, even our parents barely remember what is supposed to happen because everything has just become so westernized!

To be honest, even the whole confinement thing, which is rooted in superstition and Chinese belief in the healing properties of tonics and herbs and the Yin and Yang that I mentioned last week?? The techniques are all but forgotten by the Aunties who charge mad prices for the skills that they’ve learnt. And worse than that is, we tend to want to pick and choose the ones we want to follow and don’t anymore anyway!

DEPRESSING isn’t it?


Okay, but that aside, it’s interesting to know that only when faced with eminent requirement to practice the culture of things (or not) do I really put the effort to think about it all.

And for an over thinker, that’s saying a lot.

Like what my hubs said, there’s just so many things that I want to be able to teach my kid, least of all good manners and how to treat people politely and with respect.

SO many things to look forward to and worry about innit?

it's happening

well, it’s just a few more months left to go before things really start happening for real, so until then, we need to keep in mind the life lessons that we’re learning now that we want to impart to baby and pray that we’ll be able to deliver a good lesson that helps baby to grow up to be a fine young man 🙂

My Baby is gonna be a lady-killer,



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