Doing absolutely, gloriously, NOTHING

Weight: 69.1kg – And it’s all down to what I don’t do..
Feeling: ridiculously rested and dreading the week of work..


Week 32: With such a big piece of canvas, a little doodling never hurt anybody…

So since the last post, about the mummy’s group and the ranting, I sorta, kinda had a do-jack-all weekend. That being said, I hope today’s post will be a little shorter than normal…

The weekend wasn’t really by choice, in that we didn’t schedule it to be uneventful; it just was. The husband and I were just pleasantly surprised at how little we had to do and tried to keep it that way by not making any more plans than we needed to.

not going anywhere

I think the most strenuous thing we did this whole weekend was bringing the dog out to the dog cafe and took care of some Christmas deliveries from the office (more like collection of things that were to be delivered)… but I digress.

This glorious weekend of not doing anything and CHOOSING not to do anything has truly been bringing me to treasure what we have in everything before baby is born.

It’s truly starting to hit home that there’s not a lot of time left to be in our “二人世界” or 2 person’s world. In no time at all, it won’t be the hubs and I anymore and we’ll be a threesome, where the third wheel will wear the pants in our little family.

Our sleeping and waking times will be dictated by the little devil. We will think twice whether to buy things for ourselves as opposed to necessities for the baby. And we sure as hell won’t be planning to go out on a date just the two of us, or even to meet friends in any case – not unless we can find somebody to take care of the baby…

baby is king

Yeah, baby is going to be king of the household alright.

So beginning Friday, I had a friend over to come and fool around with some henna mehndi (paste) cones. I was looking at a post that was put up by one of those channels on Facebook with “while your time away” albums and thought it’d be fun to give it a try.

So when she came over, she brought her 8-mth old bub too. We set up our Graco playpen so that baby could safely be in the room with us without us having to worry that she’d start grabbing wires and putting things in her mouth that aren’t supposed to go in her mouth, and got to work.

I had the most amazing glimpse into my imminent future. We were talking about how it becomes so important to keep schedules and make sure that babies go down for their nap and keeping them entertained when they’re up and about….

baby running

Anyway, the one thing that I learnt though was that I’ve got treasure what peace and quiet I can get now. And to not rely on cartoons and videos as best as possible.

It was quite freaky… Her bub was a bundle of wanting to be entertained too so we both tried ways and means of getting her to calm down. She was being a little cranky because she skipped her afternoon nap and really just wanted a little love and attention. After an hour or two, we ended up showing baby some cutesy cartoon videos as a last resort and I TELL YOU, the immediate CHANGE.


It was like where there were sniffles and screeching, there was ABSOLUTE SILENCE while she watched the videos….

too quiet

I agree that it might seem feasible as a good “pacifier” or entertainer at times, but it’s like voodoo or something, the way that the baby suddenly gets mesmerized by what’s going on on the screen…

Moderation seems to be the key, and at my friend’s advice, try my best not to succumb to the “easy way out” at least until baby hits a year and a half or 2 years old.

Television is truly evil…

Anyway with our new-found quiet, we managed to finish up the tummy henna and let baby go home for a proper rest..


Baby fell asleep within minutes of leaving my house though… And what I’m finding the most surprising about the whole episode is that I find that it’s endearing! Moments like these that will make you laugh in the future and really look back on in fondness.

*Note to self: words are words only ah! You better remember not to lose your temper if this really happens to you in the future.

As for the rest of the weekend, the hubs and I truly spent time doing nothing at all.


We went out for brunch on Saturday morning, swung by my office to pick up calendars and envelopes for sending out to my clients, came home and had a nap then went out for a walk to the nearby dog cafe for dinner.

Sunday was equally as boring! Yay!

Slept til 10am, went out to buy food and visit the hubs’ favourite Chai Tao Kueh or Chinese Carrot Cake stall. The Aunty who cooks up the delicious stuff has been operating her stall for FOREVER and had just moved from her old Ghim Moh Market premises to the ABC Brickworks market at Alexandra.

This Aunty and my hubs have a very special relationship – see carrot cake is my husband’s most favourite hawker food in the whole wide world.

i love it


When he studied overseas, this would be his first request whenever he came back for holidays and he ALWAYS ordered a $5 portion of carrot cake.

Now for any Singaporean, you’d know that the “standard” order would be $2 worth of the stuff or $3 if you’re really quite hungry, so a $5 was really quite unseen back 5 or so years ago..

It came to a point where the Aunty would see his face and be like “小弟 (little brother), $5 huh?” No need to queue even, and this Aunty’s  carrot cake was QUITE reputable – there would almost ALWAYS be a queue 7-8 deep.

i know how to queue

Well, safe to say the hubs has his own reputation with the carrot cake stall Aunty huh?

ANYWAY, even though we haven’t seen the Aunty in quite a while, she saw us coming a mile away and gave us a hearty and friendly wave and put up her hand signalling $5, to which we nodded and came over to make small chat.

What was really amusing about this, was that she was really so happy to see me pregnant and she was animated and excited about asking me when I was due, and whether we were expecting a boy or a girl and it was really like a relative of something who genuinely feels joy at seeing and hearing about our happy bundle of joy on the way.

Put a smile on my face it did.

tee hee

Well, this got me to thinking that there’s just so much happiness in the simplest things like visiting your favourite hawker stalls and growing up with the owners and creating a relationship with people like that.

I really hope that there’ll come a day when our baby will get introduced to the carrot cake Aunty and forge his own special relationship with her over they years too 🙂

I bet the hubs would disown him if he didn’t like carrot cake anyway. BUAHAHAHA! kidding..

Moving on, after that we just came home and took a nap, decided to have our own bit of henna fun doodling on each other than going out for a sushi dinner 🙂

IMG_9348 IMG_9347

Doing nothing with the one you love = BLISS..

That being said, amidst all the worry that things are going to change – that I won’t have quiet moments to myself and I might not be able to do what we do now, I think it’s important for me not to feel wistful that times like these would be gone when baby comes out. Because isn’t the baby somebody that I love too?

Sure, the idea of “doing nothing” will change, it’ll almost always be doing something WITH or FOR the baby. But there IS a lot of joy to be found in that too…

And in closing for the weekend, here’s looking forward to the bub’s arrival so we can do more together, all of us 🙂


Happy to be together,



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