Like moving a house

Weight: 70.4kg – Captain, we have breached the surface!
Feeling: BIG, and tired, and really just.. like I don’t want to do anything

Is it just me, or do a lot of people think that it’s DAMN EASY to move around when you are like a few weeks away from giving birth or something?

I really don’t know what is going on, but I think people think that it’s a breeze to maneuver a big belly around; even when there’s a baby who’s thrashing around in there, whacking all your organs while you’re doing so. I’ve been meeting really stupid people lately who assume that my versatility and my control of movement is very good even with the extra bulk on my bones.

I mean, in general, it’s pretty easy to avoid people in an area where traffic is heavy  and there are lots of people rushing from one place to another, whether oncoming or from the back of you to somewhere. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and keep out of the way of people.

watch where you're going

But I think people these days have really turned quite oblivious. People are constantly on their phones or just engrossed in their own thing, so much so that they really can’t be bothered to look out for whatever or whoever is coming their way.

Maybe it’s a sense of entitlement too, that everyone thinks that they have the right of way, and somehow play a game of “chicken” – you just keep barreling towards each other and the person who jumps out of the way to avoid a collision is the loser.

There’s really not been much consideration for how easy or difficult it is for me to move around at all and today, I really feel the need to rant about these stupid people.

stupid people

Wish I could slap people to wake them out of the weird ideas in their head.

slap slap slap!

To be honest, I probably would have been just as mad had I not been pregnant, but today I’m not even going to post the responses I got on this, nor am I going to blow the issue up worse than it already is.

Anyway, like I said, I just couldn’t even get angry!

I’m just flabbergasted how people could have so little common sense. Even if I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were moving to give ME more space, didn’t they have the awareness to see I was already keeping to one side of the road to make space for THEM?

Not even that, but there were TWO of them. Both of them chose to be so stupid as to fight with me for a space on my side of the pathway.


Not that I intend to get started on the whole physics of things, but a big moving object has a certain amount of momentum, and that momentum means that you need quite a fair amount of force to change direction or to initiate a stop in your actions.

And there are times when obviously for the sake of my unborn child in my tummy, I need to take the precautions to ensure that I don’t get bumped and thrown off my feet and ensure that I preserve myself in the face of inconsiderate people who are hurtling down the street towards me.

This results in having to next to literally jump out of the way at the last minute or do a mad snaking movement to avoid the barrage or simple just brace for impact.


The fb post I had down actually generated a pretty short but interesting discussion on what different people would do in the same scenario – we even got a cool NYC Etiquette post from it that’s supplied the above gif.

Also unsurprisingly, some people are really fed up to the point that they just can’t be bothered to move out of the way anymore.

Me included.



Now this really isn’t something that I should be proud of doing. But you do what you have to do to make sure that your Baby is protected isn’t it.

It just appalls me that people would be so inconsiderate about things.



Anyway, after I finished ranting online about all these irritating people, I had a friend who posted the below picture. It’s really quite timely and it gave me a much needed break in my fuming and astonishment to really think about my actions.

Not to mention that I’m heavily pregnant and an increase in blood pressure really wouldn’t be advisable right now.


Well not quite because of THAT, but because Christmas IS coming, and in the Christmas spirit of giving and FOR-giving, I should really be taking a time out and live and let live. Christmas is supposed to be about forgiveness and a promise of God’s blessing on us of ever-lasting life. And it just isn’t that seemly to be bitching out stupid people right?

After all we are all created by God to be in his image and to strive to be more like Him.

And it’s in this joyous Christmas season that I think the reminder comes timely. Not only for the sake of The One who sacrificed His life for us, but also because of the importance of us to be important role models for our baby.

We recently did a short lesson on how important it is to pass on values to your children and the best way to do that, is when you set a good example..

Throughout parenthood, it goes without saying that there are going to be times where it will be difficult to control myself to be that shining visage of perfection that we would love for our children to be. And I’m not going to profess here that I’m going to be able to be that wonderful.

not a role model

I am a little worried that the bub will pick up some horrible habits here and there, worst of all, all my shortcomings like my impatience and judgmental nature and as evident here – my hatred for stupid people.

It’s going to be hard, but I know that I have to try my best to reign in my baser instincts to be bitchy and lash out against people for their inconsideration and ‘quirks’. Not just over Christmas time either. No easy task let me reassure you of that!

It’s going to be a long road to being the person that I hope does justice in teaching my kid(s) how to be proper people, so with that said, I think it’s important that I take that breather now and start changing the way I start seeing things and the way that I react to them too.

In and out,



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