The Long and Winding road

Weight: 73.9kg – Maybe bub is really just getting his weight up.
Feeling: a little depressed and worried


Week 40: Not even a drop! No descent at all!

So our doctor’s appointments are a little skewed now. We went for one on Friday, and we will be going for one again a little later in the afternoon later. So the posts seem to be a little… off schedule.

I originally wanted to post like the day after appointments so that the event would be fresh in my mind. But it looks like this way, I have a bit of time to think a little on what happened and to construct a coherent post. (I hope).

Well. first things first, is that since I’m here, it only means one thing – that the bub STILL hasn’t arrived yet.


I really don’t know WHAT is going on in there! I’ve had friends joking that there’s gotta be some damn awesome entertainment system in there or something for bub to want to stay in for this long.

Hell, even the ladies at the gynae clinic are asking me why I’m still coming for checkups and “huh, haven’t you delivered YET?”

I’m tearing my hair out in frustration answering all these irritating people who are asking me “WHEN?”

We had to call the parents a few times to ask them about some details during the week as well – just something I remembered about dialect groups and writing the birth cert and things like that, and EVERY TIME we call, the grandmas are like “IS IT HAPPENING NOW?”

make it stop


We found out that I and my brother were actually a little early – like 2 weeks early, and we were kinda optimistic that that would mean that bubby would be early too. Alas.

Then we found out from the hubs’ mum that he was a LATE bub.

And not just late, but even at 41 weeks, when the doctor induced him to come out, HE DIDN’T WANT TO COME OUT. Hence, he ended up being a C sect baby.

Again, we are desperately trying to avoid the scenario where we end up opting for surgery or chemicals, but it really does look like it’s an inevitable occurrence now.

That means we’ve got to make sure we’ve got a bit of extra cash around for the situation where the doc wants to wheel me into an operating theatre (and charge me double the price of a normal natural delivery while he’s at it).

Double sigh.

And the worst part about it, is that the chemicals that are going to be used to cause the whole chain reaction to happen are going to screw up my body and possibly the baby’s when things happen.

I really don’t want to be doped up the first time I see my baby, and I DEFINITELY don’t want to have a doped up baby when he’s passed to me for the very  first time.

doped up

There’s a lot that we need to think about for this week because when we meet up with the doc later, he wants us to have seriously have thought about an induction and a date and basically tell him what we intend to do with things since bubby doesn’t wanna show face yet.

We are going to have to look at dates for bubby to come out and work out a whole entire bunch of logistics.

I feel absolutely cheated of a natural birth and not only that, but the whole experience of being surprised and taken unawares of baby’s impending arrival.

Not that I wanted things to happen like in the movies – I don’t want a drama baby situation where I like get stuck in a lift and deliver in there, or have to rush to the hospital in a cab, but end up delivering in the midst of a traffic jam – but the whole “OMG IT’S TIME” experience seems to be wrenched right from my grasps.

give it to e

Anyway, I’m going to have to cut today’s post a little short because we need to head out to the doctor’s now.

I know that it’s a super short post today, so we’ll see about a quick update on today’s appointment tomorrow.. If things don’t happen in the meantime..

Wishing for Progress,



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