Finalising THINGS – A Father’s Perspective 2

Weight: 71.4kg
Feeling: Supremely satisfied. There’s nothing like  dinner at Carnivore to make you feel like you’ve gone well at feeding the baby growing within…

**WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY POST. Don’t say I never Warn you!**

The Baby’s Residences

Hi Erribadi,

Another post from me. This post will be picture heavy as it will be a tour of the baby’s room!

Well, here is the aforementioned room…


As you can see it was a bedroom previously. Jess and I would sleep there due to the fact that I had to get up at a godforsaken hour every morning and didn’t want to wake her with my stomping around and looking for clothes and such in my cupboards in the master bedroom. With this arrangement, I’d just get up and leave the room and leave her in lala land!

Ah… how nice and simple it looked….

And look at it now, due to the fact that 100% of men are male, it took approximately 27 minutes and 12 seconds for the room to look like this.


As you can see, the king bed is gone (teleported it back to my parents place) and a cargo plane para-dropped  the items which then had to be hoisted through the window using a 50t mobile crane because, seriously, who uses a door?

IMG_4890 - Copy

Don’t worry that door’s just there for show….


Clothes and Diaper Things

A pre-loved changing table that we purchased from a nice young couple. This thing is SOLID – like workbench solid. Note to self, clean up the changing table bit or no space for baby. Also, tactical diaper bag ftw.


And the drawers of stuff within. He’s got more shoes than me. And nicer ones too… 😦


This is just one of my more favourite baby items. Like honestly.  A googly-eyed Cookie Monster? SO MUCH WIN!


IMG_4938 - soon


This is just a fraction of the baby’s clothes that we washed last week. No joke. We also washed the very first thing baby is gonna wear for when we leave the hospital – it’s going to be packed in the d-day Go-bag.  I sincerely hope he like robots. But it’s okay if he doesn’t like robots, he can like other things too.

IMG_4945   IMG_4899

Also some mittens and booties that a friend gifted to us. Too cute, even if baby doesn’t understand what’s printed.


Next to the changing table is an IKEA shelf thingy, assembled by mummy-and-daddy-to-be. This thing is already full with baby supplies. Right above it, is an IKEA mountable clothes rack thing adjustable length which is pretty neat. The hat has lobsters on it.



A spin-changing station, recommended by good friend. It is said that you fill it up as shown, and when you want to change baby’s diapers, you just spin it and problem solved! The baby is cleaned, powdered, creamed, wiped, changed, smells like a million bucks and is sometimes wearing clothes. Automatic-diaper-spin-changing-magic-station awesomeness.


We obviously need a night light, so we repurposed a kiddy light from our study room. And behold, by the power of ferrets, light!


Across the room, there’s a secret cubby hole under the window which will be full of diapers soon once we get around to packing; with the diapers in question. And a bag of some boob cloth thing.


 The Sleeping Quarters

A regular cot that we got from one of the many baby fairs/expos. It’s convertible and the saleperson assured that it can transform into an 18 wheeler and also a medium-sized spoon.

We’ve also prepared some colourful, spongy and foldable floor mats bought from internet – for kiddy kung fu purposes and in case kiddy falls out of bed…


This is the IKEA shelf thing above the baby cot with little knick knacks.


From Left to Right:

A light bunny and a little passage – The LORD has plans for our baby. And I know it looks like we bought 4 but we didn’t. And I totally didn’t want to get one for myself, not at all.. Nope. 😦

IMG_4916   bunnylight

“Dancing in the Moonlight” Acrylic, watercolor, ink and watercolor paper by Mary Ann Loo. The first piece of art for our baby’s future collection *thumbs up* It sits next to one of the very first things we bought for the baby’s room. From our Babymoon to Bali, we brought back a little Mother & Child statuette.



Below the shelf dangles a platoon of dancing doll things. I think they may need to see a doctor for that… Condition.


We also bought a musical mobile from Qoo10, there are 7 or 8 different nursery rhyme songs and I can tell you that I can barely recognize the half of them.. Time to brush up on my song library.


DIY cloud and rain drops made by my dearest wife! I helped with the stuffing, but had to be supervised by an adult.


 Other Random Toys & Things

A Manduca! Pre-loved and will be loved again. Nice simple black and silver. Note to self:  item to carry baby is inside box and is not the box. We’ve actually got another type of carrier too. Can’t have too many baby-carrying tools you know!



A wonderful, pre-loved, bottega veneta bath time lounger.  This is the limited edition “blue monkey” series with the removable suction cups. And our other branded baby seat thingies include a Bumbo latex-free, non-toxic, low-density foam injection molded baby throne. comes with in-flight tray table.

IMG_4909   IMG_4910

And of course we have a Sophie, the world’s most famous rhinocerous toy.


We were also gifted with a baby foot and handprint mould thingamajig. I hope baby’s feet are the same size on both sides… Also, in case you were wondering about the inscription, we couldn’t find baby’s name, so Michelle will have to do.


A pre-loved baby bouncer blessed to us by from wife’s long time awesome friend. The bouncer comes with some interesting friends too! While he isn’t busy doing the one thing he loves –  making money, the founder and  owner of The Krusty Krab hangs out and entertains kids with his noisy, rustly appendages.

IMG_4927 IMG_4929

And below, we have what I can honestly say was the first toy that we bought for our baby from Lamaze! I’m quite happy that I can actually recall that!

I had absolutely no idea what these were until Jess told me. I was wondering why would you strap little bug toys to the baby’s hand and feet. I genuinely thought it was just because you could and go “Lol! Guess what, my baby’s literally covered in bugs.” Then you could sit back and watch people’s reactions. We’ve even got more extra bugs from another friend of the wife’s. That means MORE BUGS to put on baby.

IMG_4930   IMG_4931


And last but not least, whatever it is, the research continues….


 Bottles and Sterilisers and Pumps, Oh My!

We bought a tonne of feed-baby things. Like a boob pump, warmer, steriliser, extra bottles, and others. They come in a neat package from Avent. We also show you what it looks like when we have set up the baby bottle steamajig and medium-warm-not-too-hot bottle temperature maker.

IMG_4903   IMG_4946

We were also gifted all sorts of other pre-loved baby bottles from good friends. For the life of me, it seems that the camera seems more interested in the bloody paper bag and thus paper bag turns out sharp.


The wife was perplexed with the breast pumps; I was more perplexed, but didn’t show it. *secret self five*


Construction Time!

And of course, I was tasked with the assembly of the stroller. I don’t actually need the manual. I was reading it just for show. Tip for men: don’t show these faces even if you don’t know what you are doing.


And 12 second later, because whales CAN get sunburnt, BAM!


CHECK OUT THEM SKILLZ! And if you thought that was awesome. CHECK OUT THE ONE WITH HAND ONLY DEPLOYMENT! *explosive high five*

And that concludes the tour of our Baby’s Room and his things! My wife and i would really just like to thank all the people who have lovingly contributed to the stash. We’re sure the baby will definitely appreciate all the love and blessings that all the uncles and aunties have bestowed upon us as much as we as his parents do!

Signing Out,


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