Weight: 72.4kg
Feeling: Like it’s almost time….


Week 38: We were totally scrutinizing if my tummy had dropped because people have been saying that when the baby descends, it’s as obvious as heck!

So we went to the doctor again on Saturday.. He’s been asking us to come in 2ce a week now and that means that the hubs has to take lots of leave to accompany me just in case he starts telling us that we need to do more things.

Like he did again this week.


First things first was the update on how Baby is doing. I’ve been doing CTG scans at every visit for the last 3 times now as well so there’ll be updates on that besides the ultrasound stuff.

So Baby is at 2.4++ now. And while we thought that was good news from last week’s 2.3++, the doc says that that means his growth is starting to stagnate and taper off from the regular growth charts. Looks like the New Year’s Eve lamb didn’t help much on pumping baby’s weight. He was saying that if our bub doesn’t continue to grow, that he’s going to get serious about wanting to induce Baby.

The words out from his mouth were – “You maybe gotta start thinking about delivering in the next week already.”

The CTG results were fine though – again nothing out of the blue. No regular contractions that signal that labour is going to happen any time soon (which is a dilemma in itself – I’ll explain later) and also that Baby’s heartbeat is sounding good and strong.

strong heartbeat

Okay, honestly we are getting used to his generally pessimistic outlook already so we weren’t really very surprised with whatever he “found” this week. Save for the fact that he somehow found it important to tell us that a baby was delivered dead to this woman via elective C section on New Year’s Day.

Morbid news much?

I MEAN – HELLO. What expecting woman wants to hear about this kind of scenario from anybody? ESPECIALLY her doctor?

We talked about this weeks before about how he’s probably trying to cover his ass and avoid a scenario where he gives us an all clear only to have something HAPPEN, but….

excuse me

Well, not that I want to be equally as morbid, but a quick rehash was that, because it was an elective cesarean operation, the lady had had a scan less than a week before the scheduled operation and baby was A-OK. It’s just that SOMEHOW in between the last scan and the delivery date, something happened to the baby.

Doc was actually pretty damn flabbergasted at how something like that could’ve happened! I mean, there are monitors and heart rate gauges and all sorts of equipment hooked up to the mummy and baby before anything goes through the theatre, so how could something like this have gone undetected until the last minute?!

Scary thought innit.

Doc said “Of course we don’t want things to happen but Sometimes, things JUST HAPPEN. No explanation.”

oh ok

But that really got the hubs and I thinking. NOBODY wants to be in the shoes of THAT doctor that had to pull out a baby from its mummy and have to be the deliverer of bad news at a time when things are supposed to be joyous and filled with HAPPY anticipation….

It would make sense for the doctors to outline the risks and possibilities, no matter how insensitive and WRONG it may sound coming out. I’m pretty damn sure our doctor doesn’t want to have a situation on his hands where he says that everything looks ok, only for something to JUST HAPPEN.

He probably really just needs to outline every single disgusting and sad and unfortunate possibility, again to cover his ass…

People deserve to be told and the poor doctor just has to be the harbinger of bad news sometimes……

have to do this

But at this point, the hubs and I can’t help but seriously questioning ourselves at the validity of his judgement. What exactly is his reasons for wanting the baby to come out earlier? Why do I need to induce baby to come out? Can’t we just wait for him to come out on his own?

There are a lot of ladies on all sorts of different forums telling me what to do and with regards to my horrendous flipped personality the last few weeks, they all have an inkling that I’m about due anyway. So maybe the hubs and I will try to figure out some form of natural induction in the next week or so dependent on what the doc continues to find.

We’ve actually quite a number of methods of how to naturally induce or cause labour to sort of PROGRESS but there are a lot more online sources for how to go about it.

Here’s a pretty concise one at

They list a total of 12 methods as well as some precautionary notes about going about natural induction, and the one that I need to specifically shout out here to everyone who has ever thought about going about it is this:

Remember that any form of induction is an induction

Once you stimulate labour either medically or by yourself, you potentially make yourself open to further interventions or complications. Please don’t take any form of induction lightly. Weigh up the pros and cons and opt for choices that are designed at relaxing you and opening your mind and body to labour. Please don’t get caught up forcing your body and baby into labour if its just not meant to be – your baby may not like it and could end up needing help.

That being said, the hubs and I have really been against trying to “force” baby to come out. It’s only because a natural induction is much more preferable to a chemical induction that we’re being forced to even consider methods to stimulate baby.

We were told during classes that if baby doesn’t want to come out, it could be because baby feels that he has a bit more growing to do in there. Apparently the lungs are the last to develop and if he’s given the chance to mature as he requires, that asthma and lung/breathing issues will be minimized.

Not just that actually, but sometimes baby might be a bit traumatised in the womb, like worried about the big wide world out there.


I mean, if you’ve been living your entire life in a cushioned, warm and safe environment literally attached to an all-inclusive automatic feeding and disposal network and all your needs are being met by the person with whom you’re connected, you’d be scared of being detached from that system wouldn’t you?

I’d be scared as heck to be thrown out into a bright and harsh and uncaring world where I’d need to learn how to do things and fend for myself.

Who wouldn’t be scared right?

Heck, I’m just as worried about being a parent to this bub who’s going to think I’m the all-great and wonderful provider in almost all senses so why not give me a womb and I’ll jump back in in an instant too….



But moving on, we figured in other ways too, that once baby comes out, that feeding baby and addressing any developmental issues might be a tad easier. Medical equipment and monitoring apparatus and figuring out if there really is anything wrong, is only possible when baby is out anyway.

While he’s in there, anybody’s guess might hit the nail on the head..

It’s a huge conundrum whether to induce or not to be honest.

i think not

But in any case, the ones that’ve always been at the top of my list to try if ever the requirement came up are here too:

  • Spicy Food
  • Walking / Activities that promote Gravity
  • Stimulation to promote production of Oxytocin – which triggers labour
  • SEX

Easy to do, low cost and healthy!

But I do need to add one of my own that for some reasons aren’t normally included in the online resources. And this has really struck a chord with me, especially in the last few weeks as we are getting more geared up for baby’s impending arrival.

Because his movements are more and more pronounced, in addition to his size and his prominence on my body, it’s hard to ignore the fact that there’s a teeny tiny person really in there that we’re just so excited to meet.

And what do you do with people? You TALK TO THEM.

sing a lullabye

Yeah, it might seem a little weird talking at or rather to my tummy, but people say that baby can hear everything in there and they understand to boot. So that’s why you play them classical music and read them story books before they even come out.

So we gotta ramp up the chatter and talk to baby to help him to grow. And tell him about how much we’re excited to meet him. Whenever bub is ready, of course…

When the hubs and I pray each night, we make sure we pray for the safe delivery and growth of our bub inside and lately that’s been including just the providence for baby to be able to make his own decision on when to come out. God knows what’s best for bub anyway and He decides when things happen, so there’s that relief that things will happen as it needs to.

So pray for us too while we hope that baby finds his own moment to do things the way he needs to do it.

In his and His time,


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