Recovering and Temptation

Weight: 65.4kg At least it’s stable and not dropping although I’m still sick…
Feeling: HUNGRY… but what can I eat???

OMG it is so difficult to be a good girl when you are suffering from a scratchy throat, but the parasite in your body is making you crave for chilli and curry. I SWEAR..

I wouldn’t actually call my sudden fondness for something spicy or with a kick a “craving “just yet though.. It’s just that there’s barely anything else that I can eat! If I have to see another bowl of porridge or order another bowl of fish soup…..


The food just seems to call to me which is kind of interesting since I used to have an adversion to chilli and spicy foods a few years ago – meaning before I met my husband.

I had this huge mishap with a chilli sauce packet when some family member tabao-ed (had take-out) chicken rice for Saturday or Sunday lunch. I was asked to help out and set the table, open up the sauce packets and put them into little saucers for everybody to share while the kitchen was busy with the business of putting the rice into individual plates and the chicken pieces into a serving dish.

Now if you’ve ever ordered take away from a hawker center in Singapore, you would know that they have this really quite ingenious way of packing up noodles and soups and sauces in a plastic bag that comes with a little draw string.



Well, what they do is that they just wrap the red plastic string really tightly around the neck of the tiny packet such that air and sauce alike are trapped within, easy for consumption later on.

I know that they give tiny tupperwares of do a proper heat-seal on their plastic packets these days, but in the interest of cheap hawker prices, this was how they used to tie chicken rice packets back in the day (and some still do).

Anyway, I must’ve been like 4 or 5 then so for some reason, maybe my fingers just weren’t very dexterous…

butter fingers

Okay, to tell the truth, I wasn’t very smart about opening the packet up either. I used my nails. because I just couldn’t figure out the freaking red string at that tender young age. I tried to rip the chilli sauce packet open. My mum prudently told me to go to the toilet and try my packet-opening attempt just in case in splattered everywhere.

And splatter it did when my rage finally found its mark on the stupid packet..

money shot

And this crude gif also describes what else found its mark…

The bloody chilli squirted right into my eyes okay. And if you’ve ever had any form of spicy anything, pepper even, in your eye, you will understand why I was put off spicy food for a VERY VERY VERY VERY long time.

It was excruciating to the point that I didn’t even want to eat curry with my Indian pratas. (I ate them with sugar instead)

To this day, I have no idea how I started getting accustomed to chilli again, I’m glad that I’ve acclimated to it and am proud to say that I have found my taste for chilli.


I only hope that I can teach baby to enjoy as many foods as possible when he comes out. I remember posting something about this a while back but possibly not in this much detail..

Something about how I used to only eat orange foods, or was addicted to grape flavoured mentos, didn’t want to eat the leafy bits of green Chinese veges, only the stalks and the like.

I hope our baby boy is a non-picky eater that eats whatever he’s served 🙂

The hubs assures me that even if he isn’t, by the time he gets into army, he’ll learn to be less picky anyway HO HO HO.

eat all the foods

For the meantime, seriously, there are too many things that I can’t eat. Chocolate and teas apparently cause phlegm, half the food in Singapore is oiley and/or fried too, so that limits the things that I can eat to a mere handful. I tell, you I am millimeters away from just throwing caution to the wind and eating whatever I want anyway, but it would put all the medicine that I’ve been eating to waste *bawls*

Well, in the wake of everything being sick has got going for me, I’ve been looking at whether I should be craving foods yet.

It’s one of the questions that seems to be most commonly asked when one comes across a pregnant woman – “Did you / Are you having cravings?”

addictid to tires

Yeaaahh… but no. Nothing in particular for myself just yet. I’m basically hungry for everything, given that everything is bad for my throat right now 😦

For example, in the last 15 minutes, my brain and tummy cycled through, chicken rice, sushi and katsudon (Japanese Pork cutlet & Rice) and sandwiches in that order.. GAH SO HUNGRY (still).

I’m trying to eat light though and not gain too much weight. Now that I actually see my weight increasing like mad, I am quite worried about how much weight I really should be gaining.. And in any case, I’m supposed to try and remain as healthy and nutritiously supplied as possible…

nutritious hamburgers

I’ve had some encouraging comments in the last week – “If I didn’t see your belly, I would have said you lost weight”, “Why are your thighs still so skinny”, and (in reference to the latest mirror picture) “Wah, nice arms ah!”, so I don’t think I’m doing too badly for myself..

I just need to remember that I’m not only eating for myself though, it is more important to remember that I’m also eating for the baby.

Which brings me back to the cravings topic again – people say that cravings is the baby’s way of telling you what your body is lacking in terms of nutrition – which is why some women crave like anchovies and pickles when they normally would avoid it.

Thank God I don’t have cravings like that (yet)….  However, I was actually quite stoked that I might start liking dairy (milk and cheese) because I normally really hate the smell of the stuff.. I don’t know why, it’s not intolerance… I just can’t stand the smell and taste and a single whiff of cheese or even milk powder is enough to send me gagging or backed up against a corner to get as far away from it as possible.

noep nope nope

I’m not going to do the scientific research into whether this is really true or not, because honestly at this point in the pregnancy, I’m just happy to be able to be eating (Almost) whatever I want, and not feeling as nauseous as I did in the first trimester.

More importantly right now, is to get this sickness all rested and healed up so I can start gorging myself again. So I’m off after another short post to go and sleep some more and eat more meds so that reality will be that much sooner..



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