Lots and Lots of news this week!

Weight: 67.7 kg Heavy mummy is an eating mummy is a growing baby 🙂
Feeling: Much more relieved and better prepared!


Week 29: Baby is really pulling through. My tummy is registering harder kicks and stronger undulations

So today’s post will be a little more content-packed since we saw our obgyn on Saturday. I’ll try and keep things succint and within my 1000+ word limit which I normally try to stick to when writing blog posts 🙂

Going to the Doctor

After all the postponement and big fuss about having to swap dates out so that we could visit the doctor, we almost missed our appointment on Saturday.

I had put the appointment into my phone for 12 noon on the 1st of November. But see, I normally put appointments half an hour before hand so that I can make sure I have ample time to arrive early or account for traffic and the like, so I was confused at whether it was REALLY scheduled for 12 noon or for 12:30 or something.


Didn’t help matters that the husband logged the appointment for 12:45 pm either haha

Man… I tried to call them from 11am all the way til we reached the hospital on the dot for what I ended up just averaging for a 12:30pm appointment and while we were putting the car into valet, the clinic called and said “Err.. did you know you have an appointment and it was at 12 noon today?”



I gave the receptionist-nurse person a piece of my mind about their lines being engaged for close to 2 hour and she was rather apologetic about things – seems they were short staffed and down to only 4 staff in the office today.

Wow. 4 staff and not one could pick up the phone..

ANYWAY, no harm done since we just had to wait a little longer to see the doctor. At least they didn’t say we made a wasted trip, I would have exploded right then and there in their faces if they made us postpone the consult one more time….


Update on the baby wasn’t all that great – doctor did the ultrasound scan and told us that baby is still hovering around the 15-17th percentile of growth for his abdomen and tummy. But there was good news and that was that he IS growing!

So that kinda makes him a consistently small baby, sort of. Doc says it just means that he’s slim. Which can go both ways. But to hear that things are consistent?  That really takes a huge weight off of our shoulders and the hubs and I are a lot calmer and less stressed about things now that’s all settled. I mean we’ll still have to keep monitoring things, but at least we know that it’s not a sudden “jam” is his growth.

Anyway, general consensus from all concerned parties is that baby will DEFINITELY get bigger in the final trimester. And for that, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the next month or two. Already I swear I would like to not get much bigger, given all the weight and pressure that the extra pounds are straining upon my body. But hey, baby first right? 😉

that's love

On the flip side, mummy isn’t doing as well as baby is :/ Apparently I have sugar in my pee, so they’re going to have me do this icky glucose test at our next doctor’s visit in 2 weeks time. Gotta get to the docs at 9am in the morning to consume some glucose drink and kinda see how my body is able to process it. Sit there for 2 hours while waiting for results too.. MAD.

Shouldn’t be a big issue though. I just happened to have a huge breakfast that morning so that was probably what it was. But we’ll see.

More scarily, is that the haze is back and the sinus issues are coming back with it. 160++ PSI today apparently. And although the nose and throat issues aren’t due to pregnancy issues – meaning it won’t affect baby’s growth and such, the obgyn wants me to seriously start thinking about going to see an ENT (Ear, nose, throat) specialist to get my sinuses checked out. Just so that things are easier for me.


So today bright and early I called my mum’s contact – who happens to be her cell leader, at his clinic and set up an appointment for Tuesday morning.

Lots of thoughts on this really – costs obviously. Obviously things would work out if I could just claim everything from my insurance policies, but in order for that to happen, I need to bank on a surgery so that I’m hospitalised and I can claim under my medi-save integrated plan.

BUT… EVEN if I do get recommended to go for surgery to create my screwed-up nose or whatever, things are still going to be tough. REALLY tough, considering how we are going to need to work out the timing with baby coming too. I obviously can’t go under General Anaesthesia while carrying baby – super bad in terms of introduction of drugs and the like. AND since I’ve been such an advocate for natural birth, I’d really hate for it to all be for waste before labour has even begun.

Well, I’ll get an update to you on that in the mid-week post, but in the meantime, I really just have to leave it to God to see how things are going to turn out. Hopefully there are options that don’t involve expensive treatments and scopes and tests and what-not…

 Baby Cues & Signals

On Sunday we did something else that really lifted our spirits and put us totally into the mood for baby’s imminent arrival!

My Hypnobirthing friend who ran our classes also kinda runs a baby massage class and she was running a “teaser” class that was more of a preparation and introduction to what to expect when baby is finally out. For the first time she was going to do it BEFORE baby comes out, so we were asked to attend and help provide some feedback on the application and usefulness of the course material.

We were really blessed and although another couple was SUPPOSED to have attended with us, when we arrived at my friend’s house, turns out we were going to have a private class instead! Woot!

It was a short class 2 and a half hours – but OH SO HELPFUL.

love it

We learnt a fair amount of stuff. Besides baby massage that is.

Baby massage in essence is supposed to help baby be aware of his surroundings and his new skin and actually isn’t about getting blood flowing to his limbs as is the case in most massages that are administered to older recipients. – like me who likes a strong-handed masseuse hurhur

Speaking of which, I’ll definitely be getting the hubs to practice some of the “moves” out over the course of the next few months before baby comes out. Practice makes perfect you know. 😉

enjoy only ;)

enjoy only 😉

But honestly, besides my enjoyment, we also talked about the importance of daddy-baby bonding time and since I’ve got the bulk of feeding duties, bath times and massage times will be under daddy’s hand.

Of course I will do my share of bathing and nappy-changing and massages as well, but it will be a mostly daddy-time with baby activity 🙂

Other than how to help baby be more aware about himself and the sensations on his feet, one thing that was really quite mysterious was how babies are able to reflect trauma from different parts of their bodies.

Especially their heads – where they first enter the world, it seems like they can retain a very distinct memory about how they were handled in their very first exposure to our air, as opposed to being in the womb. And their feet – because that’s where blood is drawn if tests need to be done when baby first arrives too. Babies can feel very, very sensitive and might get very fussy when touched in the vicinity of these areas of trauma!

don't touch me

So any, slow and patient exposure to touch and hovering around these sensitive areas can really help baby with that.

In addition, there’s also actual rubbing of tummy, back and chest parts for relieving of wind in the various areas as well as also the proper way that you should be holding baby when you’re doing so.

Here’s my lovely assistant husband demonstrating…

handling your baby

Creepy ass baby models *shudder*

Anyway…. We also watched a video and discussed the 5 different sounds that baby makes when they are trying to signal things to us. I always figured that babies’ cries meant something, but for somebody to have actually gone and listed it down phonetically and to have been able to conduct SUCCESSFUL research on the accuracy of her findings is amazing.

As a part of the video, we would listen to a bunch of babies crying and try to determine which of the 5 sounds we were hearing.

And as intriguing as it was trying to decipher wailing and bawling, let’s just say that I’m glad I don’t have to listen to baby wailing for another 2 and a half months to go.

ignore it, it'll go away

We ended off class with the 5S’s of calming your baby. And that was when we really got impressed with the material in the course.

The video of the doctor who came up with the 5 S’s was like MIND BLOWING. He’d like try one S, then another, but the minute he put 2 or more of them together, you can SEE the baby just switch on calming mode.

It was MAD!

Definitely the highlight of the course and something we were scribbling furiously in our notebooks to remember when the time comes.


Anyway with all the activity that has been going on over the weekend, I’m just looking forward to a weekend where we don’t have something on right now.

Things seem to be just getting more and more busy for us, and not even just with baby preparations and things but also meeting up with friends and trying to keep in touch with everybody.

We are just so tired that we’ve both taken to taking naps over the weekend afternoons to get that extra boost in energy.

can't stay awake

I might just go for one now when I’m done with this post, but it is a start of a brand new week and I’ve got to at least get SOME work done amongst the haze and the heat 😦

Well, I should be grateful we have the luxury to take naps now even considering how little sleep I foresee us getting once baby comes out though.

Til then, I’m gonna grab my 40 winks whenever I can and if I’m late on the midweek post you’ll know why then! 😉




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