Somersaults and Tumbles

Weight: 67.1kg – hit my goal weight for this period in between gynae visits!
Feeling: Optimistic but internally bruised..

I don’t care, I am calling myself in my third trimester already because I am SUFFERING.

Wah it’s no joke man. I’m like getting up every other hour at night to go and pee because baby has rolled over on to my bladder or something – I swear it’s some in-built mechanism to get me used to having to get up to feed baby every 2-3 hours when he’s out next time.

And oh boy, is this NOT the least of it.

can't get worse

Yeah… besides having to get up and go pee, I also can’t find a comfy position at all. I MIGHT find one for all of 5 minutes and get a good sleep, but then something shifts and I’d have to roll over.

The maternity pillow thingies do help a little bit to help cushion the tummy and prevent too much pulling and tugging at the skin when I’m dragging my tummy from left and right, but it’s a real BITCH to bring the pillow from one side to the other when I need to roll over.


There actually ARE other options like the dual sided maternity pillow, except for the fact that one of those mudda’s are damn bulky and take up SO MUCH SPACE.


My poor hubs would be reduced to sleeping on the couch 😦 sad.

But moving on, the issues don’t all happen when I’m bed you know. When I’m walking or sitting, it’s tough times too. There just never seems to be a moment where everything just sits properly and I actually find myself trying to shove the belly around a bit to try and get a better resting position for my insides to feel okay.

It’s quite intriguing sometimes, besides the discomfort. I can really tell where baby is “lying” sometimes by how much tension there is on side of the tummy considered to another. And sometimes, just SOMETIMES, I’ve actually taken to poking at baby sometimes when I can tell where he is. Haha. Hey, just telling baby that mummy knows he’s there 😉


just met you but i love you

So I was mentioning that the baby has started to get lots stronger with his kicks and “nudges” right.

I had a friend who told me that her baby’s head was constantly bumping against her ribs all throughout the later half of her pregnancy and she has a permanently “clicky” rib because of it.

Baby boy is starting down that route this week and at times, I really don’t know whether to be happy I feel him moving or to feel a little stretched for comfort – pun entirely intended.

you so funny!

Like the other day, I was just reclining on the sofa watching TV with the hubs, and the baby kicked up my ribs. This might sound crude, but I SWEAR I saw my boob jiggle a little from the impact too. Maybe baby is going to be Ace at kicking ball-shaped items in his toddler-hood. Here comes the next Irfan Ahmad of Singapore lol!

Not that daddy would be very happy. The hubs was a rugby player in his youth for school – the Red, Blue and Gold school to be precise. And he’s VERY strict about the differences between rugby and soccer.

Not that it would be a requirement, but it would be nice if baby would take after daddy in the sport that he loves and joined the rugby team when he’s in school too. It would make daddy really happy 🙂

proud of you

We were actually joking about this too, because we stay very near one of the biggest rival schools for my husband’s alma mater. And thing is, there’s no question about what school we’re sending baby boy to. Obviously he’s going to the school where the Best is Yet to Be.

However wearing the uniform home may be a bit of an interesting trip. The boys who are Up and On might not be very happy about rivals residing in their turf.

We WERE joking about baby probably getting heckled the minute he steps out of the MRT trying to get home and on hind sight, that’s not really a very pretty picture to be joking about.

I am really turning into a worry-wort of a parent :/


Right, but besides obviously getting into some sort of sporting activity, the hubs and I agreed that our kids have to learn how to be all rounded too – hopefully baby won’t just be a pure jock.

IT was something along the lines of – one sport, one academic or one art or something like that.

Sports are obvious, but academic and arts meaning like science club or choir, or band or something like that. Something that requires a bit more brain and a little less brawn.

brains and brawn

But I may just be getting ahead of myself for now, I don’t think that I should be jumping the gun and counting my chickens before they literally hatch and all that just yet.

It is fun to speculate though… It just shows how far I’ve come from being worried about what my life will turn into when baby comes out and what I’ll have to sacrifice..

Now I’m just welcoming the experience and really looking forward to the day when baby comes out to play for real 🙂

can't wait

But until that day, I’m going to have to try and keep baby calm in my belly and hope that as excited as we both are to meet each other, he doesn’t get too excited with his limbs in there.

Something’s thrashing around,



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