Are we there yet?

Weight: 73.4kg
Feeling: Anxious, Excited and Impatient..

So we had a doctor’s appointment on Monday where I didn’t feel in the mood to post a long post. I’ll try to recap a little bit of what happened here as well as relay my angst to this horrendously long wait for the bub to arrive.

The hubs and I have actually been thinking about doing every other day shots of my side profile photo because we’ve been talking about getting baby downwards and moving. So that might be something that you’ll see in the next post  provided things don’t HAPPEN in the next few days 😉

But what am I even doing blogging?

Such DEDICATION innit 😉


Yeah, the bub still hasn’t made any headway AT ALL! I’m not even getting contractions.

Like the last CTG scan that I had on Monday said nothing is going to happen in the next few days and we were quite adamant that we didn’t want to go for another $2/minute scan on Wednesday (which would have been 2 days after the last reading). We fixed a date on Friday instead.

I am actually so used to getting my tummy strapped into the elastic monitors that I think I can practically hook myself up.

I was also fooling around a little bit to see how to make the monitor jump a little. (Of course within limits, we wouldn’t want the gynae to get a heart attack if he spots irregular readings right?)

So get this, whenever you make like you’re doing a sit-up, or rather flexing your abdominal muscles, the contraction meter starts rushing towards the sky. I had a very funny mental picture while looking at the little peak grow that contractions would be like a killer ab workout. Which would probably be much more welcome in comparison to the alternative piercing and I’m-going-to-die feeling.

ab workout

**Side note: this picture is kinda accurate, like visually. Say the medicine ball is going to come out as I round my tummy and experience a contraction… Okay, ignore me – I’m talking nonsense…**

At the same time, the hubs has been able to sit with me inside the room where they strap my tummy up, so inevitably we have conversations while waiting for the time to pass and the readings to get logged and printed. And we noticed that the readings are jumping all over the place when I laugh.

It’s coz baby gets jiggled around when my tummy is heaving up and down a lot and the monitor can’t put a place on his heartbeat – that’s obviously a bad thing since missing the heartbeat from bub could give mixed signals about the well-being of the bub.

Again, big reminder to try not to give doctor a heart attack with weird readings. So that means less movement from me and a lot more lying still.

Technically speaking, lots of movements from bub is actually a good sign. Because it means that he’s active in there and everything is ok – that’s he’s ALIVE and kicking.

it's alive

I guess that should be enough for us to go on for the next few days, but the doc has been rather insistent that we really start thinking about an induction date due to the fact that things get a heckuva lot riskier once the bub crosses the 40 weeks due date date.

Reading up on it, it’s contradictory to what we originally believed about the what would happen should bub choose not to want to come out.

We were of the mind that if bub wanted to stay in, it’s coz he feels he hasn’t finished growing – like getting his lungs all ready and his liver functioning properly so he can process stuff when he comes out and not suffer from jaundice or the like.

So we were actually ok to leave him in there as long as he wanted to stay in there.


I’m not going to go into all the details, but this is a good article that I read which pretty much sums up all the possible risks and expectations you can have if the bub wants to stay in.

A quick summary of the issues are:

  • excessive birth weight
  • inhaling meconium (fecal waste) which can cause breathing problems or infection at birth
  • amniotic fluid levels can drop
  • after 42 weeks, the placenta may not work as well as it did earlier

While we get that there are issues, I again do need to stress about wanting things to be as natural as possible and we’ve really been trying to avoid any sort of chemical induction as much as possible. And it looks like as time progresses that it may really be something that we’ll have to consider if we want a healthy baby and a healthy mummy at the end of the day.


To be honest, besides the fact that there are risks involved, I’m getting quite frustrated about the way that things are progressing only because I’m so excited to see him and get to know him and play with his tiny fingers and toes and see what he looks like and really just get on with being a parent.

Yes, I get that I should actually be enjoying the last few days that baby isn’t out simply for the convenience that it represents, but I really don’t want to be waiting for things any more.

The constant second guessing and worrying can’t possibly be any good either right?

Plus constantly thinking up methods to naturally induce can be tiring. Hell, some people have been telling me that they’ve been walking 4 hours a day PLUS drinking raspberry leaf tea PLUS having mad amounts of sex and nothing is happening.


It’s almost gotten to the point where some of them are like, “You know what is the most EFFECTIVE way of getting the bub out?”

I’m like, “What?”

And they’re like “Just arrange for an induction date. The bub can SENSE it. He’ll come out one day before your scheduled induction.”

And I’m really starting to think that we might really have to resort to that after this week.

The plan so far is to wait until I’ve hit 41 weeks, which will technically be after this coming weekend. And then we’ll really start looking at picking dates for bub to come out.

I suppose that means we’ll literally get to choose his birthday, which I suppose can be pretty cool. But having thought about it a little, I don’t want to play God like that if you know what I mean?


I mean, we believe that the bub is first and foremost a gift from God and that means that there’s a plan for how things should happen. Besides, taking responsibility for induction could really screw up some divine arrangements, we just want things to happen as they should.

Things that are meant to happen naturally, should happen naturally to a certain extent right?

Even in the light of divinity and trust in a higher power, we still need to be smart and look at empirical evidence in the history of childbirth and in our Doctor’s sage (and educated albeit paranoid) advice.


In any case, it looks like we’ll be past that in a few days. Medically advised that we’re running out of options means that we’ll have to do what we need to do to keep the bub safe in terms of probability of things happening versus not…

no choice

So that means that we’ve got to pump in as many last-ditch attempts from now until the next appointment to try and get baby a-moving. Part of which means ramping up on the chilli and the exercises like walking around and squatting apparently, and the acupressure.

I’ve got my massage lady to come in on Saturday to give me a kilat (power) massage that will hopefully stimulate some contractions to come on (I’m definitely not complaining about a good back rub though), and Lord knows what else I’m going to have to be doing…

All for the good of the bub hey?


Wish us tonnes of luck, I really hope I’ll be updating you all with baby pictures by the next post..



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