Finding food to eat…

Weight: 66.0kg
Feeling: like I need to eat some more…

So the last few days left of the week have really been all about eating… But I have been writing about that quite a fair bit lately, so I’m just going to breeze over some thoughts I’ve had so far. The epic post will come this weekend when we go to the doctor and go to the baby fair over the weekend to get bath stuff for baby….

Moving on…

In Singapore, we celebrate the Hindu festival of lights – which is basically the Indian’s equivalent of the Chinese New Year celebrations – getting together with family to catch up and talk about what’s been happening, a chance to wear new clothes, for the kiddies to collect packets of money, and gorging yourself on yummy once-a-year treats!

cookie monster

I actually had the good fortune to visit an Indian friend of mine, a old, old friend from primary school  days , and she was in the height of flurry and preparations for Deepavali.

The actual reason I was going over was to pick up some hand-me-downs which I’ve actually been shamelessly requesting from people to pass to me. From what I’ve been hearing from all the first time mums around me is that it’s a disaster to buy baby clothes because they are TOO cute.

It’s like a death trap for shopaholics because what you’re doing is essentially buying for someone else – that should be more than enough reason to give a person free reign to buy even MORE things right?

My wallet cries…

onion wallet

yeah, and that’s not even the worst of it… The worst part about buying all these gorgeous cute clothes for baby is that they grow so damn fast. If you’ve ever done a comparison of the 0-3 month baby onesies and the 3-6 month baby onesies, you’ll totally get what I mean. How da hell do these babies grow man… beans all of them. One they small and the next day humongous :/

And apparently it’s almost as bad as if each piece of clothing will probably be worn once. MAX. because by the time you cycle through the rest of the clothes for that age range, he’d have outgrown the clothes by the time you get back to the first ones that you used.

So the magic number in terms of sets of clothes is like.. 3 sets for newborns and 5 sets for the next range and then slowly increasing by 2s as you go down the line.. And IF you are lucky, you might not waste any of the pretty things that you’ve spent money on .

All that being said, I decided to be shameless and ask friends for hand me downs and I really could not be more grateful for the ones that agreed to pass baby clothes and maternity stuff to me, and even more so for the ones I didn’t ask but have been offering 🙂

sharing is caring!

sharing is caring!

*feeling loved*

But yes, moving on to the food!

Upon visiting my friend’s house, I was greeted with an immense number of cookies and I was the guest of honour who got to test a tasting platter of everything. And let me tell you, a platter of 10 different types of cookies is no joke. HURHUR YUMMY 🙂

There were mango and strawberry melt-in-your-mouth cookies and muruku savouries and rosemary cookies and a cookie that encased pineapple jam and there was even a box of Krispy Kremes for me to indulge in.

I should never again say that I need to make myself eat. Too many kind friends who are willing to oblige and help me on the way to fat kingdom.. Not that I’m complaining….

let's get fat!

And that’s just the beginning of it.. I’ve been finding renewed vigour to eat since then.

Like I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts, I’ve been struggling a lot with what to eat because I simple can’t decide and everything seems blah and difficult to prepare. However for some reason, this week seems to have thrown a new dimension into things.

The hubs and I stocked up the kitchen and the fridge with things that we thought I might be hungering for while working from home and this included hams and jams and sausages and nuggets and fish fingers and a lot of quick ready-make items for me to nibble on. And inevitably when we go to the supermarket, we’ll end up saying that “won’t it be nice if we made this and that sometime next week?” and then we’d end up getting all the ingredients for a chicken pie, or bolognese sauce or the like.

So what happened in the last few days, was really all about getting off my ass and making sure that I stuck to the plan and cooked what I said I would cook before the ingredients started to go bad.

spoilt food

I had a lovely breakfast of french toast and bacon and a bowl of fruits and orange juice yesterday, and we had a lovely dinner with my in-laws which despite the weird hodge-podge mix of food, ended up being rather filling. And we did do the chicken pie and bolognese that I said we bought all the ingredients for 🙂

I’m looking forward to something a little more tame this week though. I’m doing a macaroni for tonight and hoping that we’ll have a chance to go for a steamboat buffet in the coming week.

Feel the hunger mounting!!!!


Okay, technically there IS a monster in my tummy… MUAHAHAHA.

But yeah, that’s actually the biggest encouragement in my search for food this week – it’s the little monster growing in my belly. His kicks are getting stronger everyday, and it wasn’t too long ago that the hubs came home and put his ear to my tummy and told baby that he’s home from work when he swore that he saw my tummy undulating in waves to show that baby was moving inside.

YEAH – exactly like the freaky 9 month pregnant ladies who video their tummy with feet and hands sticking out from inside.

Creepy but satisfying!

I really can’t wait til baby is big enough for it to be this obvious that we can start taking videos of my tummy 🙂 It’ll be such a lovely addition to the pictures that we’ve been so diligently taking so far..

But for the time being, it’s mummy and daddy’s job to keep keeping baby fed so that he can continue growing big and strong for his first film debut 🙂

Excited for growth,


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