Feel Good Weekend

Weight: 66.1kg I’m aiming to hit 67.0 by next weekend. No more Ms. Small Eater…
Feeling: Loved and Cherished and Hopeful..


week 26: Slight difference from this week’s photos – I’m really leaning back quite a bit huh. The belly is starting to get in my way.. Which is good..

*Picture heavy post ahead, and I’m not talking about the gifs*

The last few days went by in a haze of good feeling and completion 🙂

bradpitt feels good

Having been born in 1984, that makes this year a very big one for me – I’m actually turning 30 this year. It’ll be a year full of firsts and lasts.

First one of many of my 3-somethings..
First one where I won’t be able to gorge myself on alcohol and party vibes and going mad for hitting the big three-oh (not that I’ve been having very wild parties in the last few years anyway).
First step into the middle age.

Last one of my 20s
Last one that my husband and I will be able to say it’s just the 2 of us.
Last bit of my youth….

Yeah okay. Sounds DEPRESSING. Or at least it should.

But it’s a really big step and I am actually very, very excited about what’s to come. There are just so many things to look forward to, and our ability to handle whatever God sends our way, including financial issues and health and baby and family, it’s not age that really determines it for you.


The husband and I were talking yesterday about age and growing up and we agreed about one thing – there’s never a really defining moment when you realise you’re an adult. Much less a parent.

Hell, when our baby boy is going to be born, we’re still going to be the kids that enjoy playing Diablo and other video games together. Sitting at home and watching movies, cussing out and bitching about irritating people…

I really don’t think we seem like parent material at all for the moment. But it’s more of something that we have to ease into I guess. All the responsibility and priority to the do the right thing and BURDENS placed on your shoulders.. You’ve got no choice but to accept it and do your best at it and keep moving forward with what you’ve got.

keep going

But age, maturity and uber heavy topic aside, the following week is going to be super hectic for the husband and I – what with a baby fair, a wedding and also the dreaded follow up visit at the obgyns.. So we did something a week earlier for my birthday.

We went to the Night Safari 🙂


Now I’m not going to post photos about the Night Safari here, but I would like to talk about the feelings and the thoughts that went through my head while we were there.

It was a real throw-back to when I was a kid and going for the first time – going to see the animals and getting to know about them and everything.. EXCITING!

I was also a little nervous about doing that much walking at the park because here I am trying to get my weight up. I should be confined to bed rest and permanently eating or something to ensure that I put on weight and it stays on. NOT walking about and huffing and puffing up Night Safari terrain. (Yes, I remember I said the doctor said no amount of eating or lack of eating could’ve actually affected baby’s growth. But I worry okay?? Deal with it :P)

deal with it

But more interestingly, it was somewhat of a glimpse of what life would be like with a kid in tow.. Walking through the park and pointing out the different animals, Hoisting up baby so that he can see over the heads of everyone else there and attending the showcases for the animals so that we can learn about the animals while they perform some tricks for us..

It was also only my 2nd time to the park, and the hubs had NEVER been to the Night Safari before. We were really excited to do this touristy-date thing and it was literally like looking at the park through a child’s eyes since we were relatively inexperienced when it came to the things in the park.

Long story short, it was a really enlightening experience for us to  be there and just do something that was filled of wonder for us. It also helped that we got bumped to the front of the tram queue for the round-the-park tram ride that we bought tickets for. That queue was MAD let me tell you…

cut queue!

Besides that, we also learnt that it’s very important to teach baby how to listen to instructions as best as possible. When the tram guide-voiceover person or the show presenter person tells you NO flash photography, that means NO flash photography.

We were told, rather firmly and strictly NOT to use flash photography while we were in the park because the animals weren’t used to bright lights and could be startled or frightened. It was rather funny thinking about the possibility of the lions or tigers or bears getting irritated at the assholes who didn’t adhere to instruction and insisted on their spotlights and flashbulbs popping and doing something about the errant tourists themselves MUAHAHAHAHAHA.


Maybe baby will get rich and  famous one day foran uber cute video-gif thing….

ANYWAY, I also managed to complete a small project that I’ve been working on for the babies room 🙂 I made a cloud mobile thingamajig!

There are actually quite a number of tutorials online to figure out how to get one of these babies made.. I’ve pulled out a few links for you if you need instructions to go about getting one done below:

1) 7 different Cloud styles for inspiration

cloud mobile 1

2) Youtube tutorial

3) 15 more ideas for you!

cloud mobile 2

Hope that these gave you a little inspiration! For me, I just needed something to keep my hands a little busy/. I started on this a pretty damn long time ago, before I started blogging about the tingling fingers and worrying that  sewing was aggravating the issue and all that.

My cloud mobile was made from scratch with less than $10 of felt and stuffing from DAISO!


I tell you DAISO is damn awesome for all these arts and crafty things. It’s no Spotlight or Art friend, but you just need to be versatile with the materials you use.

Of course if you’re planning for silk clouds and shimmery rain drops, you’d be better off going to Arab Street to hunt for textiles, but to each his own, and I’m damn happy with budget spending to create something that’s pretty.

Moving on, It’s actually a pretty simple thing to make once you’ve seen the examples and watched a few tutorials online.

1) Measure and cut out your cloud.
I got a bit lazy and didn’t cut out 2 full pieces of cloth to sew together? I just folded my cloth in half and drew out a rough cloud shape. If you want something a little more puffy, and 3D all around, then 2 separate pieces to sew together would be a better bet.


2) Sew up the edges until the very edge where you should leave a hold big enough for your hand to shove stuffing into the cloud.


3) Measure and cut out the little raindrops and pin them to your cloud in an evenly spaced manner so that you know where you want to fix them to once the cloud is stuffed



4) Do the same and start sewing up and stuffing the little raindrops. You can start fixing them on once you’re done with each drop. Or keep them in a colourful pile of drops until they are all done.
In the interest of saving thread, I did everything individually so I could use up whatever thread I had on hand.


5) Have an idea of how you want your raindrops to “fall”. I’ve got mine in different lengths but in a repetitive pattern. (easier for me to remember) 


6) Find somewhere to hang the mobile! 
Our cot isn’t in yet, so this is only half of the work that needs to be done in order to get it afixed on the stern of baby’s sleep train, but that’s just a matter of time.. For now it sits prettily near the window sill of baby’s room..


So that concludes my last weekend and week. I’m glad that I’ve been finding small yet significant things to lift my spirits and keep busy..

It’s just a matter of time til the next checkup, so I do need to keep the stress levels down and just look forward to good news.

Here’s to the rest of the week until this Saturday’s check up being as happy and fulfilling as the last 🙂

Happy and Satisfied,


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