Is it time yet?

Weight: 73.2kg
Feeling: Grumpy as hell. Idiots. Idiots EVERYWHERE.



Week 39 : It’s about time…

**DISCLAIMER: I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, and found myself face to face with a room full of idiots commenting on my latest profile pictures so today’s post will be short so as to avoid 1000 words of ranting.**

So the news we got on Saturday from the last appointment was really too good to be true. Bub has hit 2.65 kg and to us, that’s really much better than we could have expected given all the dire warnings that we received about baby being small etc etc etc in the last few weeks.

It would be a great time for baby to come out, even RIGHT NOW!


To be honest, I was in such a wonderful mood after the doctor’s appointment, we went to eat Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice) with extra spicy chilli just to see if we could get anything started. Haha!

Hell, I even insisted that we go and walk the 2.4 km along the canal outside of my house and get a foot massage with acupressure so that we could get the blood pumping and the contractions a-coming….

Speaking of which, I pulled out an interesting article/research paper on Acupressure from the link I posted the last time around about how pressing different points on your limbs might help to urge things along. Can’t hurt to try right? At the very least I’ll get a slight massage out of things. Haha!

Link here:

Just in case the above link doesn’t want to work while you’re on a PC (coz it only works on my mobile), then try this one from on for size. It comes with VIDEOS!!


But before we start giving each other backrubs and hand presses and the like, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here..


Technically today – the 12th of January 2015, IS the actual expected due date of arrival for the bubs, but for some reason, the pictures seem to depict that we’re a week shy.

Perhaps it was based on the initial reading of 16th of January so, we’ll just hang in there a bit and see.

In any case, bub doesn’t seem to want to come out!

He’s sitting high up in the abdomen and it really doesn’t look like he wants to descend any further into the birthing canal for the time being. It looks like I’m going to have to take a lot of my own advice about the natural induction thing and whack the spicy stuff, which includes sexercising.


I’m meant to actually go for a gynae visit today and get a VE (or Vaginal Exam). Doc hopes that that will be a natural induction of sorts and trigger baby to want to come out and we’re crossing fingers for that.

I know that in the beginning we were talking all about how we wanted to go for a natural birth as much as possible and that means to let baby decide as and when he wants to come out.

Besides the fact that baby knows best about when he’s ready, both emotionally and physically, to address the big, wide world, we didn’t want to force him to do anything that he doesn’t want to as the first big act as his parents in this life.

However, after last Saturday’s meeting, there are tonnes of other things that we need to reconsider. Mostly regarding the number of times that the doc needs us to come into his office in order to make sure that things are still going well.

Again, as long as baby stays in longer than the actual 40 week gestational period, he says that things get a tad more risky for whatever reasons and we just need to make sure that baby is doing okay in there.

That I can understand. But seeing him EVERY TWO DAYS up to week 41 and thereafter EVERY DAY?


Remember how I was saying that I have to be hooked up to the CTG monitor EVERY TIME I go into the doctor’s now? And that it’s $40+++ for 20 minutes of lying down?

Yeah. So if going in that many times a week isn’t a desperate call to squeeze me dry *ahem* earn some money off me while it lasts (sorry) keep the baby in check, I don’t know what is!

Yes I am bitter about having to spend this kind of money on what my instinct tells me is perfectly fine.

So that being said, wish us luck!! After today’s gynae visit if nothing happens, I’ll be searching for induction methods in earnest. It’s not that we don’t want to spend the money in order to ensure the health of the unborn, but with the costs involved with delivering bub as it is, every penny saved could go a really long way.

That means lots and lots more walking and letting gravity pull on baby to come down and eating foods that might stimulate the water bag and surges of labour to come..

And with absolutely no sarcasm at all, I can honestly tell you this – WE ARE SO EXCITED!

Eagerly anticipating,


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