A Husband’s Perspective Take 2

Weight: 65.2kg – weight is dropping because I am STILL SICK!! OMG
Feeling: Like my lungs are going to come out and I’m gonna hemorrhage soon…


Week 25: Tummy is big enough for me to start wearing maternity stuff!

The Hubs and I went to the biggest baby fair of the year at the Expo yesterday and bought like shy of $700 worth of clothes and necessities for the baby. HOMG…

Needless to say I have an entire room full of baby’s things and it’s not even sorted out yet. I need to start clearing out the cupboard and putting baby’s things aside and in order and most importantly categorically listing out what clothes are for what age. It’s mad how easy it is to buy clothes for someone other than yourself and I swear that if my bank didn’t have a limit, my boy would have way more clothes than I have.

And that’s saying something…

enough clothes

But since I am as sick as sick can be, I am taking a break from posting this weekend. The husband has actually been talking about wanting to unload something on the blog for a while. Which I am only most happy to oblige. I am not going to say that I’m not grateful for the respite, but I am actually even more impressed that he’s stepping up to share his feelings not only with me but with everybody 🙂

So without further ado, my Hubs’ 2nd post!

Hey everyone!

Just another quick post from me! It would probably make no sense but I just needed to regurgitate whatever was stuck in my head.

As you all know, we’re having a boy, although this information whether boy or girl doesn’t necessarily cause a great impact about what I’m going to write. The  colleagues have been asking when my wife is due and also asking for the sex of the baby and i answer both the questions happily!

And without missing a beat, after they reply with a congratulations, all I hear is “boys are hard” or “good luck”…

boys suck

First off, I’m not saying i know what I’m getting myself into or that I’m an expert baby whisperer, so I asked “Why do I need good luck?” or “Why do you say that?” And here are some of the replies that I got….

“My son was a terror. Boys are extremely hard to look after…”

“I’ve lost twelve remote controls, because my boy uses them like hand phones and leaves them everywhere”


“My grandson won’t eat without his ipad playing his stupid cartoons. No ipad and he’ll jump off my lap and run around”


“pulls out everything from the drawers”


“Boys are very naughty and cheeky..”

cheeky baby

“Girls are quiet but expensive and boys are the opposite. Cheap but rowdy..”


Ohhhh mannnnn,  Seriously, with the amount of negative comments I was totally thinking about what I’ve gotten myself into so much trouble and “Maybe having a boy wasn’t such a good idea after all…”.

Argh. Is it really so bad? Die lah…

But after sitting down and thinking about things, there’s no point thinking about things that have not yet come to pass yet and anyway I do not profess to know everything. But one thing I can tell you for a fact is that I cannot wait for my little kid to be born.

What’s up with all this negativity? Is this kind of talk necessary? And will this affect me in negatively?

HEEEELLLLS NO… I can’t wait to spend my time with him:

To be naughty with him and teaching him.
To see him eat sand
To see him start climbing the book case.
Pushing stuff over.
To watch him operate the latest technology with ease.

I can’t wait to be a friend and father to him.

daddy and son

Again I say I can say this now, and hopefully I’ll not change my mind set. But I WILL try my utmost best to still think the same way over the next couple of months up to and after he is born. Anyway, No matter how things go, there are sure to be a whole set of challenges that I’ve never seen before….


Not all bad things were heard though….

“They’re more hardy than girls.”
“At such a young age they can operate my handphone better than they know how to tie shoelaces”.
“My son carries his grandma up the hospital stairs. Looks very cool.”

You see, not everything is as awful as any of us have heard. There are both good times and bad times. And I think I can safely say that I’ll treasure every single bad and good thing that comes my way… I’ll be patient and wait for baby and must remind myself to be also be patient when raising him without as much negativity as possible as well as raising him right. (hopefully)

a boy

Impatiently Waiting,


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