The Great Food Dilemma

Weight: 65.4 kg when I woke up and 66.1kg after an apple and grapes… Have to really watch the weight now..
Feeling: Slightly encouraged but yet cautious..

So I can’t decide what to eat! My very existence since the discovery over the weekend about baby needing to get bigger has been revolving around putting food in my tummy at regular intervals and getting food to the baby.

Now I’m facing quite a bit of a problem because I really truly do now know what to eat! Everything seems so boring or bland and tasteless or just simple too damn mafan (troublesome) to head out to buy / cook / prepare.

woe is me

Yes I am feeling MUCH better today. Better enough to start posting nice gifs for you all again. so there’s something to look forward to in this post.

But back to my food predicament.

I swear that there is NOTHING to eat. Yes granted that there is a coffee shop here, and a Macdonalds, and  KFC, and there’s Macpherson road nearby too, and if I were to really be honest, Nex is just 2 MRT stations away too.. But I am just so BORED with the food! It seems as if I’ve eaten EVERYTHING already and isn’t there something DIFFERENT that I can eat?

There are these articles that are like – baby can taste what you eat because the food taste gets into the amniotic fluid, so if you want your baby to be versatile with his tastes when he comes out, eat as many different things as possible now so that he’ll get used to it and like the food when he starts trying solids.

baby lemon

I mean, people tell me that you’re SUPPOSED to have some sort of cravings while you’re pregnant right? Well for me? Nada, Nil and Zilch..

And it doesn’t help that I’m still clearing the stupid sore throat and sinus issues. Phlegm and mucus will really play a number on your taste buds let me tell you that.

But I have to be honest.

I kinda threw all the precautions away in favour for feeding baby something that he might be happy with and that might soothe my tummy with yummy goodness. Plus I’m quite proud of myself for leaving the house and venturing to Nex on the MRT at lunch hour to get myself some Carl’s Junior to noms.

I know I’m a little lazy and the travelling time and effort is just a small price to pay considering that baby’s health and growth are hanging in the balance now, but sometimes I just wish that there was more VARIETY around the area that didn’t require that much hard work to get to!

don't feel lie

Moving on, I told my mum about the baby and she offered to cook for me once a week but first things first to bring us out for a good dinner and talk about things in person – get a little bit of the bad feeling away and feel comforted by familiar company.

I’m really and truly grateful for her being around. She’s unquestioningly supportive and even though sometimes I think that she may let me (but mostly my brother) get away with things a bit too easily, I’m glad that she gives of herself so willingly and without reservation.

Love you lots Mummy!

Anyway, we had dinner before our weekly cell meeting at Clementi mall and the three of us – my mum, the hubs and I, were talking about foods over dinner and because we were at the Soup Restaurant which typically serves herbal-ish oriented kinds of dishes, I was eating a bunch of supposedly nutritional and nurturing foods that would nourish my body while pregnant.

There are a LOT of different concoctions that the Chinese come up with that are supposed to give all sorts of different nutritional properties to the ailing body. This is where all the tiger’s penises and goats horns and snakes blood and all those creepy things come into play.

slimey but satisfying

Just kidding.

It is more like the plants and herbs that’s involved in soup brewing for health reasons. You would more likely get wolfberries and red dates, almonds and ginseng rather than animal parts 😛

But I did make it a point to ask the lady about every single dish I was eating because it seemed that there was some sort of effect for every dish that was made in the kitchen of that place. Check out their menu here.

Soups aside, the veges would be made with some form of herbs and stuff and there were double-boiled desserts and the like so it was important for me to make sure I wasn’t eating the wrong things that would cause the opposite effect of nourishment and fattening up of baby.

We ordered a Gui Ling Gao (Herbal Jelly) with honey for my mum and a chilled double boiled Snow Frog soup dessert thingy for the hubs and I to share.

snow frog dessert

*this is not my picture. I’ve stolen it off Google Images.

But yeah, we had this discussion about how there is no real Snow Frog and it was actually a disgustingly clever way of disguising the fact that snow frog is actually some innards of the frog instead.

Now that I’m writing this blog post about it, I have to do the journalistic thing and do a proper search online about what it is before progressing with my story and here it is, direct to you from Wikipedia:

Hasma (Harsmar, Hashima) is a Chinese and widely Central Asian dessert ingredient made from the dried fatty tissue found near the fallopian tubes of true frogs, typically the Asiatic Grass Frog (Rana chensinensis). Hasma is often mistakenly described as toad or frog fat, since it is sometimes referred to as “toad oil” (Chinese: 蛤蟆油; pinyin: há mǎ yóu). The Western pharmaceutical term is Oviductus Ranae.

OH MY GAAAAAAAAAH.. “dried fatty tissue found near the fallopian tubes of true frogs“….


I’m going to hurl..

Had I known this last night, I would NOT have gone anywhere near the stuff.

I’m not going to go near this stuff anymore EVER anymore ANYWAY.


dry heave

Anyway, ignorant of the true nature of this deceptively sweet tasting dessert, my mum proceeded to tell me that I actually used to eat chicken intestines when I was younger. To which I was vehemently denying the possibility of it.

Apparently, my grandparents used to bring me to buy chicken rice when I was younger (Yes, part of the stupid chicken rice chilli packet story I told a few weeks back…) and they used to feed me chicken innards and were very PROUD of the fact that they got me to eat that noxious stuff. They were happily gloating to my mum that I “loved the stuff”

Okay, now SERIOUSLY, I have NO recollection of ever eating the stuff and for as far as I was concerned, my grandparents told me what I was eating was jellyfish…

But after having that conversation with my mum, it dawned on me that it was HIGHLY possible that my grandparents had successfully managed to con me all these years into thinking that what I was eating WAS jellyfish, when in actual fact it was another disgusting gross part of the chicken that I would NEVER have touched had I known the truth!!

Chicken intestines!! Jellyfish!! Cheated of feelings!!

it's not ok

*Disclaimer: I’m actually pretty sure that chicken intestines are dark grey pieces of things that look like internal organs, so after a bit of Googling and discussion on the topic, we came to the conclusion that what I was bluffed into believing was jellyfish was in fact Chicken feet skin – which isn’t as bad as liver and hearts and gizzards and lungs. YUCK.

chicken feet skin

chicken feet skin



Right… SO moving off that traumatic realisation, the hubs and I had a little bit more of a serious conversation about what it would be like to feed the baby food in the future.

There were a lot of things that we both didn’t eat and didn’t like to eat. And considering that we were Chinese living in Singapore, it’s actually pretty rare that we wouldn’t have some sort of affinity for all manners of shellfish and funky smelling fruits *ahem* durian *ahem*

But we agreed that we definitely wanted to give our baby boy the opportunity to try everything without biased-ness from his parents and their judgmental and hardened taste buds that no longer had the capability of enjoying new things. So how ARE we going to do this? We don’t want to eat this and that, but as a parent you have to show a good example right?

Anyway, my husband had this classic answer that he gave me a while back when we had this discussion on our own: “I’m an adult, I can do what I want. You, are a child – you have no choice.”


WELL.. I suppose the most likely situation is to get some “uncle” or “aunty” to demonstrate the yummy-ness of said item (that’s yucky to mummy and daddy) but I’m sure we will figure something out when we get there… 😉

Now back to me, and even though I have been able to gorge myself once or twice in the last few days. as my appetite increases I know that I’m going to also be finding myself facing a different kind of problem – and that’s the impending expansion of my belly while the skin has not yet an inkling of exactly how much it has to stretch. Result? Feeling of imminent explosion post every meal.

It’s not quite the heartburn they say women start to get in the 3rd trimester or pregnancy, but I’m sure it’s just as discomfiting and it’ll have to be resolved eventually as baby grows and space for mummy’s tummy shrinks.

Again, a tiny problem to take in my stride – all in the name of healthy and growing baby!

In any case, I can’t complain when I’m getting fed yummy food right?

let's do this





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