Committed to an outcome

Weight: 74.3kg – I really shouldn’t be gaining more weight…
Feeling: Resigned..

So here’s the mini update that I promised after yesterday’s doctor’s appointment.

Bub is doing A-ok. Super strong heartbeat. He’s still growing well (even though the doctor’s agaration (guess-timation) on bubby’s size is off as usual) and it looks like nothing is going to be happening at all for the next one week.

The hubs and I received the news with joy, but we talked about things in the car and agreed that for the safety and well-being of our baby, we’ll pull him out just shy of 42 weeks on the 25th of January 2015.


That don’t sound too bad right?

alrighty then

Well, now that everything’s all set and ready, by hook or by crook, the bub is going to be with us same time same channel next week.

Then why am I not feeling excited about all of it?

I mean, heck yeah, I’m excited about the bub coming out and finally venturing into the foray which is parenthood, but, I just feel so upset that things aren’t happening a lot more naturally.

The only pick-me-up I’ve got for the whole ordeal, is that hopefully now that we’ve set a date for induction, bubby will wake up his idea and decide to come out all on his on to avoid being forcefully removed.


In fact, just so that you get a the whole picture of how depressing this induction is for me, I’ll just have you know that the doctor was pretty certain that induction might not work either.

And this time, I really can’t tell if he’s covering his ass in some way or not.

Given all the things that we’ve been trying to induce bubby naturally, and the lack of any response of any sort at all, we’re not too optimistic about chemical induction working either. Looks like the bubby is really taking after his daddy in this aspect eh?

Well, what happened is that the doctor DID conduct a full sweep of the membranes last week when he performed the VE (Vaginal Examination). And according to the great and all-powerful internet,  Stripping the Membranes as it’s called, is supposed to increase the chances of causing labour to happen sooner.

The thought behind this is that it will stimulate the production of prostaglandins to help labor begin and irritate the cervix causing it to contract

Although it probably is important to note that it doesn’t work for everybody and there ARE risks behind getting it done, which include introducing bacteria into the cervical area and the like, the hubs and I agreed that that was what we wanted to do last week as a precursor to other more invasive medical induction methods.

But moving on, even though I did have the VE done, NOTHING HAPPENED.

As I mentioned, I had a massage done on Saturday as well for acupressure points? And nothing either.

So the doc says that, it looks like induction might not work very well on us even while we opt for it, and to be genuinely prepared that a C section might be called for if bubby really is as stubborn as he sounds about wanting to come out.



I’m just not going to think about it right now. Too many other things to be involved in right now.

People tell me to keep myself occupied and to enjoy the last few days (as it surely is THE LAST FEW) before the baby comes. And I intend to at least try to take my mind off things. Hell, might be the stress I’m feeling about baby not wanting to come out that’s tensing all my lady parts and making it even more difficult for him to want to come out.

Maybe that means more sleep and just catching up and wrapping things up as best as possible so I can really take a well-deserved break to look after the bubby when he’s really here.

At the same time, I’ve been going a little mad with trying to do just that – keep busy and take my mind off the baby coming and I’ve went a little nuts planning baby’s Full Month party. Cutting a long story short, I’ve been making decorations.


See the first month party is really supposed to only be announced when bub is truly and actually out.

The whole tradition behind the whole First / Full Month (满月)is tagged to the whole matter of mortality and risk of disease and God knows what other threats to the life of the newborn and recovering mother during the very first month of baby’s existence.

This tradition dates back before the advent of modern medicine, when infant mortality rates were high. If a baby made it to his or first month safely, that boded well for survival. The mother would have completed her confinement period and would be able to leave the home and receive visitors.

So yeah. These days, it’s a way for the parents to call for a huge party celebration thing and invite friends over to meet the new prince or princess and also (I say this unashamedly) to receive gifts and red packets for the baby too. And the decorations and planning for parties like these get more and more elaborate by the year.

I mean, I have time on my hands right, so why not plan a little something pretty for the bubby’s very first party?


In addition, it looks like I’ll get my wish of getting to skip the whole Chinese New Year celebrations and escape the whole ordeal of forced courtesies and polite pleasantries required of us every year when you meet relatives who you basically haven’t seen for one whole year.

But that means, that holding a full month party during the 2nd week of celebrations will need quite a fair bit of forward planning in order to ensure that you can still secure caterers and facilities for the party.

Looks like I’ve got the work cut out for me to plan right? Well, I’ve been scolded by the hubs on numerous occasions to not jump ahead of myself and go nuts with putting things together before baby shows up.

Whether superstition or not to jinx things or what, apparently I’ve been taking things a little bit too far with wanting to finalise details already… And I mean by like calling caterers and setting up bookings for photobooths and photographers and getting quotations for tentage and going shopping for props and sprinkles so that we can have matching cupcakes and making little souvenir thingies….

don't judge me

But GAH, I just wish that the bubby would come out already. I’m so excited that I’m planning a party for a person that hasn’t even come into existence (per se) yet!

I am just dying to ANNOUNCE THAT HE’S HERE! 😦

Well, til then, more waiting around to be had. Hopefully more good news to share with you the next update. I don’t know how much more of this suspense I can take…

waiting around

Keep praying!



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