Another Step Forward

Weight: 71.2kg – UP and Up!
Feeling: Very Optimistic and even more excited!


Week 36 – Can you Believe it’s just any day now?

Ok so, I’m really excited about this weekend’s news from the doctor so I’m just going to write a LITTLE bit about it. What’s more important is that my husband is was supposed to be writing today’s blog post! So stay tuned!

The Doctor

No mincing – Baby is 2.2kg this week!

Can you tell that we’re ECSTATIC?!


Honestly, baby isn’t in the clear and he is STILL small for the week that he’s on, but the fact that he has officially made it into the mid range of the 2 kilo space, that means that whatever it is, he’ll be clear from the ICU for sure when he comes out!


Honestly after seeing those figures get rung up, and just over the span of 6 days (Monday to Saturday), we really couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing the doctor could have said after that to dampen my spirits let me tell you that!

We had to go through the Natural Birth indemnity form as well as talk about the risks of epidural and we ran through our birth plan one more time while we were at it. But while there were minor disagreements about things that I normally would’ve made a fuss about, I was pretty happy to just languish in the fact that my baby is going to be A-ok 🙂

I didn’t even care that he reiterated the fact that we’d have to come in early and that this and that was going to be “dangerous” if I chose to do things in a natural manner like waiting for the placenta to be expelled on its own (high risk of bleeding), or that it was more than adviseable to NOT take a break from continuous heartbeat monitoring (like you’d be able to make me sit in the hospital bed for the entire duration of labour without being able to get up and stretch my legs)…



So that being said, all there’s left to do is keep up the good eating – which ain’t gonna be hard over Christmas and New Year and really start preparing for this bub’s imminent arrival! SQUEE!!

Besides that, there’s obviously a lot of thanks that needs to be said to God who has truly kept our whole family safe and He keeps his promises and He hears our prayers 🙂

And with that, the hubs and I have been doing our fair amount of cleaning up and rearranging. But before I get ahead of myself… I leave you in the hands of my hubs to tell you all about the baby’s room!

**High Picture Volume Ahead** Don’t say I never warn you…

 The Baby’s Residences

**Apologies for technical difficulties**

So we had an unexpectedly busy Sunday yesterday and there has been a bit of a delay in the post from my hubs. Poor thing he so busy 😦 But he says he’ll definitely roll out the post by tonight for me to put up for him so do stay tuned to this space!

I’m just as excited to see what he has to say about the baby’s room 🙂

Together in anticipation,







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